22 December 2013

❄ #ChristmasBloggers Week 3: Last Minute Gift Guides! ❄


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Hello everyone!
Christmas is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly soon, and I am overwhelmingly elated!

Today I'm going to show you some pretty cool present ideas for your parents, sisters, brothers, or alternatively your best friends, boyfriend, etc.

These may help you if you still haven't bought your gifts for others (lazy boots) and not sure what to get them.  You better get them soon; only 3 nights to Christmas morning. 
I hope you don't mind if I don't go into detail of each gift in these guides because I'd say the pictures will be enough to give you suggestions.

I have written Older/Younger Sister or Older/Younger Brother in some of the collages but as I said above you can substitute them for friends or other people in your life.


Older Brothers/Cousins/Boyfriend/Guy-Friends: 
video games, cool t-shirts, headphones, sports gear, table tennis set, sweets

Younger Brothers/Cousins
videos games, car toys, dinosaur toys, sports gear, table tennis set, sweets

Older Sisters/Cousins/Best Friends:
make up, beauty products, CDs, TV show box sets, books, hats + gloves

Younger Sisters/Cousins:
girly toys (like Lego friends), teddy bears, books, CDs

(if she is too tomboy-ish for or isn't interested in make up or girly toys then try the music, books and box set ideas)

Good Old Dad:
cologne, board game, camera, socks

Good Old Mum:
cook book, perfume (or makeup), jewelerry, candles

Hope that helped if you were struggling on gift ideas!

What are you giving this Christmas?

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  For Now, Jane xox


  1. I'm giving my dad a wallet, my mom a Pandora charm for her bracelet, and my younger sister some stuff to make bracelets. Great post! I was looking for ward to do this post a lot! xx

    1. Thank you so much Alex! Your family are so lucky :) xox

  2. Really good post and really good ideas too! I'm writing mine right now :)

    1. Cool can't wait to read it! And thanks xox


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