25 August 2014

10 Facts About Me (That You Might Not Have Known)

I can be adventurous. I am up for *almost* anything that comes my way, especially theme parks, and, in them, thrilling rollercoasters. A ride that gets me screaming my head off (happily) and my stomach filled with butterflies is the best. My favourite is the Incredible Hulk in Islands Of Adventure (Florida), which is also a park I adore and have visited three times! Although I love a bit of excitement, I don't like scary movies.

I am interested in languages and am learning three, fluent in one. Fluent in English, as it is my first language, and I am learning Irish (or Gaeilge as I like to call it), French and Spanish.

I am currently in Grade 9 of 10 in Speech and Drama and 4 of 8 in Piano.

I like to be organised and neat. I hate it when my room is cluttered, and want to clean it as soon as possible (but normally procrastinates instead), and my school things always have to be in order for me to be 100% cheerful.

I eat the Rice Krispies cereal for breakfast, with sprinkles of sugar and milk. Everyday.

While I am obsessed with pop, rock, electronic and lots of other genres of music, I also love musicals and operas. I have seen Hairspray, Wicked, 9 to 5 and Anything Goes live in Broadway and West End, and two operas Rigoletto and La Traviata live (much prefer Rigoletto).

I am a morning person. I do like afternoons and evenings also, but unlike others, I am an early-waker. 99% of my mornings I can wake and get up before 10 am. Yes, even in the summer.

Everyone had and has a favourite Disney princess, whether they want to or not. Mine was always Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora, but recently she has had competition with Rapunzel in Tangled!

I aspire to be a writer and some day write my own book. I wish I wrote more fiction, but with school it is hard. I have a blog, and that does count as writing, so I am practicing my writing skills when I don't realise it! Apart from that dream, I would also be interested in being a journalist, professional blogger, fashion stylist, make up artist and at times, an actress.

I am starting third year tomorrow. This is an exam year in Ireland, Junior Certificate, which is like a mini Leaving Certificate, and I'm looking forward to this year, and getting it over with!

*Bonus fact: I am Irish, yes, but not a leprechaun.

24 August 2014

Elegant in the Evenings | Summer Fashion Part 3 (The Finale)


Although it isn't officially the end of the summer holidays just yet for me (August 26th), it pretty much finished on Friday. I came home from Connemara (a few weeks very well spent there) and headed out to a fun summer disco that night with my gorgeous friends. The few days following up to school consist of preparing and getting organised, so I just want to start already!
Here's the final part of my Summer Fashion series, which I really enjoyed styling outfits, asking my parents and sister, ever so politely, to take photographs, posing and writing for. You can read the other two parts here and here. I think it shall mark the conclusion of the holidays on Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff, but don't fret! You have lots to be excited for, mainly, my take to the #TeenBlogSeries, which starts tomorrow at 6:30 pm, I think, and lots of teen bloggers are taking part! Also, I'll be going to a few events this September, so keep your eyes peeled... and haters back off! - that was a clue for one of the events, by the way.


Top: Hollister
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: local shoe shop
Hoodie (in hand): Hollister
Floral headband: Penney's/Primark

A very casual night look, featuring lots of flowers and bright colours, similar to my Floral and Neon ensemble in the first part of Summer Fashion. The string top was my sister's, so it was odd for me to wear it as I was so used to seeing her sporting it. That evening I dined with my family to celebrate my brother's acceptance into Trinity College (so proud of him!). I had lasagne; yum. I don't think I actually wore the hoodie then, but I must admit, it looks cool in the photos in my hand. Speaking of cool, what do you think of the hair-wind-flick-thing-photo above? Hah, Dad took a picture of me at so many random moments.

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Penney's/Primark
Sandals: As before
Gold hairband: Penney's/Primark

You may recognise this dress from my London post. Well, here it is again! I love it a loooooot and wore it a loooooot this summer. This night, we were celebrating my brother's 19th birthday (he got a lot of attention this week). The dress code for the restaurant was slightly more dressy, and I did not hesitate on choosing what to wear. It's not clear in the photos, but the dress has a gold coloured zip, which matched my hairband - matchy matchy. The sandals have yet made another cameo appearance - they are more than likely the best pair I've ever owned, since they're on their second year running!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Floral headband: as before

 'Ooooh snazzy Jane with one shoulder on show!'
Yes, yes, yes, mini dresses or shorts or anything of that sort (rhyme!) is uniform for discos in Ireland, or where I live anyway, as well as fake tan and heavy make up. Us girls had a laugh getting ready! And, woo hoo, the floral hippie headband sneaked itself into this outfit! It co-ordinated well, and although I was in all-black, it worked out to be a fun look, and thanks to my sister Emily for lending me this dress! An amusing and lively night it was, dancing and singing with the girls!

