18 January 2014

The Best of the Golden Globes 2014: Fashion and Beauty Looks

How are you? I had a good week. On Wednesday I won a hockey match for the first time in a while. I was really happy about it! Also, on Thursday night, I went to Maroon 5 with my friends! It was insane. I got a really cool poster, which you can see on my Instagram :)

Let's get on to the real reason I'm talking to you today. The Golden Globes were last weekend and I spotted on Teen Vogue some of my favourite celebrities rocking some ball gowns and elegant makeup on the red carpet, and I wanted to tell you what I think of their looks. No, I'm not just talking about these ladies because they are popular or amazingly pretty (which is true); their stylists and makeup artists really do deserve a a huge round of applause.

I thought this would be fun to do as I really enjoyed writing my Teen Choice Awards favourites back in August, and this is similar right? Hmmm...

I hope you like it!

Sarah Hyland
This is by far my favourite look. The Modern Family star went pink and au natural for the carpet; gorgeous! Her dress is a good fit and colour on her, and the gold clutch looks very chic. Her makeup is feminine and fresh, and the milkmaid braid complements it well. No eyeliner or dark lips; that's very unique for the Golden Globes! One word: perfection.

Taylor Swift
My top two details of Taylor's look are her dress and her hair! The dress is so T-Swift (I mean hello? Her album is called Red...). Her song 'Sweeter Than Fiction' was nominated for best Original Song (she didn't win) but her ensemble at the Golden Globes wasn't sweet; it was sophisticated! She matched her lipstick to the carpet, the usual awards lip colour, and a slick of eyeliner and fancy earrings finished it all off nicely.

Zooey Deschanel
The hair. THE HAIR. :O
The New Girl actress posed at the Awards in her very sparkly, very glittery cream dress (but is a dress, or is it a skirt and top? The mysteries...) with rosy cheeks and a flower in her bun. So pretty! Her outfit is very quirky, which is what this blog is looking for I guess, hah! :)

Jennifer Lawrence
The biggest star right now won the Best Supporting Actress award, which is well deserved, and her outfit that night was unusual... in a good way. The dress has two black straps as you can see, and I found that very weird, but it actually works! Her dark eyes and lips makes the whole look come together well. The earrings are a bit out of the blue *cough cough* green (hah). Her make up is the best part of the look, in my opinion. Anyway, may the odds be ever 
in your favour Jennifer!

 Emma Watson

 Hermione, (whoops) I mean Emma, has clashed a sort of coral orangey dress with red lips and rose-hued cheeks; what a fashion statement! The colour of the gown is very in your face to be honest, but at least it catches the paparazzi's attention on the carpet! You can see her indigo heels just peeking out at the top photo which is also bizarre. Even though it doesn't all match, it works. New trend? Maybe.

And that's all, lovelies!

I hope you liked this, see you on Wednesday! ;)

17 January 2014

January Buys (Monthly Collective Haul)

Happy Wednesday!
I decided to start a monthly collective haul series, like favourites posts, but instead I'm showing you all of the clothes, beauty and random things I bought or received that month (if there is anything!) All the stuff in the photos today I got throughout a period of time from the end of December to last Sunday. I'm really pleased with all of it, and I can't wait to show all of you how I would style the clothes or how I liked the products some time soon! But for now, this post is just an overview of everything...


Hollister Glittery Grey Top
Superdry Navy Coat
Ralph Lauren Cream Jumper 
One Direction This is Us DVD
Style by Lauren Conrad
KISS Magazine (February 2014 Issue) 
High Beam by Benefit
Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes
Simple Spot Zapper
Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub
Nivea Refreshing Toner
Garnier Cleansing Lotion
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Rimmel Scandal Eye-shadow Pencil
Rimmel Lip Pencil
Kermit Slippers from Penneys 
*forgot to include the slippers in my group photo :/*

Talk to you on Saturday!

12 January 2014

Looking Back on 2013

 *Ahhh sorry for the delay. Back to school time is hectic, as you'd know I guess. I have a new schedule which is Saturdays and Wednesdays and I promise I will follow it after this, as I really want to upload regularly!*

Thank you so so so so much for 200 Google followers and 120 Bloglovin' followers! I'm overwhelmed. This time last year I had less than 50! Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff has been on an incredible journey over the year gone past; it has changed so much, and I have changed a lot too!

