27 February 2014

OOTW: February Mid Term 2014

It's finally arrived; my Outfits of the Week post! I took photos of different outfits I wore throughout my mid term break (17th - 22nd February). Most of the look are quite bright, signalling that I'm preparing (and waiting... waiting... waiting...) for warmer weather. I did a similar post this time last year, which you can see here, and it's funny to look back on old posts and see how much I've changed with looks and photography style (it's pretty embarrassing). My eyebrows were a mess, so I warn you.

I hope you like these outfits, and I will hopefully do another OOTW the next week I have off school which will be Easter. I had a fun, eventful mid term with friends and family, and it has left me feeling content and overwhelmed with good vibes coming back to my dreary, but wonderful school. I don't really know how school can be wonderful and dreary
but let's go with it. ;)

 Today I ventured to the shopping centre with my two of my best friends (who are twins and also my neighbours). They don't go to my school so I really enjoy hanging out with them since it's only once in a while. I adore this top which I received for Christmas in 2012; it's so, like, woah! It really is a 'BOOM' kind of colour so I kept the rest of my outfit low-key. I matched my top with my Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti which was a nice touch.
That rainy afternoon, I bought a jumper in Bershka plus a few knick knacks in Penneys (as you do). One of the girls also bought a gorgeous floral top from H&M. We scanned around in a few shops and didn't see much. I think this time of year is the hardest time to buy clothes and other things as it is currently transitioning from winter into spring in Ireland
(very slowly, and very steadily).
My friends and I chilled at my house afterwards, setting up Mean Girls to watch but instead ending up chatting, giggling and snapchatting.  
When they went home, I then tried on the jumper, not in the changing rooms, and my mother and I agreed that it wasn't really my colour or size. Lesson learned: always try things on in shops before purchasing. I didn't fret and decided to go back in with my mum during the week and replace it (you can see what I did replace it with in Saturday's OOTD). 

Top: Hollister
Jeans: G by Guess
Boots: UGG
Bracelet: Shamballa
Purse: Gift from friends
(the same friends who I went shopping with)

It was quite mild out today, and slightly warm, which was perfect for a nice walk around town and at the beach with a few girls. And that's exactly what I did.
Even more bright colours in Tuesday's outfit as I wore turquoise jeans with a plain jumper that has a pop of pink. I accessorised with a white lace hairband which I really liked (it was one of the 'knick knacks' I bought in Penney's the day before).
With two friends, I went to town and looked around in a few shops like Boots, Claire's and another pharmacy. We then walked down to the beach and talked, and it was
very pleasant and relaxing.
As I returned home I was invited by my neighbours/the twins from the day before for a movie in their house. We watched Jumper, and I liked it, but I felt like there wasn't any great build-up to the conflict and the storyline was interesting but a tiny bit weak. I 'discovered' a new yummy treat with marshmallows and malteasers. Together they're DELICIOUS. Gooey and chocolaty goodness.

Top: Bershka
Jeans: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Converse
Hairband: Penneys

 Today consisted of a quick trip to the shopping centre where I got new jeans and a magazine. Oh no, not another vibrant shade! Oh yes. Again, as the colour on top was very bold, I tamed it down for the trousers and shoes. That's what I really love about these outfits this week; they really convey what I kind of things I like to wear a lot, representing My Style
(the caps were so on purpose).
 I replaced the Bershka jumper with cool polka-dot jeans (keep your eyes peeled for them) and I cheekily got a copy of Company ft. Nina Nesbitt on the cover. It's the second Company issue I've ever had and I really like their content! It's very unique and mature and full of inspiration for me. I spent the rest of the day flicking though those magic pages and getting things organised for Friday (to be explained)...

Top: Hollister
Trousers: Zara
Boots: UGG
Watch: Chronostar

 Today was my quiet day as I cleaned my room, (tried) to get a bit of homework done and other errands. So, the casual-ness of those few hours created this simple outfit. Finally, something dark. I stayed in for most of the day, so that reflected in the messy bun and no shoes on feet. Nothing special.
I was frantically getting my room ready for the next day because five friends from school were going to come over to get ready for a social/disco with me. I was super excited. I was Viber-ing one of the girls that night for ages which was a laugh. You can read about how I got on at the social if you scroll down to the next day (but don't forget to observe the OOTD!).

Top: Hollister
Jeans: Zara
Socks: Christmas Gift

 Party time!
On Friday morning, I was due a haircut, so I got my hair trimmed and blow-dried so it was lovely and fresh for later that day. My mum did my fake-tan before the girls arrived (don't mock, I'm not an expert) which was very well done (and was not near my abnormally
pale leg colour, hallelujah).
Later, when they came, my friends and I got all hyper while painting nails, eating pizza and spring rolls and applying make up etc. Getting ready is always an important part for a party (uh, hello? Have you seen Get Ready With Me YouTube videos? Exactly.)
I wore this gorgeous black lace dress that I purchased back in September at the Dublin Fashion Festival, and only wore it out for the first time since! I have to say it is a stunning dress and I feel like it complimented my figure, which always a good factor of fashion; you have to
feel good in what you wear.
I painted my nails in Essie's Cute as a Button, attempted a smokey-eye with my Naked 3 palette and added a dramatic pop of colour with my Rimmel Apocalips lip stain.
The night was incredible fun! We danced the whole time, basically, and occasionally stopped for a drink and some fresh air. It was pretty packed and warm in the room, but we enjoyed it. The DJ was cool as he tried to get everyone moving and singing. There was a great atmosphere.

*Sorry for the not-so-brilliant-quality photo; I didn't have time to take out my camera. Thanks to my mum for snapping one with her trusty iPhone.*

Dress: Forever 21
Bracelet: Shamballa
Phone Case: Amazon
Shoes (not shown): Black Converse

 Today was my little cousin's christening. He's now a Catholic! :)
I had to dress up a bit for the occasion, so the sparkly top was of course necessary. I also wore the new patterned jeans (found them); I'm in love! I don't have any patterned trousers, so I've started a new collection. I like how the hairband matches the top, and the whole look is very put-together. Definitely my favourite of the week (gotta keep the best till last, y'all).
I also had Drama later that afternoon, and after I went home to finish homework. Obviously that night I joined #tbloggers on Twitter, and that's when I began my OOTW post too. Yeah, it took me that long. Downloading everything is one thing, typing it up us the next.

Top: Hollister
Jeans: Bershka
Boots: UGG
Hairband: Pimkie

On Sunday my outfit wasn't exciting at all, so I didn't think it would've fitted here...
C'est fini!
I hope you liked my Outfits of The Week, and I'll talk to you tomorrow for the last #FashionFebruary post! Byeeeeeeee


  1. Love these looks on you :) suits you :)


  2. omg i love these posts! and your dress is fab! :D

  3. I love your style so much and your eye makeup is always amazing ! And yes you have changed ;D * irish mammy : she's growing up so fast *sobs* *

    1. Haha, yay I'm growing!
      Thanks so much Grace xox

  4. very very nice
    I totally love these pictures!! your blog is great!


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