22 June 2014

14th Birthday, London + Summer Buys (May and June) | Collective Haul

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There's something so bewildering about birthdays. A year has passed and you are another year older. We can only get older. We can never be our younger selves again (unless the future has an enthralling turn)...
I have been 14 for over a month, and I think it is about time to present to you what I received, with great appreciation, for my birthday from family and friends, as well as items I treated myself to since then.

One of the biggest gifts I was given was the chance to enjoy a fabulous weekend in London. It was a compelling experience, and you can read all about it if you click here.

As you can see above, I picked out a new bike as my old one was getting too small. I cycle a lot in the summer, especially when in the west. It is such a satisfying activity! I love this bicycle a lot. To replace my pink helmet that seems too 'young' for me now, I got hold of a white one; safety is classy.

Now for all you MAC lovers out there, this was the most exciting present for my inner beauty blogger and I am thrilled to share it with you. I had a MAC makeup lesson! The professional, Jo, was very friendly and knew exactly what kind of makeup would suit my skin tone and my eye colour. She gave me a summary of all the products she used on the drawing above. As the lesson proceeded, she made up one side of my face, and then I did the other side after each step of make up. It was quite difficult to portray and copy Jo's work from the left side of my face onto the right, but I tried my best. I really enjoyed it overall, and I learnt loads!
The voucher for the class (thanks Mum!) was 60 euro, which I could also spend on products Jo used. I delightfully got three. Although I had heard of the beloved bronzer before in beauty world, I was always too scared to try it. Jo introduced me to MAC's limited edition Sharon Osbourne Mineralize Skin Finish bronzer/highlighter and so far, since I've purchased it, I'm loving it. As well as the bronzer I bought a MAC face and body foundation in N2,  a lighter shade than my current one, and a limited edition lip-gloss in 'Lots of Laughs'.
Next time I venture to MAC I quite fancy getting the lipstick in 'Sweet & Sour' and maybe some other products, but for now, I'm looking forward to using these beauties this summer.

From family and friends:
A make up mirror

Superdry slip on shoes

Hair product samples from Bumble and bumble and Ojon
Make up brushes

Nanny knows me well; Soap & Glory galore
L'Oreal Paris nail polishes in 'Sky Fits Heaven' and 'Wasabi Hint'
From the airport: 
Benefit's Finding Mr. Bright set

From Brandy Melville, London:

From Victoria's Secret PINK, London:

From Superdrug, London:

Nail polish and lip-gloss from Tanya Burr's collection! Nail polish: 'Mini Marshmallows', Lip-gloss: 'Let's Travel the World'

 Two of my best friends got me a ticket to go to One Direction in Croke Park with them back in May. It was fantastic, and the atmosphere was ecstatic.
And from home; Bershka shorts and top +
Penney's Hairband

That's everything I received or have bought recently for my 14th birthday and the summer season! I have thanked all the gift givers over and over, don't you worry.
Thank you very much for reading. There are lots of posts coming, but meanwhile, let me know in the comments what you would like to see on my blog. Also, give this blog a good old 'Best Youth Blog' nomination here if
you think it deserves one!
Talk to you soon,


  1. The MAC makeup class sounds so cool ! And omigod Brandy Melville :O Obsessed with the new blog design ! xx

    1. Thanks so much Grace! And the class is amazing! Brandy Melville <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 hehe xx

  2. Wow, I'm glad you had a great birthday and your haul looks amazing. BTW your new blog design is awesome xx


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