So now I'll be going through each month like Dainty SprinklesTolly Dolly Posh Fashion etc. did (they looked super cool) and I'll also be linking some of the blog-posts or series' I did in those months. And I'm linking some of the posts, like my favourites, in the month they were for, not when they were actually posted if you don't mind.


Wait! Play this remix while you read, you won't be disappointed!

January Favourites (posted in February)

Not much happened blog wise, but because of my new camera I got that Christmas, my photos were much better quality, which encouraged me to blog a lot! This month also welcomed my Favourites series which continued throughout the year. January was a 
good kickoff start to the following 11 months.

February Favourites (posted in March)

I reached 50 GFC followers in this month, which is weird! I'm at 200 less than a year later! That was the first blog achievement of 2013. Whoop. 
I was super chuffed with my blogging in February. I shared an OOTW during mid-term break and I loved my outfits that week! It really reflected my style. And funnily, I did a GRWM on Valentine's Day when I was actually doing nothing at all. Hah. I got my haircut that day though.
February was a fun month (alliteration not on purpose)!

*A lot of 'Spring' stuff. haha*

March was Spring Overload. Annoyingly I didn't do a St. Patrick's Day OOTD; I used cool spray hair dye from Claire's in green and orange on my hair and it looked class, but it washed out, kind of, because of the rain! I went to my local parade with my best friends in horrible weather but it was enjoyable anyway.
I went to One Direction in March! It was insane.
Also in March I had my Eater holidays that continued through to April, and I went on two trips, which I'll tell you about in 3, 2, *you're meant to be scrolling* 1...

First in the holidays I went to my summer house in Connemara with my family. I know it wasn't summer (duh, Jane) but sometimes we go there for short breaks throughout the year. I just chilled with my family and celebrated Easter and I baked cupcakes, which is always the thing to do on breaks.
After the relaxing, we went for four days to Morzine, France to ski! I love skiing; I have been nearly every year since I was six. It was really fun, as it always is. 
Annoyingly, I didn't post anything other than the OOTD in April. I can't exactly remember why. I really wanted to post though.
At the end of the month, my closest friends threw a surprise birthday party for me a week early (my birthday is early May) and I was so grateful! It was so amazing; they made me a great card for me which is hanging up in my room. Hehe :)

Spring Favourites (posted in June)
My Birthday Haul (posted in June too, oh dear)

As you just read in the April bit, I had a surprise birthday party from my friends, but my real birthday celebration was just as fabulous. It was a May Bank Holiday weekend, which usually happens on my birthday, and I went into Dublin from the day. I got treated to a Benefit makeover (my favourite makeup brand btw) and a few things in different shops. 
I had a lovely birthday! I was so happy with it all!
I also had my Drama exam that weekend which went well.
No posts in May! Eeek. I think it's mainly 'cos I had summer exams at the end of the month, and I did well in those too. Sorry about that. At least I got back into it in June...

100 Followers?(back in the day...)

I actually filmed a video. Gasp. Yes, I did; I wanted to try it out. I don't think I really want to get it into all the YouTube-ing yet, since Junior Cert is next year. I'll wait 'til after that and see. It was a a lot of stress making the video, and I wasn't brilliant at it, hah.
My Lookbook Challenge was brilliant distraction from boredom! Well, I wasn't bored otherwise, don't fret. I loved creating all the looks and adding trend tricks to them complemented it all. This was probably the month my blog started to receive a lot more views and stuff since I got 100 followers! June was a amazing start to the summer!

Florida Haul (posted in August)

I ventured there on the 1st of July and it was an unreal experience. I've been to other states in America before, but Florida is definitely my favourite! You can read more about it in the posts linked above, because I don't want to repeat it all.
After I came home, I went off to Connemara (remember that place I mentioned?) from the end of the July til August...

