14 July 2014

Summer Beach Days

Top: Bershka
Bikini: Penney's/Primark
Sunglasses: M&S

It is not summer until you hit the beach.
Sand, sea, sun, sunscreen, splashes, shivers, ice cream, music, fun and bonfires are the details of a beach day that most people would have a connection to. Going to the beach seems to have always been a traditional summer activity. It's what the majority of the world would relate summer to, but not everyone. Some people don't live near a beach or have warm weather at all. Luckily, I live on the coast, but we don't experience a lot of sunny days here in Ireland. Even though the temperature doesn't usually go above 20 degrees here, us Irish people still go to the sandy shores during the summer season. I have many precious beach memories.

In other, more tropical, countries, the beach is an everyday normality, like in the Algarve in Portugal. I arrived home last night from a week long holiday in the Algarve with my family, and the sun shone with no clouds for company daily. Of course, we went to the beach.
Vale de Lobo beach was slightly different to what I'm used to at home. There were sun loungers for rent, jet skis flying by and the sand was capable of burning your feet to ashes. Apart from the sand scorching my toes, the day was sublime. I joked around in the ocean with my siblings, ate a Caesar wrap at Julias and sunbathed. I have a tan line - not common for the Irish species (unless it's fake or they went on holidays too).

Before I jetted off to Portugal, I did go to the beach with friends, which was just as fun. A lot more photo taking was involved (snapchatting, to be exact), burying people in the sand and chit-chatting. We even tried the cool water hair flick. Some succeeded. I failed.

The time of year for beach outings has began and many people are packing their bags and journeying to the seaside. Us girls like to be ready, me in particular, for anything. We have to be fresh, fed, hydrated and entertained. The sun maybe gone now, Ireland, but there's no time to lose! Bring a wet-suit if you really don't like the chill.

The following is a summary of what I like to bring when going to the beach.

Firstly, and quite obviously, I wear a bikini, shorts, top, sunglasses and sandals, and bring my phone (Sony Xperia), money, a towel and a cover-up with me.

Beauty Must Haves:
- Being protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun is very important.
No one likes deep, red burns! I like Garnier's and Nivea's selection at SPF 30 or 20. For lip balm, I love Maybelline's Baby Lips with SPF 15. Even if it's not very sunny, I bring some - but then forget to apply it and get burnt. Hah.
- Deodorant and body spray may be handy if I will be going out after the beach.  I love my Hollister body spray, and my Sure deodorant for sensitive skin. I didn't bring these to Vale de Lobo though; mosquitos and other bugs are attracted to scents. Insect repellent please!
- I don't wear much make up to the seaside apart from waterproof mascara (which doesn't work for me normally). I like to have concealer (Rimmel), the mascara I used (Maybelline) and another lip balm (Revlon) with me for some touch up in case, again, I'm going out after the swimming and sunbathing.
- A hairbrush. Need I explain? I am obsessed with my Tangle Teaser

Snacks and Drinks:
Unless I'm having a picnic, a Nature Valley bar and a banana help me fight hunger, and water is essential so I can hydrate and replace that horrible salty taste from my mouth with some nice River Rock.

I only go to the beach when I have my friends and family with me, so, in a way, I don't need magazines, my book or music, but they're useful if I'm sunbathing and no ones chatting, just soaking up the sun. Company and KISS are my favourite magazines and I use Spotify or just my library on my iPod to listen to my beloved bands or singers. I sometimes bring a book, or my Kindle (not pictured), but magazines are an easier read for me, and
I can look at them with friends!

You better make your way to the beach after reading this! If it's raining and you don't feel like it, or you can't, no worries. Netflix time!


  1. Hi Jane! Great pics! I love that top from Bershka, I hope you enjoyed your holiday! :)
    Katie x

  2. This post is so cool and so are the photos :D the beach looks so pretty I'm jealous asdfghjkl ! Think I'll be watching Dance Academy on Netflix after this ... It's raining :P

    1. Thank you Grace! That sounds good to me haha xx

  3. The beach looked lovely, I hope you had a great holiday! I love the Bershka top too, it looks like it's perfect for summer :)
    Maddie x

  4. I love you're essentials! You're so pretty. I hope you had a great time in Portugal.

  5. That top is so ideal for over a bikini! Lovely photos
    love victoriajanex

  6. Great pictures :)
    The beach looked lovely! I love that top so much!
    Fall Out Boy are amazing right? I love Death Valley!
    Carla xxx

    1. FOB are amazing!!! And thank you very much Carla! xx

  7. Love this post. Fabulous pictures. You're swim suit coverup is so cute! I've been on the hunt for a cute one for the longest time. Great post. xx


  8. Those pictures are just stunning, Jane! Hope you had a wonderful time away - I burn with factor 30, so it's full on 50 for me! At the beach I love getting stuck into a great book, too, but magazines are always fun to flick through as well :) Ahhh, KISS magazine is amazing - I haven't bought it for a while, but it was my firm favourite.

    Jess x
    Gingerly Pale | Northern Irish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! I applied loads of the SPF 30, I would have burnt otherwise too. I'm addicted to KISS! It's so great there's an Irish magazine... :)xx thanks again

  9. Aww looks like you had an amazing time and I went to the Algarves with my family a few years ago and it was so much fun and I take pretty much the same stuff as you to the beach (except I use factor 50 because I'm quite pale and burn very easily :( ) (◕‿◕✿) xx


    1. I had a good time yeah! The Algarve is fab x

  10. Such a beautiful beach! I love reading company magazine too; the front covers of them always look so appealing :) New follower for sure

    I'll leave the link to my page below in case you get a chance to check it out . Obviously you don't have to but it would be cool if you could, thanks!
    Emily - http://lilemilyjane.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Oh great, thanks so much! And I know it is so pretty, and Company is just the best :) Of course I'll check it out xox

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