30 November 2013

❄ It's beginning to look a lot like... ❄

(My kitchen Christmas tree last year)


Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year...
Christmas trees, lights, carols, food, snow (possibly), family fun, swapping presents, sweet winter scents and, obviously, Christmas blogging!

So I will be doing a Christmas series that you are all able to participate in too! There are loads of these series like #blogmas and #bigblogmasproject going around but I wanted to do my own one because I will definitely won't be able to blog everyday... I'm a busy elf :P. 
So my blogging series will be called #ChristmasBloggers (so original) and if you would like to find out more information on it click here. It's open to all bloggers and only consists of posting once or twice a week! Trust me, it'll be fun :)

So I am getting so overly excited for the Christmas 
season coming up because...

1. The Late Late Toy Show was last night. In Ireland, after that show ends it ultimately begins to feel like the holidays.

2. The amount of Christmas theme videos on YouTube imitate me... Plus the Black Friday Hauls #jealous

3. My Christmas exams start on Monday  (I've been studying, don't you worry) and after them I am definitely going to start decorating my room and parts of my house. Weekend of complete doss, here I come!

4. I've began thinking of what to put on my wishlist... Hehe

5. All the girls in my form in school (eight in total, including me) decided to do Kris Kindle a.k.a Secret Santa and I will also be doing it with my neighbours (four girls). 

Christmas is so close I'm gonna dieeee....

I hope you enjoyed this little post!

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

  For Now, Jane xox


  1. Your tree is gorgeous but I bet it will be even better this year ;) I'd love to see a wishlist post :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Amazing post! ♥
    Uum I'm so excited for Christmas!!


  3. Excited for your xmas blogging!

  4. Aaah your Christmas tree is so pretty ! Can't wait for all the Christmas posts xx

  5. Wonderful christmas tree and i love the song so much <3

    Ina :*


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