12 February 2014

Girlie Night In - The Perfect Valentine's Day Treat for Single Ladies


 Ahh, Valentine's Day. It's in two days.
Of course, I'm only thirteen, and most girls I know well who are around my age don't have a boyfriend or a fabulous, scandalous, flirtatious life like Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf (oh how we wish for a Chuck Bass and a place in New York though), just like moi.
So whether you are alone for the day/night or will be chilling with friends or your sisters (or even your trustworthy Mum or Granny), then organise a relaxing, spontaneous, girlie night in. Who needs dates, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers anyway?

You deserve this, btw.
So, Let's. Get. Pampered...
1. Give Yourself a Five Star Spa Treatment, DIY style
Go nuts with all of your beauty goodies, from your bath bombs/crystals and body butters to your nail polish and face masks. If you're hosting a party for one, unwind with a delightful bath or shower. Afterwards, moisturise your body with your favourite butter or cream that smells so wonderful it lifts your spirit. Get into comfy clothes (preferably pyjamas) and apply revitalising facials, give yourself a manicure or pedicure and move on to the next step...
But WAIT! If you are with friends or others, maybe a bath isn't a great idea. Just skip that part and have fun with masks and varnish, but make sure not to destroy the place!
2. Bake Some Yummy Treats!
Get busy in the kitchen and bake cupcakes, brownies, cookies, chocolate biscuit cake, whatever you'd like! But if you think cupcakes is the go-to recipe, then click
here for my easy-peasy method.

3. Read
If you're having some quality me-time, snuggle in some blankets and catch up on your favourite book. I'm reading the fifth book of the Mortal Instruments on my Kindle. Reading is fantastic for this occasion as it helps you escape from this mad world into another character's life, whether it's fantasy, dystopian or normal like yours.
If you're not a keen reader, or, again, have company, read the latest gossip and fashion and beauty trends in magazines, or if they're old issues, giggle over the stuff you thought was cool last year. It's a laugh, but if that's not your thing, maybe you might enjoy blogs more, or Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube (yes, it's not reading, but it's a lot like magazines in a way and is still very entertaining).
4. Jam Out To Some Tunes!
There's honestly nothing better than music.
Remember that the atmosphere has to be set when you're baking, toe-nail painting or flicking through articles, so create a playlist on your iPod with your go-to songs and albums. As well as the fantabulous three I suggest above which I happily received for Christmas, you can use Spotify. I love love love Spotify; it's like Netflix, but for music. I have made a playlist of awesome singles that I haven't bought off iTunes, and I don't need Wi-Fi to listen since I can download them. It's terrific and I think it's the same price a month as Netflix, 7 euro.
It's definitely worth it, in my opinion!
*in no way was this part of the post sponsored by Spotify (it's too big a company for it to notice this itsy bitsy blog either way!). I just really wanted to share with you my love for it, because it is honestly just as amazing as Netflix!*

5. And lastly, Host A Movie Marathon
 I don't think it's possible not to watch films on a night in. My go-to is chick-flicks. The above are the classics, but you can also find other super ones on Netflix like Sleepover, It's A Boy/Girl Thing and the Proposal.
They're are obviously other incredible movies out there (uh hello? DISNEY!) and you can also start a new TV series *cough, cough Gossip Girl*. Whatever you watch, make sure it'll have a little humour. The Notebook and Up can maybe wait for another movie sesh!

And that sums up my ultimate night in, or day!
The reason I did an example of a night in is because I will be in school on V-Day. The good thing is that my Spanish class will be having a trip out to a Mexican restaurant for half the school-day. Woo hoo! The downside is that we were all paired with a boy (yes, the teacher agreed to this) but I actually got two guys since there's not enough girls to make 'couples'. The two lads are okay, but we won't be doing anything (zap that nasty thought from your head)
so it will be so much fun!
That evening, I hope to chill with my sister and do these exact things. I might not bake though because I'll probably be a bit too tired...

What will you be up to on the day of lurrrvveee? Try not to make me jealous...


  1. Great post! I'm spending the night in as well this valentine's day with some of my friends. We are definitely going to watch some movies. The Notebook is #1 on our list! xx

    1. Thanks Alex! Have fun with your friends, happy V-day xx

  2. Loved this post! A couple of us our going into town after school in an attempt to be social =D then its back to mine and we're gonna watch the titantic! Being single isnt all that bad haha xx

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, single pringle and ready to mingle ;) jk, that sounds fun, don't cry too much! xx

  3. I love this post so much aaaaah ! I can't believe you're being paired up with lads though omigod D: !!! xx

    1. Haha, it was really fun, one of the boys was out and the guy who was 'with me' asked if he could go to the other table full of lads after a few mins and I said yeah! I didn't mind, my friend and I were each others dates! :P

      Thanks Grace


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