Summer Favourites (posted in September) 

Again, I shalt not ramble on my time at my summer house, so please refer to the link above!
But in August, I did post a lot of beauty reviews which was fun to do. I didn't link them all here because you can just find them in my blog archive up above at the side in August. 
August was also the month my blog friend Gaby began #tbloggers which is a teen bloggers chat (not just for teens, it's okay if you're not a teenager) and it has really flourished since then! Well done Gaby! :) Grace and I also helped her develop it and it was a lot of fun.
Ah I forgot! I got nominated in July (I think) for the Blog Awards Ireland and then shortlisted for it in August! I was thrilled!
At the end of the month I began my second year in senior school. I was pretty excited to see everyone again, and you can learn more about my Back To School Series if you read on...

Back to School series (some posted in August)
Dublin Fashion Festival OOTD
September Favourites (posted in October)

I settled back into school and everything and ended my BTS series. The most exciting thing about September was when I went to the Dublin Fashion Festival at Jervis Shopping Centre one Saturday. I bought stuff from Forever 21 and received a weird goodie bag, and I also met Brendan Courtney! The atmosphere was cool in the shopping centre, with models showcasing the latest trends and a photographer at the entrance!
So September was mainly a month where I got back on track with everything in school and my blog; a productive few weeks I guess.

Song of the month

Halloween Beauty and the Beast Tutorial (Collab)
Grunge OOTD with Cat Ears :D
Halloween Sleepover with Friends!
Halloween Nails
October Favourites (posted in November)

October was very dark and Halloween-y on Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff. I did a fun but strange tutorial on Beauty and the Beast Halloween Make up (not very professional) and showed my 'smells like teen spirit' side in a grunge-y OOTD. During Mid-Term I had a great sleepover with my friends and celebrated Halloween. Not much else, tbh. :/ ha.

Song of the month

In November I got stuck into the books as I had exams the first week of December. I didn't really do much else, apart from my sorta winter-y blog posts. I saw Catching Fire with my friends though and it was AAAAAAAHHH kjgcwuhwcdq. Incredible. It's one of my favourite movies of all time now; a lot better than the first.
I got extremely excited for Christmas near the end of the month, which explains my massive amount of blogging in December...

The last month of 2013. :(
I did my exams which were fine.
I started a little series called #ChristmasBloggers as other ones like Blogmas where you had to blog everyday was a bit too daunting. I asked other bloggers to participate, which they did sometimes, but I didn't mind since it was only a bit of fun. Not a bit of fun, a LOT of fun, for me anyway! I really enjoyed it; I got deep into the Christmas spirit.
My two weeks of holidays began on the 20th and I went to Wicked that weekend, 
which was fantastic.
I had a wonderful Christmas, which you can read about in the series. 
December was the perfect ending to 2013 <3

So that's it fizzy, quirky dorks!
Thanks so much for all your support and feedback etc. in 2013 and I hope you continue to read this blog in 2014!

Would you like to see my reflection on my 2013's resolutions and my new resolutions for this year? Then click here!

Byeeee babes ;)

04 January 2014

❤ My Top 13 Beauty Products of 2013! ❤

Hey there upper-east-siders, Gossip Girl here; your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite... Just kidding! It's Jane here. Do any of you watch "Gossip Girl"? It's my new guilty pleasure.

I'm sorry I didn't post on New Years Day; my friends invited me to go ice skating and go see Disney's Frozen (which was spectacular!) and then the day after I invited other friends ice skating (I really love it) and I lost track of time. Tomorrow I'll post my 'big' post, then I'll begin my new blogging schedule which will go to plan I hope...

But now I'd like to introduce the point of this post which is my favourite beauty products of 2013. You may have seen these pop up lots in my monthly favourites or reviews throughout the past year. I thought this would be fun to write about, and lots of bloggers are raving about their top products these days too. I'll start from my 13th product right down to number 1, which will be difficult. Here we go...

13. Vaseline in Rosy Lips
I think Vaseline's is everybody's first love when it comes to lip balm. I love this colour because it's tinted but subtle and super smoothing. Perfect for any situation; *drops it into the handbag*.

12. Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner
I have used this a lot throughout the year. I bought it I think in May or sometime like that, and I've almost mastered the cat eye. Almost. What really annoys me is that I can't get the lines 100% identical to each other on my eyes, but that's probably impossible. Anyway, this liner is the only liquid one I've ever used, but I love it! It's tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it'll be your best friend.

