19 August 2014

An Email to KISS Magazine

Dear KISS Magazine,

After a tough, but enjoyable, session of pre-season hockey training last week, I returned to my school car park where my mum waited to collect my sister and me. I was delighted when I caught sight of the latest issue of your magazine with the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz on the front (and the charming Cody Simpson on the back). I hopped in to open the issue up, excited to read it from cover to cover... Only then was my elation brought down as I read Editor Jess' monthly letter with the "sad news." More like awful, heart breaking news!

After reading and soaking up every word of KISS for over two years, I was devastated.

I was recommended to buy KISS mag by a friend back in December 2011, when I was in sixth class. Now, starting third year, I have not missed a single one since. I also have every annual.

To be completely honest, I have loved the whole shebang of KISS. You weren't celebrity gossip obsessed, had very few adverts (no one likes flicking through pages and pages of those), had fabulous interviews with fabulous people, interesting fashion, beauty and random news, knew what every teen girl wanted to read, and to top it all off, you were Irish. Made and perfected by the Irish. Nothing beats that.
My first issue, my favourite cover and the last

I have learned lots, from what trends to rock to how to gain confidence, thanks to your amazing advice in every issue.
I have found and made terrific friends through blogging, thanks to finding a blog in your June 2012 KISS edition, and have been inspired by you for my blog (dorkyfizzyandquirkystuff.blogspot.ie) ever since.
I had something to look forward to every month, thanks to your never, ever disappointing content.

 For the past few years that I have adored your magazines, no matter how many changes there were, you never lost your magic. You truly were remarkable, KISS. 12 years as a big sister to many Irish girls, you will be truly missed.

 I must say a big well done and another thank you to all the staff and who have worked at KISS, and I wish you all the very best in the years to come. But I am aware that Editor Jess hash tagged something very heart warming, and I will always be hoping it will be true in the "not-too-distant-future".

 Yours sincerely,
Jane, one of your many readers.
P.S. I still thoroughly enjoyed this month's issue. :P


  1. Everything you said is so true ! If it wasn't for Kiss Mag we mightn't have found each other's blogs :O

    1. Yeah! Exactly, thanks so much to them!! I will miss Kiss :(


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