To sum up summer, I can tick off almost everything off my Summer Plans list, apart from D.I.Ys, a make up course and blogger events (ah well), but it was definitely the most amazing summer... ever!

21 August 2014

Gaah! Help! I'm a First Year! | My Twelve And A Half Tips to Starting Secondary School*


*This is targeted towards Irish secondary schools, but if you're starting a new school in a different country, the tips may be useful anyway!

Back in May or June, you finished your primary school days. You celebrated and had a wonderful summer. Suddenly, it's August, and you realise that very soon you will be attending a new school, in different surroundings, with new teachers, subjects, and maybe no one you know will be there. Quite daunting?

You're not to worry.

There are lots of others in your situation. 
Secondary school is a whole new experience for you to have fun with! It may be hard at the start: long days and lots of homework mixed in with bits of mixing with new people stress, but, honestly, it gets easier from day one. You become used to your school, more comfortable and it all turns into normality, a routine.

So, you turn to me for guidance on beginning your second chapter of school life (I say as I spin my chair slowly around to face you). I hope you have chosen right, and that my 12, and a half, tips will be, possibly, helpful to you.


Advice for before and as you start!

Tip 1: Get connected. If you are going to a new school all by yourself, this is a brilliant opportunity to make more friends! If you're nervous about the first day, and can be shy, research and see if anyone you know of is going. It could be your cousin's friend, friend's friend, Dad or Mum's work partner's son/daughter, neighbour's friend's friend... the list goes on. Having at least one person you recognise there and can maybe talk to is a huge boost.
Or, if you are going to the school with a bunch of friends, still find out if anyone else you know is attending the same school. It'll be a laugh!
Tip 2: Take a tour. Usually students go to an open day before the summer they start, but if you haven't, now is your chance. You can ask your parents if you can go into the school prior to the first day to have a look around where you will be spending the majority of your time in for the next six years. It will definitely ease your nerves for finding classrooms in the future.
Tip 3: Stay in touch with your old friends! If you have left lots of your primary school class mates, talk on Facebook, Instagram, by email or FaceTime. Maybe, if you were very
 close, plan to see them at the weekends during the year. Keeping in contact will ensure you won't lose them for good, and it'd be cool to hear about how they're getting on.
Don't fret if you don't get to talk to some people from your primary school; only good friendships last.
Tip 4: Be prepared. Buy all of the books you need for the year, as well as stationary like multiple copies and pens. Eleven subjects for the Junior Certificate equals piles of heavy books, so a sturdy school bag is needed!
Tip 5: Ask someone you know who goes to, or went to, your school all about it. Preferably someone who attends it to this day. The reasoning of this is that they would have fantastic advice since they know what's what in your exact school. I can't tell you what your teachers are like, what to avoid make up wise or whether the school food is worth it, since I only go to one secondary school. They can tell you everything, and you can ask them anything.
Tip 6: For the first day, smile, and breathe. You may be the most sociable person ever and you're fine when it comes to meeting new people, so this is more aimed at the timid ones. Everyone likes to make a nice first impression. You don't have to be loud or appear overly confident. Smiling, even faking a smile, and being approachable is the best way to go. If you're terrible at remembering names, when they say it, repeat it as you introduce yourself so it sticks into your head, especially if they're in your form/class.

Advice for during the year!

Tip 7:  Get involved. Try out the extra curricular activities, like debating, student council, choir or sports that you're interested in, as they can be a lot of fun, and an ideal way to talk to more people. Friendships may spark :).

Tip 8Try and be a bit organised. The usual length it takes to do homework in first year in the evenings is from one to two hours, depending on the subjects you had that day. Get it done as soon you get home to have it over with, instead of watching TV and panicking at ten o'clock. Normally in secondary schools you are given a diary/journal to keep track of work and projects you have. Always write down your homework as soon as its given to you, and do the homework the night it is assigned, not the morning before the class its due!
 Have a folder for important sheets so you don't lose them, and if you are handed things for each subject, keep them together in different sections. You get the picture; something must go somewhere in case you need it!

