19 March 2014

Dorkiness, Fizziness and Quirkiness #3: St. Patrick's Day | OOTD

My friends' attempt of making my French plait look cool with green and orange colours... It's actually not that bad (they made me think it was worse by giggling!), as they did run out of the Claire's hairsprays during the makeover. I think little random splashes of green and orange in my hair did look cool, so thanks guys ;)

Remember when I started a series back in October called Dorkiness, Fizziness and Quirkiness? Probably not. I have only done two posts in this series, the last one being in December. From this day on, I hope to post more in it, as I enjoy writing to you all about my personal life. So make sure to keep up to date here to see these upcoming babblings.

So on Monday the 17th March, I celebrated Ireland's patron saint's day. I invited my friends over to my house before we headed down to the beach for the parade and rides. As you saw in the picture above, my hair was spray-painted in the Irish colours. Thanks to my good pals for plaiting and Irish-flagging my hair! Two other girls also got their hair spray-painted, so we all looked very festive!
At the beach the first ride we ventured on was Crazy Frog, which consisted of ups and downs and incredible speeds. It was a laugh! I felt bad for squishing for one of the girls, as the seats were slightly sloping and I slid down as the ride began :/
The next ride was Waltzers, and it was my first time on it. I was disappointed; the girls set such high expectations. The men working there only span us properly twice and our time on it was very short. Oh well. Yearly, the festival at our town isn't very spectacular. It is nice to take in the atmosphere there though.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking down the beach, taking selfies ("But first,
and watching the slightly lame parade. The main and best part of the celebration was hanging out with my friends and remembering how freaking amazingly fantastically awesome it is to be Irish (with all respect to other countries, but we all have a little Irish in us all; you just don't know it ;P). Maybe next year I'll go to a few different parades. I optimistically spread the St. Patrick's cheer with my outfit...

Coat: Superdry
Cardigan: Abercrombie and Fitch
T-Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Converse

Do you like it? And, by the way, my left (your right) sleeve is not longer, it's just the way I was wearing it, haha.

Leave a comment below with requests of posts you would like to see, please! Plus, tell me about your St. Patrick's Day, no matter where you're from.

If you'd like to see how I did my make up and nails for St. Patrick's Day, then click here.

And once again, before you click away or type away on your keyboard, watch this. It really makes me feel good about being a part of this tiny island.

Slán agus go raibh maith agat!
Goodbye, and thank you!


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