31 May 2014

Summer Plans

Hey fizzy, quirky dorks!
Long time no see!
Apologies for my unexplained absence, but I'm sure you can guess why I was M.I.A. Exams. I finished them this week, which also means school is out, which also means...
Three months of freedom.
I have lots of things planned for the holidays, but first I need to update you all on little things:
1. Exams went by fast and I think I did well in them.
2. MY BIRTHDAY! I ventured to London back in early May when I turned 14 - MORE DETAILS IN UPCOMING BLOGPOST! :D
3. I went to the One Direction Concert in Croke Park! It was fantastic; I had a fabulous time with my friends. It was an incredible birthday present - HAUL COMING SOON!
4. For celebration of the end of my examinations and school year, I partied at a disco, the biggest one in my area, last night. It was my first time attending and it was packed. It was fun and the atmosphere was wild... and warm! I got my make-up done by this extremely talented girl who my friend knew. I'll have pictures of it up on my Instagram soon.
5. Tonight I'm heading to another party. Jane's a party animal! Haha. This one will be a lot more calm than last night's since it is only for people in my year. I'm looking forward to it!
Now for what you've been waiting for... maybe... what I'm planning to do this summer!
1. Lots and lots and lots and lots of blogging! I cannot emphasise this enough.
2. An Irish course (like the Ghaeltacht but at home). My brother is doing his Leaving Cert exams these next few weeks so going to a camp for two with my friend will be good craic.
3. A hockey camp for four days.
4. Even more camps, like a make-up one? Stay tuned here to find out...
5. Updating my room and getting organised. Perhaps I'll fit in a few D.I.Y. projects...
6. Possibly, I might be going on a holiday, but if not I'd love to go on little trips to places around Ireland with the fam, and sneak in a few bits of shopping :P Or if not, just hanging here at home with friends.
7. Connemara! If you don't know by now (where have you been?) I go to Connemara in the West of Ireland every August for a few weeks. My family own a summer house there beside the beach; the ideal summer spot!
8. Blogger events? Meet-ups? Let's wait and seeeeee...
What are you planning to do this summer?
For Now, Jane xox


  1. Jaaane you're back :D I saw the photos of you and your friends you look stunning love your dress ! Reaaaally hope there's a meet up or something I'm in Dublin afew times in July :DD

    1. Woo hoo! Thank you so much Grace :D I hope sp too! I might even see if I can help organise one... ooohhhh... xx

  2. It sounds like you are going to have a seriously amazing summer! I'm glad :)

    1. Thanks Shannon! It's going to be busy!

  3. In England we don't finish for summer for another 7 weeks, but I finish my exams for this year in two weeks time so I'm excited about that! I just can't wait for the stress overload to be over for this year! It sounds like you're going to have a great summer :)

    1. Good luck in your exams! And I hope so! I hope you have a nice summer too :)

  4. Delighted to see your back Jane! I finished my exams this week as well, such a relief! Hope there's a few blogger meet ups during the summer! Loved the post x

    1. I made a spelling mistake *you're, whoops! :)

    2. A weight literally lifted off my shoulder! And so do I... Thanks Aveen! Don't worry about the mistake hehe :)

  5. Wow I wish I had so many parties planned!! :D Have a great summer jane :) Gisforgingers xx

  6. I wish I had concrete plans like you! haha I hope your exams went well :))
    Just followed you on bloglovin, would love if you could look at my blog back!


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