02 February 2014

Fashion February Week 1: The Perfect Party/Date Outfit with NUMARI

*I think I'll change my schedule to Sundays. On Saturdays I'm always doing something (yes, watching Gossip Girl counts as something)*

Let's welcome February 2014 with some fashion.
This month I'm participating in Fashion February created by Ali from the Cute Little Beauty Blog where we are styling different fashion trends etc. weekly. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Loads of other amazing bloggers are taking part, and I'll link the list of all their blogs at the end.

For the first topic, we were asked to style one out of four of NUMARI's dresses. NUMARI named this one above  "The Diagonal Colour Block Sheath Dress". They gave this description to it: "Sleek and minimalistic. Classic sheath silhouette featuring a jewel neckline and modern twist. Color block accents on upper shoulder and diagonal corner hem. Invisible center back zipper and slit on accented left hem allow for ease of wear and movement. Perfect for every body type." I think this dress looks gorgeous, especially on the model. It's sophisticated and classy, especially when styled with the following beauty and fashion items...
White Leather Jacket
I believe white can be used in any outfit, no matter what the colour or patterns are. This jacket would make this outfit look chic and put-together. Also, white would brighten up this dress to make the look more fun and outgoing.
Cream Handbag
A bag that matches the colour block on the shoulder and hem on the dress will definitely make the outfit look complete. I know this one doesn't match exactly, but fashion does not have to be perfect!
Black Bowler Hat
Like the jacket, this hat adds an essence of fun to the outfit. I've never tried wearing bowler hats, but it's something I'd love to wear in the future. They're very stylish and as soon as I see them I'm thinking of Paris.
Black Ankle Heel Boots
I know the model in the picture is wearing nude heels; I think they go wonderfully well with the dress. But, if you want a more comfortable option that isn't casual for a night-out, go for these beauties or something similar. VelvetGh0st on YouTube said her Topshop booties are very comfy. I don't have any like the ones above, but maybe a later investment is necessary? Who knows. They'd fit this outfit well anyway.
Gold Watch
Of course not everyone in the world, including me, can afford a gold Micheal Kors watch, unfortunately, but you can opt for gold jewellery like necklaces and bracelets. You'd look like a fashionista in no time!
A Fresh Scent
I've never tried Daisy, but your favourite perfume will do. A scent that makes you feel confident and cool is the way to go.
Pink Lipstick
No, I'm not talking about sugary, Barbie pink, I'm talking about whichever pink lipstick suits your undertone. But I do think a pink that's close to a nude colour is ideal for this outfit, since you might be wearing nude heels and a nude handbag.
Rose-Hued Eye-shadows
Aaaaaaaaaahhh I got the Naked 3 palette!
More on that on Wednesday :)
Any eye-shadow will do, but make it very neutral for a true-to-you look.
And that's it!
I think these additions are all lovely options to style this dress, but if you'd like to see more ideas from other fashion bloggers, click on the photo below!

See you all on Wednesday!


  1. Love your styling! The bag and the hat are gorgeous. I'd love if you check out my post on it.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

    1. Thank you, I love your styling too! :)xx

  2. NAKED 3 PALETTE ASDAGKVHH !! love your outfit doll espesh the boots and gold watch !! I want a gold watch so bad but the faces are always way too big for my wrist !! haha :) Lovely outfit xx


    1. Thank you so much! Gold watches look so pretty :D

  3. Thank you! I followed xx


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