07 December 2013

❄ #ChristmasBloggers Week 1: My Top Christmas Tunes! ❄


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Hello everybody!
It's the first post of my series and I'm super chuffed :D

Make sure to check out all the other participating blogs at the bottom of the post to see their favourite Christmas songs/movies/whatever they post :P

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Festive songs are one of my favourite things about Christmas. I'm a fan of the classics and traditional songs, as well as a few recent tunes
(uh, hello Train...)

My number one song is All I Want For Christmas is You. I think everyone loves this song; it's just super upbeat and gets me into the holiday spirit!
And there are tons of other songs that I love on the playlist linked above.

You'll notice there are a few songs by Hayley Westenra on the playlist, and you might say 'Who the heck is she?' Hayley is a fantastic singer and my Dad a few Christmases ago brought me and my sister to her small concert to promote her album Winter Magic. Let's just say, we bought it! It's is what it's called; magic. One of my favourites is River. It's not very Christmas-y but her vocals in it are just... :O.

I also adore Micheal Buble. He is just sha-mazing... His voice is perfect.

Please have a listen to the playlist... you'll love it!
I'll even be adding even more over the next few weeks!

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  For Now, Jane xox


  1. Love this post, and your playlist is great! I'm just writing my post now, excited to start the christmas posts :D xx

  2. Adorable songs! I love every single one :)

    I have just written my post and I'm so happy that I made my first Christmas post♥

    1. Thank you, so excited to see your posts :)


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