Tip 9: For exams, keep calm and revise. Starting early, look over the topics you have done, learn key terms (flashcards!), and ask your teacher what to expect on the test. Don't stress yourself over it; work hard and try you best. Homework can count as study, particularly if the homework is based on chapters coming up in the exam. And remember to balance fun between study!

Tip 10: Sleep well and eat healthy to feel good in school. Have a goodnight's rest with 8 hours of shut-eye, and eat good food from your lunch box. Fruit, lots of water, cheese and ham sandwiches... whatever your preferences, but minimize the junk; when snacking on chocolate or sweets, you feel energised at first, but then your mood tumbles down to ground zero after a while. So carbohydrates is the way to go if you want to feel more awake!

Tip 11: Turn to someone if you need help. At home, of course, there is your parents or guardian, but in school it can be tricky. Go to a friend or teacher you trust, the nurse or guidance counsellor. Your school's purpose, as well as teaching you, is to care for you, so don't be hesitant.

Tip 12: Always be yourself. The cheesiest, but essential one. Don't give in to peer pressure if you don't want to do it. YOU DON'T NEED EVERYONE TO LOVE YOU. You might have some kind of 'hate'... So tell those haters to *cue Miranda Sings voice* back off! Okay, maybe don't actually tell them to back off, as that is mean, but do ignore them. Stick to those who like you for who you are. Or if you have no haters, there's just those people who aren't bothered with you; don't bother with them!

Tip 12 and a half: Appreciate the little things. That time that odd teacher started dancing embarrassingly in class and everyone laughed, that time your friend slipped down the hill on the way to sport and everyone, including her, laughed (please never laugh at someone), or the time it snowed and there was a big snowball fight, and everyone laughed; cherish those moments. I told you secondary school is good!

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”  - Roald Dahl

Tell me if this was, or would be, anyway helpful to you if you are or were a first year!


19 August 2014

An Email to KISS Magazine

Dear KISS Magazine,

After a tough, but enjoyable, session of pre-season hockey training last week, I returned to my school car park where my mum waited to collect my sister and me. I was delighted when I caught sight of the latest issue of your magazine with the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz on the front (and the charming Cody Simpson on the back). I hopped in to open the issue up, excited to read it from cover to cover... Only then was my elation brought down as I read Editor Jess' monthly letter with the "sad news." More like awful, heart breaking news!

After reading and soaking up every word of KISS for over two years, I was devastated.

I was recommended to buy KISS mag by a friend back in December 2011, when I was in sixth class. Now, starting third year, I have not missed a single one since. I also have every annual.

To be completely honest, I have loved the whole shebang of KISS. You weren't celebrity gossip obsessed, had very few adverts (no one likes flicking through pages and pages of those), had fabulous interviews with fabulous people, interesting fashion, beauty and random news, knew what every teen girl wanted to read, and to top it all off, you were Irish. Made and perfected by the Irish. Nothing beats that.
My first issue, my favourite cover and the last

I have learned lots, from what trends to rock to how to gain confidence, thanks to your amazing advice in every issue.
I have found and made terrific friends through blogging, thanks to finding a blog in your June 2012 KISS edition, and have been inspired by you for my blog (dorkyfizzyandquirkystuff.blogspot.ie) ever since.
I had something to look forward to every month, thanks to your never, ever disappointing content.

 For the past few years that I have adored your magazines, no matter how many changes there were, you never lost your magic. You truly were remarkable, KISS. 12 years as a big sister to many Irish girls, you will be truly missed.

 I must say a big well done and another thank you to all the staff and who have worked at KISS, and I wish you all the very best in the years to come. But I am aware that Editor Jess hash tagged something very heart warming, and I will always be hoping it will be true in the "not-too-distant-future".

 Yours sincerely,
Jane, one of your many readers.
P.S. I still thoroughly enjoyed this month's issue. :P

17 August 2014

Look at The Bright Side | Going Back To School

 "Why does school exist?"
"I'm a student, get me out of here!"
"Thank goodness I'm home."
"Why can't summer last forever?"
"Let me stay in bed."

