27 April 2014

Spring Beauty and Fashion Buys (March and April) | Collective Haul

In March and over the Easter holidays I found some brilliant new pieces to add to my forever growing clothes and make-up collection. So on this very day I shall present to you my spring buys. Have a look!

From Only:

From New Look:

From Forever 21:

From Bershka:

No the carpet did not magically change colour midst photo-taking, the camera settings just took a turn in this picture.

From Maybelline:

I had a very pleasurable Easter holidays (although I was horribly sick on Thursday; I missed #InsideOut)! I'm back in school now, but guess what's coming up? No, you guessed wrong, hah. It's my 14th birthday this Saturday! Smiley face. Not only will I be celebrating 14 crazy years of Jane but I will be heading over to London with my dad and sister for the bank holiday weekend. I will definitely be taking photos and all that jazz over there; look out for a special post!
The only down thing about today's news is that I have exams at the end of May. That means not that much blogging here on Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff. Boo! Don't fret, June will be
a hectic month.
Before I go, have any of you seen "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"? AAAAH it was astounding.



  2. I also have the "Big Eyes" mascara and I love it! Nice haul... Your dress from New Look is also gorgeous :) x


  3. Have you seen this?



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