26 December 2013

❄ #ChristmasBloggers: Blogmas Day 2013! OOTD + Photos ❄

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Haiii everyone!
Or should I say... HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

I know December 25th was yesterday but Christmas isn't over (yup, until the 6th of January)! So today on the morning after the madness I'm going to share with you my OOTD and what I did!

So I woke up at 8:30, and I slept really well. I'm sorry but I am just so happy that I got a full nights sleep because usually I'm up all night struggling to shut my eyes and dream on the eve of Christmas. I am so proud of myself!

All of my family went downstairs to observe what 'Santa' brought and exchange gifts with each other, and I am SOOOOOO delighted with what I got! I am so grateful; I'll show you the presents I received on Saturday, and I promise I won't be bragging. Many people (including myself) love to read or watch What I Got For Christmas posts and videos, they're the missing piece of the jigsaw for curious humans. They're really popular around this time of year, so I want to join in the fun! Click here to see 2012's post.

BTW, I only wore my reindeer onesie that morning, and you saw that last year, but if you'd like to see it click here.

Sneak peek :)

After presents etc., we got the house ready for my cousins, and of course I got ready! I wore one of the dresses I received from American Eagle in this outfit. It looks black in some of these photos but it's actually deep burgundy. Click on the pictures to view the dress in more detail.

Blazer: Bershka
Dress: American Eagle
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights + Pumps: Marks & Spencers

When some of my cousins, aunties and uncles all came, we exchanged more presents, played with the toys and messed around, as you do. After a good while, a majority of them left and only my two grannies, two aunties and granddad stayed for dinner with the five of us. Christmas dinner was amazing; my mum is an excellent cook in my beloved opinion. We had turkey, ham, roast potatoes, vegetables and a yummy chocolate biscuit cake for dessert. We watched some TV too (Elf was on, I love that film!).

At around eight, my grandparents and aunties left, and us remaining quintet all relaxed by the fire and played a new board game my Dad got called IQ. It was pretty fun! The questions were hard so it was 
basically all guessing, haha.

So my Christmas Day was wonderful.
How was yours?
Tell me in the comments or send me links to your blog post about it.

I hope you all had a fantastic time yesterday and that you ate loads, laughed loads and ripped open loads of wrapping paper. And if you're Christian, remember it was Jesus' birthday, so make sure to thank him for all he's done for you... and/or what 'Santa' and your family have done for you.

(I think the above might be a new part of my exit... hmmmm)

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  For Now, Jane xox


  1. I absolutely love your outfit. You look stunning! I can't wait to see your haul. Great post! xx

  2. You look amazing - I love the rose print on your dress ! I can't wait for your haul xx

  3. Wow I loved your blog post- looks like you had a fab day xx


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