"Back to school?!?! Noooo!"


Do these complaints sound like they came from your mouth?
Do you just not want to go back to school?
If so, I'd suggest you read on.

There a million and one unique scenarios across the world for students. You could like your school, but can get stressed on work. You could have a terrible relationship with that one teacher in the subject you love, or a few teachers. You could hate the school you are in because of the facilities and the bullying and no one is nice. You could be getting bullied. You could have lots of friends and are happy outside the classroom, but despise each and every subject and teacher and the whole aspect of working. You might loathe going to school because you want to do what you love instead - sleeping... The list goes on.
What I'm trying to say is that I can't help everyone. This post can only be a guide to those out there who's loathing for school isn't due to a serious issue. If you're in a severe situation, tell someone who can help you.

I (Jane, the writer of this blog) love school. There, I said it. I like learning, I relish spending time with friends, I have good relationships with teachers, I like being organised, and that can motivate me to study, I love playing hockey after school and the overall atmosphere is pleasant. I'm looking forward to returning after summer. But not every person is the same. That is the basis for this post today; maybe telling you all why I am positive going back to school and respect school will help you change your attitude.


 Essential notes to remember throughout the school year:

- You. Are. LUCKY.
Many children and teenagers around the world don't have the opportunity to have a proper education like yours. You should appreciate the fact you have the chance to learn, which then can help you with your future. You can have a future. Keep that in mind.
- Even if there are subjects you are doing that you don't like and don't see the reasoning behind learning the content if you won't use it in your life once you're out (cough... algebra... cough), think again. Subjects, including those ones, are there to expand your general knowledge. Yes, algebra can be useful. Although what you're listening about in class, reading and studying may seem pointless to you, and you don't have interest in it, it is better to know lots of things than nothing, as it can aid you in the future.
- The teachers who pile on the homework and push you very hard with tests and lessons, whilst they seem like your worst enemy, are giving you lots of work for your benefit. It's their concern for you to achieve and want you to do the best that you can.
- School is your chance to make some wonderful memories. Some of it can be a bit boring; the homework, study, not going out that much, but life can be fun in school; you are meant to take pleasure in school life.
- Understand what is worth it and what isn't worth it; working hard to achieve good results, learning what you're learning and babbling with nice classmates is worth it, while stressing, dealing with ridiculous drama, spending time with people you don't like and being someone you aren't isn't.

Now that I have pointed out the key things about school, let's get on to 5 steps to starting your year the right way.

Step 1: SLEEP, eat good food and exercise. There's nothing better than feeling on top of the weather after getting a goodnight's rest; I recommend sleeping for about eight hours to be full of energy. Eat as healthy as you possibly can, and also in the morning, have a big, hearty breakfast. If you don't do any sport, exercise is very important for a healthy body and mind - try the gym, Pilates or yoga. Doing these will not only make you feel good, but will help you concentrate more when getting your head stuck in the work.

Step 2: Get organised early and start a routine as soon as possible. I can't say much here, as you have to be independent and realistic to create a pattern and balance out your work with other commitments. There's no point saying you will study for two hours. Instead, decide to write out notes for chapter 12 in Science and learn the definitions. Quantity beats quality. Set goals for the day, week, month and year. Also, remember to reward yourself with what you like, for example time to watch your favourite TV show or YouTube videos, read blogs (I wonder which one I'd recommend... cough...) or your book or treat yourself to your favourite snack - this can motivate you more to work.

Step 3: Get out of your comfort zone and try new things this year. Get up in the morning earlier and perfect your make up, and attempt new, amazing hairstyles every day - receiving compliments always boosts your mood. Sign up for alternative sports, or clubs you never thought you would join like debating, choir or the student council, and you'll get to talk to more people, in and outside of school. Doing things that satisfy you during the year can make you feel ecstatic. But don't forget to balance - be sure you aren't undertaking too much.

Step 4: While you're tweaking your usual week with fresh activities, don't forget about shaking things up with your own friends! To make up for lost time over summer, plan something entertaining to await eagerly for early in the term, like an autumn/winter wardrobe update at the shops or a night out. That will no doubt put a smile on your dial returning to school. And, start making your breaks throughout the day more exciting with fun conversations. Something simple like that can spice up your year!

