01 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Collective Haul + OOTD #2: "Back to Black"

 Hello hello hello.
It's the 1 November which means we can finally look forward to Christmas!
Over Midterm I have bought a few bits and bobs for the Autumn/Winter time and I'm super excited to show you! The reason I have today's OOTD included is because all of the items in it are part of the haul (excluding the necklace, which I bought in the US).

And no, I was not going to a funeral today.

As a coincidence, most of the things I have bought are black, so I decided to collaborate the black clothes together to create a fashionable look, since black is in trend all year round, tbh. I hope I don't look too gothic (I doubt that since I'm wearing a floral headband in these photos)! Haha...

Let's get on with the haul!

Hairband and Jumper from Penneys/Primark:
Yesterday I was browsing around Penneys and I thought I should get another jumper/sweater for the upcoming colder weather and spotted this black one for a tenner. Black is such an easy colour to style with; it almost goes with everything! It's a great basic.
The hair accessories in Penneys are to die for, and I spotted this adorable floral one (more detail in first photo) that is incredibly suitable for the fall/winter time. I have a similar floral one that has brighter colours, but it's better for the warmer season. So I had to get my hands on this beauty!

Jeans from Bershka:
Bershka is such a fab shop for jeans! They are so comfortable. 
I don't have any black pairs so yesterday I saw these and tried them on and fell in love! They have super cool gold zips which I forgot to snap a photo of, silly me. Again, these can go with anything and are such a handy colour of jeans to have.

Fake Doc Martens from Dunnes
I was in Dunnes Stores with my mum and sister just doing a random shop when suddenly... BA-BAM! These hotties caught the eye of my sister. She bought a pair too along with a gorgeous leather jacket. I really needed them; I don't have any pairs of shoes like these (my shoe wardrobe mainly consist of Uggs and Converse)! They're so stylish and can add some 
rocker chic to any outfit!

Click here to see my dripping blood nails in more detail!

Denim style crop top from Bershka
Yes! Something not black!
My sister picked this out for me while I was in the dressing room in Bershka and it really suited me in my opinion. I love it so much! I can't wait to show it to you on me in a future outfit.

Woolly Warmers from Penneys/Primark
Ireland is a chilly country in winter (usually) so of course I need these!
The hat is the cutest thing, isn't it? Can't wait to wear it...
The gloves are a perfect fit and are so cosy, as well as the snood/infinity scarf. Get colder already Ireland!!!

Candle from Penneys in 'Mulberry Spice' (I think)
This smells delicious to me, although it's not a scent everyone will love.
It's so winter-y and autumnal (as everything is in this haul). I will have to get a little container for it; perhaps a Christmas one? Maybe it's too early. I'll see.

So...? For Me Body Fragrance
This scent is so for me...
Haha, see what I did there? But it really is! It really smells like something I should spray on myself (that sounded odd). It's a very girly fragrance; perfect for a freshen up after P.E or the gym.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Wild
You should probably know by now that I am obsessed with Batiste.
I haven't finished my other dry shampoo yet but I decided to buy this one before it runs out because it is an AMAZING smell (a lot of scents in this post). I am terrible at explaining fragrances; it is hard, but this is just gorgeous. And as always, Batiste is brilliant for those days when you don't wash your hair or, again, after a sweaty workout at the gym. I advise you to get it if you don't like greasy hair...

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed this haul/OOTD but before you head off, I want you to tell you something... I went to the gym today!

Yes I know I'm not 16, but I went to a special teen supervised gym session in the local sports centre with my friends and it was super fun. Some of the cardio was difficult and tiring, but I tried my best!
It's on every Friday so I'll think I'll make it a regular thing...
Would you like to see a fitness post in the future? Tell me below!

Have you bought anything cool recently?


  1. I love your black jumper it's gorgeous and you're so pretty I'm jealous ! I think I'm going to have to drag my mam to Dunnes tomorrow to get doc boots :P the kids section ones used to be nice but now they look a bit tacky so ADULT SECTION HERE I COME

    1. Thanks but you're the pretty one! Haha yeah the Adult section is way better!! You should get the boots their awesome!! xx

  2. Batiste is the best! That necklace is so cute
    love victoriajanex

  3. Love this top! I have a real weakness for lace :)

    Claire x


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