28 December 2013

❄ #ChristmasBloggers: What I Got For Christmas Haul 2013! Part 2: Clothing and Random Stuff ❄

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Christmas Haul!

Click here for Part 1, a disclaimer and if you want an explanation on why there's two parts.

This is a mixture of presents from Santa and family and friends.

Let's get into this!

So my Mum said my sister and I could go online to American Eagle and Aeropostale and add anything to a basket and she said Santa will choose clothing to ship over to Ireland from the States. I must have been very well behaved this year because I got all that I put in the baskets! Anyway here they are:

A top and a dress from American Eagle
The Little Things top is so cute and I love it loads; it will be great for chill, casual days with friends. And this dress I am obsessed with! As soon as I saw it on Christmas morning I was like 'Oh Shnap gonna wear that today'... Here's my Christmas Day OOTD.

Two tops from Bethany Mota's Collection at Aeropostale
I have been watching Bethany's videos for over a year now and I absolutely adore her! She is so funny and sweet and her clothing line is so chic. This top is so pretty; myself and lace are in a full on relationship right now, I have lots of it! And this top is so cool; the caption is lyrics to the Cup Song! Haha, good memories :'D.

I've just realised that I got a lot of burgundy this year...

Miss Outrage Days of the Week Socks
These socks are too cool for school! The only down side is that I actually can't wear them to school during the week since I wear a uniform... Ah well, I'll wear them 
loads this winter break!

Snow Leopard (?) Print Onesie from Penneys/Primark
This is so cosy. I have three onesies now, but can only wear one near Christmas time (reindeer) so now I have my cow one and... and my... what is this print? Well, I just called it Snow Leopard 'cos why not?

Chronostar Watches
Before I got these, I was 'borrowing' my Mum's good watch for school since I had none so I was thrilled with these two.  I love watches; I like being organised and on time, so watches and I are like two peas in a pod.

Beanie from Fat Face and Hair Accessories from Forever 21
Ahh I can't wait to wear all of these, they are all so lovely.
Expect to see them in future OOTDs.

Smart Phone Induction Speaker
This is CRAZY!
Only batteries.
My brother gave me this and I am literally using it all the time now it is INSANE! Apparently the sound when a device is placed on the speaker is amplified or something. I can bring it anyway without needing a plug; excellent for parties.

BTW, the iPod is not new. My sister got it for Chrsitmas last year but since she now has an iPhone, she has let me have it.
It's with me 24/7!

Katy Perry - Prism
One Direction - Midnight Memories
Little Mix - Salute
Can I just say I am so ecstatic with the music on these CDs; all the tunes are flawless and just what I expected. I'm so utterly over-joyed with these!

Nicki Minaj 2014 Calendar
I didn't buy any calendar for 2014 before I got this, so at least I'm sorted now. I like Nicki Minaj; I'm not her biggest fan in the world, but her songs are awesome! And I have her perfume which you can view here.

Kindle Paperwhite
I never predicted this to be in my pile of presents! I was reading off my Mum's kindle (I borrow a lot of things off her, don't I?) but now I have my own! I love reading, so this will come in handy for my forever increasing library of books - it saves paper!

Logik Digital Photo Frame
Neither did I expect this on Christmas morning. It has been a long time and I still haven't printed off photos for the non-digital frames I already have, so while that printing awaits I, at this moment, have a slideshow frame. I selected photos from off my computer and put them into a SD card for this and it works pretty well (except some pictures are distorted but oh well...). It's class!

Cadbury Selection Box
Giant Smarties Pack
Yum. No explanation required.

Micro-fibre travel/sports towel
This will be good for a rainy day of hockey training and I want to dry slightly before I get home. And maybe for when I go on a plane and I spill 7-Up on myself. That has or will happen to everyone sometime in their life.

Doodle Pencil Case
I'm due a new pencil case and this will be entertaining as I can bring this to school and let my friends draw on it and sign their names; and I'll draw on it of course! It's washable and reusable so that's a plus.

One 4 All Gift Voucher
This is such a fantastic voucher because you can choose where to spend it. I've spent my one already in House of Fraser, and I'll show you what I bought there in January.

Jewellery Box (unknown source)
This is really pretty, so I think storing my favourite jewellery in this box will be ideal; I already have a larger one for all my jewellery. That's probably going to be one of my resolutions; wear my jewellery more!

Secret Santa present from:

School Friend (L)
Reindeer Mug
Make up bag
Nail Polish Set - used it, it's great, click here for results

Neighbour (R)
False Nails
Make up bag
Hair clips - love these, will use them for school

All from Penneys/Primark

And that's all I got for Christmas!
Remember to check out Part 1, and please share with me in the comments what you got for Christmas! If you got anything that I got, then tell me! We can be twins together #twinning.

So I hope you enjoyed my haul!

Thanks again to the people who have spoiled me! 

It's the last post of #ChristmasBloggers (sob)...
Before I leave the keyboard, can I just say a huge thank you to the bloggers below for participating in my series, even if some of you didn't do every post; I know how busy you are! But still, thanks for letting me know you were interested in it and I hope to do it next year; maybe a more organised, easier version. I hope you all enjoyed it and had fun, and I'll talk to you all soon. :)

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And for the rest of you, I'll be back tomorrow with my 2014 blogging plans, so byeeeeee.

  For Now, Jane xox


  1. Oh, lucky you! Looks like you got a lot of really great stuff.

    1. I love everything I got! I'm so happy :D

  2. Those two watches are gorgeous! I never wear a watch and am constantly asking friends & family the time when I don't have my phone on me, it drives them mental!

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy, and that made me laugh because that has happened to me before :)

  3. Love these two posts :D I'm so nosy xx

  4. Everything is very cool. The Bethany Mota clothes are awesome!

  5. Your presents were awesome! I lovee them ♥

    Thank you too,for these amazing series! I had fun writing the posts :)

  6. hi jane love this post! just wanted to let you know your blog featured in my 2013 favourites!! http://katiesview101.blogspot.ie/2013/12/2013-favourites.html

  7. I love reading these kinds of posts :) and I LOVE the raglan top! the iphone speaker thing is amazing too, might have to gift that to myself.... :)

    Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thanks! And trust me it's so worth it :)

  8. How do you make this blog look this sick! Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. Id be thankful!
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  9. Thank you, and I followed! :)


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