Step 5: Even when it's tough to settle into a structure at the beginning, and you're getting frustrated, hold your head high. You will ease into it soon. Time flies by, so summer shall come around the corner again soon.
Let's have the best nine months everrrrrrr!

15 August 2014

School Make Up Tips and Simple Hairstyle Ideas!

I'm back to school on the 26th of August.

When are you back?

That's less than two weeks of summer left! The break has been a lot better than I predicted, but I think I'm ready to go back to learning. The end of summer is always the quietest, and it makes me look forward to see my friends again and being organised with work... There's something about back to school time that gets me pumped, with the YouTube videos and the stationary shopping. School does take up roughly nine months of my year; it's a normality, and I love my school's atmosphere. That's not the same for everyone though. That's why I have an article on its way on positivity in school; a guide on being happy going back to working and having a fun year! Also, if you're a First Year in Ireland, I have another guide for you too to prepare you for secondary school life, coming soon!

Buuuuut, todaaay, I present to you a school make up advice and hair inspiration post. If you are thinking of wearing make up to school this year, even when you're not allowed, then my tips will hopefully be helpful. I love to look chic in school everyday, and that can be hard when you have a uniform, so hairstyles is an easy way to look fashionable.


 For make up, less is more. Most schools in Ireland don't allow girls to wear make up. I wear make up to school some days because I enjoy putting it on, especially on bad skin days. If you have nice skin, and don't feel the need to apply cosmetics, then leave it if you like. Even when my skin is looking okay, I like to put some on; it helps me look more awake and refreshed (be gone those under eye circles!). I did a similar look to this last year but I did, and do, tend to use less make up on an everyday basis and to school, so this is more of my realistic make up look for school.

Always start with a good moisturiser.
Although I forget a lot (even when I was writing this blog post), I like starting with my eyes. Eye shadow can be tricky to wear for natural looking make up, but the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow pencil in Bad Girl Bronze, which is a fab, neutral shade, is perfect for blending.
Next, mascara. Again, I find mascara hard to pull off with natural make up, and it cannot be trusted for sport and P.E. No one likes to look like a racoon. So only occasionally, I use mascara, but to me it is not a necessity. For you, if mascara is important, try waterproof, like Maybelline's mascaras. And get your friends to check on you every now and then during P.E. to make sure your mascara hasn't shifted south!

The most I do to my eyebrows is slick on the Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara in Dark Blond. I've heard lots and lots not to pluck eyebrow hairs, but I only pluck in between very carefully, and no where else. Eyebrows are important to shape your face, so don't go crazy; bold brows are in!
I usually skip foundation or BB cream and head straight for concealer. I struggle to blend make up down my neck in a rush in the morning and would hate to be spotted with foundation lines, so concealer is a quick and easy step to cover up those pesky spots and tired eyes. I used the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer in Ivory.

Powder is a must to set my concealer and helps it last a while. The Rimmel London Transparent Stay Matte powder is a great choice. To be completely honest, I don't mind if my make up slips away the tiniest bit and those imperfections on my face are revealed; it does happen, particularly after P.E. or sport, like field hockey for me. I usually don't bring make up in to school to touch up, but if you'd like to, fire ahead.

I love wearing blush, as it brightens my complexions and brings more colour to my face. But, sometimes powder ones just don't stay. For long days, cheek and lip tints are ideal. I used the Benefit Posie Tint, which is a gorgeous pink colour. Be careful with blush, because when you put on too much, you look like you are actually blushing all day. Total no no.
For lips, I like to smooth on a bit of the Posie Tint for some colour, but mainly reach for lip balms daily during school for moisturised lips. Vaseline, or, pictured above, the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Quenched are lovely picks.

Before you go to bed, don't forget to take it all off! Cleansing your face is essential to prevent breakouts and bacteria growing on your skin.

 Hair time!
My hair is long, so these hairstyles will mainly suit people with medium/long hair.
I am not an expert, so sorry if my explaining is unclear.

The first hairstyle, pictured above, is the only one that may need a tutorial. I haven't seen much people wear this kind of style before, so I shall name it the Retro Side Pony Tail. I have not copied it from anyone; I think I was just playing with my hair one day and I was all for it as soon as I tied it with a bobbin. Apologies if you have sported this hairstyle before; I'm not saying in any way I originally created it.

