30 July 2014

"Summer lovin', had me a blast..."

It's hard to believe two months of summer have passed and there is less than one month remaining until school starts again.
I arrived in Connemara last Thursday, and will be here for the next, and remaining few weeks of summer. I brought three of my friends with me (they're with me above posing in the photo), and we had a laugh of a weekend. They went home on Monday, and since then, I have bought Image magazine, watched Dirty Dancing (great movie), walked up a hill with family and blogged - at last!
I was tagged to do several summer tags by Aveen, Guilianna, Kate and Zara, and it's about time I did the deed, so, I decided to change it up and combine the sets of questions together to form the ultimate summer tag. I altered some questions slightly so it suits the present situation for me. It'll give you that summer feeling alright... or, my kind of summer feeling.

What's your favourite thing about summer?
I don't have one specific favourite thing about summer, as I love the whole aspect of it. Some people say NO SCHOOL, which I do agree with, but I don't like looking at summer as just a break from working, it's an opportunity to do everything you love more. If I could only do one of the things I enjoy in the summer, it would be travelling. Whether it is road tripping to familiar places across the country or jetting off to a foreign land, travelling fascinates me.

Do you have a favourite summer drink?
My entire choice of drinks throughout the year isn't enthralling whatsoever; I like water, 7up, Sprite, milk and sometimes lemonade. No fruity juicy smoothies or creamy frappucinos (although I have tried fraps and milkshakes, I'm not a fan): just the basics, all year round.

Is there a location you like to go each summer?
I have been coming down to the west of Ireland every summer since I was born; it;s family tradition. I love it here. We're on the very coast, and it feels like the middle of nowhere; very distinct to my home in the east. I enjoy spending time down here with my family and sometimes friends.
As well as the yearly trip to the other side of Ireland, I do adore travelling abroad too. I have been to different states in the US and countries in Europe, and in the future I wish to see more places and view more of the world we live in. I went to Portugal this summer and it was my first time visiting, so when it comes to leaving the country my family most of the time go to new locations.

Favourite look for summer?
It depends on the weather. I'm used to all kinds in Ireland, and to hot conditions on holidays. For the generic weather we all know summer for, I like wearing shorts, tees and dresses. You can see an example of my outfits for sunny days in the first part of my summer fashion series here. I think I will have two more parts in it, one with outfits I wear while in Connemara - look out for that!

Dresses or skirts?
Dresses! Only because I have more than of them then skirts; they're both great for styling.

Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals. I have a gorgeous pair that I wear all summer long.

Do you prefer your hair up or down for summer?
Both. I don't change up my hairstyles often throughout the year (I should start). I put up my hair or leave it down, basing the decision on my mood.

Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
As I haven't mastered the dark, dark smokey eye just yet, it's bold lips for me. It's a lot easier and I love a pop of colour.

Favourite perfume for summer?
The scent Pure Daydream by Victoria's Secret is my go to right now. It reminds me of my trip to Florida last summer. Perfumes always give me a memory of around the time it was bought. My sister's Juicy Couture perfume smells like the time we were staying in St. Tropez one year. My Hollister Malaia perfume smells of the school ski trip in primary school. My newest addition, the Nicky Minaj Pink Friday perfume smells like Christmas 2013 (I still wear it now though since it is so good), Do you know what I mean? A summer scent is one that has the scent of summer.

Favourite music for summer?
Anything I listen to during the season is a summer song! Right at this very moment, I love the songs Chandelier by Sia, What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club and some tunes by Fall Out Boy, 5 Seconds of Summer, We The Kings, Clean Bandit, Coldplay and Icona Pop.

When did you get out of school?
Friday the 30th of May. I'm back to school on the 26th of August.

Have you been on any holidays? What’s your dream summer holiday?
I went to Portugal in early July, which was lovely. I don't have a dream holiday, as any opportunity I can get to go to new places is what I love.

S’mores or Ice Cream?
I have eaten s'mores once, as it is an American thing, and it was yummy, but because I eat it more, I'll go for ice cream.

What’s your most fun summer memory?
I have a lot, but some of the best are from when I was away or in Connemara.

Does your skin tan or burn?
Sunscreen on - very very very very very small tan
No sunscreen at all - burrrrn.

Favourite summer nail polish? 
Bright colours!

Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?
A day outside. I do have a nice relationship with Netflix, but lazy days do make me feel unproductive at times.

Sunglasses or hats?
It used to be both, I have to mention, but sunglasses now. I got hold of a pair of cool reflective ones in Portugal which I really like.

Do you have a summer bucket list? If so, share some things on the list.
I don't make bucketlists. When I do I get annoyed easily when I don't do something from it, so I try to go with the flow and do what I want when I want.

Bikinis, Tankinis, or One Pieces?
I only became a bikini girl this summer. I find one pieces more comfortable at times, but bikinis are always prettier, so, bikinis will be my choice.

Must have summer makeup product?
I'm going au naturale a lot these days, but I do love a good waterproof mascara, concealer and any lip product!

Favourite bronzer for summer?
I have trouble with bronzers due to my pale skin; it appears orange if it don't balance it with foundation. I have gotten my first one this year, one by MAC, and it's amazing (when applied right).

Pool or Beach?
When abroad in a hot country, the pool, since the sand burns my feet at the beach! While beaches in warm places are still very nice, I have a special connection with the ones in Connemara. So my decision relies on location.

Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product?
Dry shampoo, for those days when I don't wash it, just to keep it fresh. My hair doesn't go crazy, which is good!

Sun bathing or fake tan?
To be honest, neither. The reason being; sunbathing in't only dangerous, it bothers me sometimes because of the sunscreen and heat, and fake tan can be blotchy and streaky, and I always need my mum's help. Talk about effort!

Any summer traditions?
Staying in Connemara has always been a summer tradition on my Dad's side of the family.

Favourite BBQ food?
Burgers are so delicious!

I tag YOU for this altered, mashed together summer tag :)
I hope you liked it!


  1. I live in England and we're only on the second week of our summer break! You have such a long holiday from school in Ireland it makes me jealous ;) I don't really tan either but I don't burn... I can spend a week abroad wearing SPF15 sun cream and it literally makes no difference! This was a great post.. and I agree, I'd pick ice cream over s'mores any day!
    Maddie // itsthatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Maddie! Hmmm that's handy that you don't burn though! And yummm ice creaaaam... :)

  2. The photo at the beginning is so cool ! And speaking of photos, Your pictures of Connemara are lovely - It looks so pretty :D Brilliant post as always xx

    1. Thanks so much Grace! It is so pretty :D

  3. Loved reading this, great post! Glad you had a good holiday, Portugal is so lovely (I go a lot with my family) and Connemara looks so pretty judging by the top photo xox

    1. Thank you Phoebs! Portugal was great and yeah Connemara is gorgeous :)

  4. Love the photos from Connemara. Currently bopping around to Summer Nights (We figured out that Grease was my Mam's first fandom when she was a teenager so I know all the words!) Love the post x

  5. I love the first picture you have! haha "love" ;) I really want to do a picture like that soon! And this is such a fun tag :)

    I just found out you do the #tbloggers twitter chat and I hope I can make it to the one this saturday! It'll be my first one, I'm so excited! I'll be @everydayingrace, hope to see you there!

    Every Day In Grace


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