22 April 2014

What's in my Handbag?

I posted a picture on Instagram of things I have in my handbag not so long ago, and I felt like I should show you all here! I don't always have these goodies in my bag (like the Kindle, magazine and headphones) by the way. I sometimes do though to fill up my big Kipling handbag! I got this beauty you can see above for my 13th birthday last year and it's gorgeous and very convenient. So let's get into this!

In the biggest section:
My Phone (Xperia P) - ringing and texting is quite essential in this generation
My iPod (5th Generation) - I use this for music, taking photos and playing games
when out and about
Headphones - need I explain?
Kindle + Magazine - for whenever I need a break
Purse - cash and gift cards are necessary for shopping trips

In one of the small pockets:
Roll on perfume

What's in your handbag/purse?


  1. Amazing post, as always :) I always carry things I don't need in my bag! x

    1. Yeah, it can be a problem! Thank you so much :D

  2. Love the phone case and headphones! :)

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Feel free to leave a comment! I'm sorry if I don't reply straight way, but I appreciate all the feedback! Thank you xoxo