All you need is a brush and a bobbin/hair tie.
1. Brush your hair out so it is ready to work with, and change your parting to the side.
2. Starting from where your parting is, take a piece of hair at the front and begin to twist it along the hair line, adding more bits of hair as you go.
3. Go behind the ear, and when you reach to about where your chin is, stop and hold it.
4. Gather the rest of your hair and join it with the piece you are holding so it creates a side ponytail.
5. Tie it off with a bobbin, and voila!

To get hair out of your face, while still having it down, a half up, half down hairstyle is perfect. Brush your hair. Section it into two (I split it from the top of my ears). Tie it off with a bobbin, and then this is the fun part. Scrunchies are in trend and I love the new collections of colourful ones at Penney's and Claire's. So finish off your half up, half down hair with a scrunchie to look like you just appeared out of a 90's flick (hellooo Clueless)!

 To spice up normal hair do's, like ponytails, buns, plaits or even just your hair down, hairbands are the best. Again, Penney's and Claire's have a great selection. I'll be wearing these hairbands all year round!

Now you can go to school looking flawless (I woke up like this, I woke up like this, FLAWLESS!).

12 August 2014

The Best Looks at the Teen Choice Awards 2014

I commented on the Teen Choice Awards fashion last year and I have decided to make it a yearly article! I didn't watch it, as I don't have the right channel for the show in Connemara, but I always love researching and analysing
who wore the coolest outfits. 
Apparently, there was some controversy on the Teen Choice Awards were rigged in some way, and that some stars knew they were going to win the week before. Lots of viewers were arguing on Twitter with the hash tag #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards. In my opinion, it is quite annoying if these rumours are true, but it happens all the time on TV. Competitions on television are usually staged. Despite the friction, I still feel glad for the winners and am more interested in the evening's best dressed.
I am not a fashion expert, by the way.

Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota
This pair of YouTubers won the Web Star awards, and looked like they worked together on their outfits with matching hints of lilac, and looked very flattered and shocked, no doubt. Bethany's dress is surely a favourite of mine; girly and cute, just like the eighteen year old herself, the details of flowers reflecting the personality ideally. Tyler looks smart and snazzy with his purple shirt, white sweater and black trousers (Q and SLAY - apologies, I just had to). I couldn't find any photos of their footwear, but I'm positive they were the right picks.

Victoria Justice
This dress is the most stunning crochet ensemble I have ever set my eyes on. It fits Victoria's figure perfectly, and, although I'm confused about the colour of them, the simple, chic heels complete the look. Her half down, half up hair is on point with the vintage, lady-like style.

Nina Dobrev
Oh my. The Vampire Diaries star once again wows me with her colourful look. The bright pink heels, gold purse and laid-back braid finish off the unique outfit. The top and shorts can so easily be worn casually as well with flats and a pony tail, which is what I love about them. Well done Nina!

Demi Lovato
Girl-power songstress Demi usually sports rocker chic as her signature look, but on the evening of the awards, she flaunted her polished, sophisticated side. I adore the gold details and her hair is styled the original Demi way. But, this outfit was only for the blue carpet. For the show's opening performance, she changed into black-Moschino-everything for singing her award winning single Really Don't Care. Guess what? She really didn't care what people thought of her elegant to tougher-than-tough transformation.

Selena Gomez 
The past few years, Selena has rocked dresses for the TCAs, but for 2014, she mixed it up a little. She arrived in an all black lady suit, partnered with rose-gold accessories and a low ponytail. It's as if Demi and Selena decided to swap style for the blue carpet! The starlet looked flawless and stylish in the outfit that you wish you could pull off at work.

Taylor Swift
Summer, summer, summer is what screams at me when I observe Taylor's gorgeous green crop top and skirt and her bright yellow heels. Very summery indeed. The signature fair fringe has, again, not failed to make a cameo appearance, but her hair is styled more choppy than normal, which I love! Fabulous look, Taylor!

Ariana Grande
This taleneted singer/actress has a had a lot of success this past year, with The Way, Problem, the show Sam & Cat and her new song, Break Free. Without doubt, Ariana attended the awards looking fashionable. She wore a classic white mini-dress paired with beige heels, and her hair was half up, half down, typically. Definitely the simplest ensemble of the evening, and deservedly one of the best!

What was your favourite outfit at the Teen Choice Awards?