11. Pantene Overnight Nourishing Spray for Fine Hair
This is great for when you know you won't be showering your roots in the morning and you want your hair to become soft and, well, nourished while you dream. It works very well, and it's good to spray on when your hair is in damp plaits so it's wavy the next day. 

"This mascara is easy to apply; it glides on nice and smoothly leaving a clean sleek look. You don't need to apply many coats as it gives out massive volume. It gives the illusion of longer lashes and zero clumps appear if applied correctly. This mascara is fab for any time, any place!" Taken from post linked above.

9. The POREfessional by Benefit
This is fantastic. The formula is silky, lightweight and translucent and it helps problem skin look flawless and it primes the skin for make up. Its even helpful to wear on its own - ideal for young skin that might need a teeny, teeny, teeny amount of coverage but doesn't need something as heavy as BB cream.

Firstly, the colour is so pretty, it makes me ooh and aah. The application of this is easy, no mess, and you only need around two coats for it to not look sheer. I recommend a top coat, and then it lasts, oh it lasts, for aaaagggeess, unlike other nail lacquers. I got great use out of this nail polish, and so did my sister, haha.

"It makes my complexion feel nice and smooth and look awake. It has a very slight coverage, but does blur my small imperfections, so therefore I wouldn't recommend this to someone with acne-prone skin. Since it is a  BB cream, it moisturises my skin for quite a while (maybe not a whole day) and does not feel heavy at all. I don't look overdone, which is a big plus." Taken from post linked above.

"This perfume is so elegant and unique, just like Taylor herself. An enchanting scent, fit for any occasion. I received a sample for this from Mizz magazine and from that moment on I longed to have it. And now I do! Unfortunately my bottle does not have charms on it, but it's the scent that matters!" It's wonderful, I've used it up after like 6 months or less!
Captions taken from post linked above.
"A floral fragrance with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom."

5. World Famous Neutrals: Eyenessa's Easiest Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Set from Benefit
I got this for my birthday this year, or should I say, last year, and it's amazing! It comes with two cream shadows and four normal eye shadows. It comes with tips on how to us the colours and the packaging is super cool. They're great to use for school for that natural look.

"This is very light and does absorb quickly and is very radiant. I feel more awake looking with it applied. It's very moisturising (usual for a moisturiser I suppose) but not for 24 hours! If it does hydrate for that long, I just don't notice anywho.
I've seen reviews of the other moisturisers in the collection and some of them weren't fab... But this 'texture' is honestly great! If you have normal skin (sounds a bit mean doesn't it?) try it out!" Taken from post linked above.

"The formula of this is creamy, but not hugely, and it's easy to blend and definitely hydrates my eyes. It hides my dark circles and makes me look more awake, but it does crease a tiny bit and rubs off after a few hours, even when skin is primed or powder is applied on top. So it's just a matter of re-applying I'd say! It isn't cakey and looks pretty natural when blended. It's comfortable and smooth; I love this concealer! I recommend it loads and it is worth the money!" Taken from post linked above.

2. Benetint by Benefit
Before I get into this, yes, the writing did rub off the bottle, and yes, it is annoying, but the actual product is lovely! You can use it for your cheeks and lips and blend it out for a cute tint. Excellent for everyday wear and re-application is simple! This is definitely an all rounder; the missing piece of the jigsaw for naturally kissable lips and rosy cheeks.

And the moment we've all been waiting for...
1. Batiste Dry Shampoo
This. Is. A. Life. Saver.
If you have been following this blog for a while, you know, oh you know alright, that I LOOOVE Batiste dry shampoos. They have come up multiple times in my 2013 monthly favourites, as they are incredibly handy for rushed school mornings, with a collection of different scents for everyone. Picture the scene; you're stressed, in a hurry and your having a bad hair day. Sucks right? Spray Batiste into your hair, rub it in, and style it, and then, voila, you're less stressed, you have time to spare and your hair feels as good as new, if that's possible.

And that's all! 
Ah, it's so late, like 12 in the morning! Haha, talk to you later babes.

And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell. You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl.

What were your top products of 2013?