15 November 2013

❄ My Winter Must Haves! (Warm Woollies and Moisturising Balms) ❄

Ciao principesse!
(That means 'hello princesses' in Italian... I don't do Italian though lol :P)

Today I'm going to show you my winter essentials since it is now winter in Ireland; I know it's still autumn in America and some other places but whatevs :). It has gotten so bitterly cold these days so I though it would be the perfect opportunity to do a post on what I'm wearing this season and what beauty products I love.

Let's hop, skip and jump into this!

The beanie, scarf and gloves are from Penneys and I recently hauled them, but the navy and pink scarf is from Hollister.

This beanie is just ahhhh...
Look how adorable it is! I saw it in Penneys and went all squeamish.
It's so cosy and cute and cool. I lalala love it.

My coat is from Pull and Bear; I bought it with my Christmas money last year and it's super fab.

I'm getting chilly... We need a scarf now don't we?

This scarf is the definition of softness, and I love the way it has a bright pop of pink in the pattern. 

This scarf looks so nice when worn, but it's a tad itchy on my neck. I'll sort that out. Infinity scarves are very fashionable this A/W 13, so maybe get a better quality one that doesn't irritate your neck!

And now gloves!

Where did my scarf go??  haha

Gloves are the best thing, especially soft woolly ones. I only got both of these in Penneys for I think 1.50 euro! Barrrrrgaiiin,which is usual to find in that awesome shop.

Lip balms and hand/body creams are crucial this winter! Unless you live in California or Florida or Australia somewhere like that. Gosh; it's summer in Australia! Weird...

Anyway, the nicer the smell in the balm, the better.
And of course it has to be good quality, so the above are my top picks!

And that's all everyone! I hope you liked my winter must-haves. Now I'm off for a study weekend (ugh), talk to y'all at #tbloggers on Twitter tomorrow at 8!

What are your essentials for the colder weather?


  1. so cute photos! :)
    great must-haves ♥


  2. So pretty ! I love your hats xx

  3. I love the beanie
    Nice blog

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  4. Love the scarf, all perfect winter accessories

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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  5. I love your hat, it's so cute!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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