11 April 2014

I am not Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Amity or Erudite. I am DIVERGENT

Hey fizzy, quirky dorks!

You've heard and seen it everywhere.
On your TV an advert for it pops up. On Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram there's all kinds of hashtags. You've seen it on the bus. And most of all; your friend is obsessed.

And you're thinking: 'Not another Hunger Games'.

You mustn't be a reader. 

"Divergent" is a series of three books (the second and third being named "Insurgent" and "Allegiant")written by author Veronica Roth. It is based on a dystopian world in future Chicago, after a war, where society is split into five factions based on virtues as seen above. When a citizen is sixteen they must choose which faction they know they belong to, and may leave the faction they have grown up in with their family. Beatrice Prior is from Abnegation and now awaits her big decision. When she takes the test, she discovers she is Divergent, and there is a threat to all of her kind.

And that's a teeny tiny eighth of the story, in my opinion.

An adventure full of knives, trains and looooove, "Divergent", the first book, was very recently released as a huge franchise film starring Shailene Woodley as 'Tris' Prior. Others include Theo James as Four (:D), Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews and Ansel Elgort as Caleb.

Firstly, but most importantly, the book is INCREDIBLE.
I may say this about almost every single novel I have read, but let's just go with this...

I read it in on my Kindle, and it honestly wasn't what I expected at all. I don't mean the storyline; that was easy to catch on to. It was Veronica's writing style and characterisation skill that mesmerised me. She captured Tris' persona exceptionally and made me love Four (it's impossible not to). And also the world of "Divergent" felt very realistic to me, as I imagined myself in Tris' situation; would I pick Abengation? Dauntless? Candor? Erudite? Amity?". The story teaches us that it is our power to decide where we belong in life.

The movie, on the other hand, I saw with two friends on Sunday; I just couldn't go though it's opening weekend in Ireland without seeing the film. Normally, as a reader, you have high expectations for an adaptation, and without doubt I did. Although I always think I am, I'm never prepared for scenes to be cut or characters to be abandoned (URIAH).

All that aside, I loved it (x10, comment below if you see what I did there).

But it's not NEAR half as good as the novel.
And that's what everyone says.
But it was still a remarkably, breath-taking motion picture.

I think it was very well cast and the set and special effects were impressive. After the film, I felt like jumping (off a train, of course), running, throwing knives (at a target, hah, I'd fail), and finding out what my fear landscape would be. I did have these thoughts after the book, but in the movie, the action and speed of the scenes causes me to want to do what the characters are doing (unless it's something really bad). I wish I had the same kind of reaction from my imagination as I read.

Also, THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN FOUR AND TRIS!!! No other words needed.

I can never think of flaws of a film or book as I'm writing, by the way. People do have certain opinions on these and that's obviously fine. My certain perspective on "Divergent" is what I believe in, not you, unless you agree.

I am currently reading "Insurgent" in the series, and I hope to finish it and "Allegiant"
over the Easter Holidays.

That reminds me.

I have two weeks off school and a lot I wish to do (as I say all the time). So following that thought, expect TONS of posts, and I promise to post lots and lots.

I hope you enjoyed my impressions on "Divergent".
Leave your thoughts on the novel and film below!

Blog to you next time,

For Now, Jane xox


  1. Brilliant post :D The film was amazing and left me with high hopes for how brilliant the books will be ! I read bits of it in Tesco the other day and her descriptive style of writing is so beautiful D: I've watched every interview almost and have like fifty sheo pictures on my phone oops

    1. Thanks Grace, and OMG Sheo are so perfect... I'd say you'll love the book just as much as the movie! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I just finished the first book and I LOVED it. I actually haven't loved a book that much in a really long time. The story is amazing. Tons of action and romance....amazing! Love this post so much :)

  3. I read Divergent and Insurgent in December 2012 (Christmas presents!) I read Divergent in a day and Insurgent in two.. I felt that the film was quite good, the chemistry between Sheo was just sizzling! However the character development of Christina, Al and Peter in particular was quite poor. Overall I really enjoyed it though. Did you hear that Allegiant is being made into two films now? I personally thought that Insurgent should be the film made into two, more action in it! :) Great post :) xx

    1. I agree with the character development to be honest; I expected Peter to be more vicious like Eric! I thought the actor who played Will did a great job though. SHEO! They're so perfect :D I can't wait for the Insurgent film now! Thanks so much Aveen xox

  4. OMG I saw Divergent on Saturday and it blew my mind. I loved every minute of the film it was soooo good. I loved the story line and how it developed. I wasn't expecting the bit where Dauntless attack Abgenation. Also I loved the chemistry that went on Between Tris and Four. I've just started to read Divergent and I'm really enjoying it so far xxx

    1. Yeah when I read the book I was shocked, like I didn't expect it at all! Enjoy the book :) x


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