18 January 2014

The Best of the Golden Globes 2014: Fashion and Beauty Looks

How are you? I had a good week. On Wednesday I won a hockey match for the first time in a while. I was really happy about it! Also, on Thursday night, I went to Maroon 5 with my friends! It was insane. I got a really cool poster, which you can see on my Instagram :)

Let's get on to the real reason I'm talking to you today. The Golden Globes were last weekend and I spotted on Teen Vogue some of my favourite celebrities rocking some ball gowns and elegant makeup on the red carpet, and I wanted to tell you what I think of their looks. No, I'm not just talking about these ladies because they are popular or amazingly pretty (which is true); their stylists and makeup artists really do deserve a a huge round of applause.

I thought this would be fun to do as I really enjoyed writing my Teen Choice Awards favourites back in August, and this is similar right? Hmmm...

I hope you like it!

Sarah Hyland
This is by far my favourite look. The Modern Family star went pink and au natural for the carpet; gorgeous! Her dress is a good fit and colour on her, and the gold clutch looks very chic. Her makeup is feminine and fresh, and the milkmaid braid complements it well. No eyeliner or dark lips; that's very unique for the Golden Globes! One word: perfection.

Taylor Swift
My top two details of Taylor's look are her dress and her hair! The dress is so T-Swift (I mean hello? Her album is called Red...). Her song 'Sweeter Than Fiction' was nominated for best Original Song (she didn't win) but her ensemble at the Golden Globes wasn't sweet; it was sophisticated! She matched her lipstick to the carpet, the usual awards lip colour, and a slick of eyeliner and fancy earrings finished it all off nicely.

Zooey Deschanel
The hair. THE HAIR. :O
The New Girl actress posed at the Awards in her very sparkly, very glittery cream dress (but is a dress, or is it a skirt and top? The mysteries...) with rosy cheeks and a flower in her bun. So pretty! Her outfit is very quirky, which is what this blog is looking for I guess, hah! :)

Jennifer Lawrence
The biggest star right now won the Best Supporting Actress award, which is well deserved, and her outfit that night was unusual... in a good way. The dress has two black straps as you can see, and I found that very weird, but it actually works! Her dark eyes and lips makes the whole look come together well. The earrings are a bit out of the blue *cough cough* green (hah). Her make up is the best part of the look, in my opinion. Anyway, may the odds be ever 
in your favour Jennifer!

 Emma Watson

 Hermione, (whoops) I mean Emma, has clashed a sort of coral orangey dress with red lips and rose-hued cheeks; what a fashion statement! The colour of the gown is very in your face to be honest, but at least it catches the paparazzi's attention on the carpet! You can see her indigo heels just peeking out at the top photo which is also bizarre. Even though it doesn't all match, it works. New trend? Maybe.

And that's all, lovelies!

I hope you liked this, see you on Wednesday! ;)


  1. Love all these looks, but my favorite is Zooey's. She looked gorgoeus!

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

    1. She really did, I loved her hair! :) xx

  2. I love all their looks, Sarah Hyland's is probably my favourite - but Emma Watson is one of my favourite actresses and I think she looks amazing in anything she wears :) x

  3. I love the first dress! such a nice shape X


  4. I loved seeing all of the golden globe outfits! Taylor rocked the carpet, she looked flawless! I really enjoyed reading this! It was great! Can't wait for more posts!


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