10 October 2013

❤ September Favourites ❤

Hola chicas
I have finally succeeded in preparing and writing a proper favourites for once in a good while. Before this I had my Spring and Summer Favourites, but at last, here is my September Favourites!
Yaaaaaaay! I've changed it up a bit too, which is exciting.

So, how's school/life been for all of you? Tell me below! 
School's going alright. I'm getting a lot more class tests. I'm loving hockey at the moment. My friends are well, my family's good, my country's is grand. Life is fine.

Sorry, let's get on with this, so sit back, chill, and read.
It can't be that hard.


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Aussie Mega Shampoo
This is one of the first products of the well known range of Aussie that I've tried. I am very impressed by it.
It smells gorgeous, first off. It has Kangaroo Paw Flower extract and is a wonderful everyday cleanser. It has no build-up, which is a plus. It makes my hair feel bouncy and fresh, and it's such a relaxing soothing formula when I rub it into my hair in the shower. #Heaven

Simple Refreshing Face Wash
I've had this for aaaaagggggeeesssss. It just lasts and lasts.
I love this because it is what it is, refreshing, and it's nice in the morning especially when I splash my tired face with cold water. Ahhhh.
It's brill since it's kind to skin; 100% soap free, no perfume or colour and contains 1 or two vital vitamins. Win-win.

EOS lip balm
These are raved about in the US and annoyingly aren't sold in Ireland (yet...). I was lucky to grab one from a pharmacy this summer when I went to Florida, and it's pretty good, espesh the adorbs packaging! I picked the 'Sweet Mint' one and it's so smooth and moisturising. Plus, it gives the illusion of fresh breath! I love mint so a mint lip balm is a dream come true. I love to use this in school a lot (as you saw in my What's in my Schoolbag). It's a fabulous product, but not as brilliant as the rulers of all balms Vaseline and Baby Lips.

Benetint by Benefit
I've mentioned this multiple times before, because of one reason; it's terrific! A stain for your lips and cheek is perfect for when you're in a rush on a school morning to give you a quick flush of colour and popping lips. This is a great all rounder.
Frustratingly the writing has rubbed off the bottle, but it is Benetint, pinky promise!

Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Pure Daydream
I have talked about this in my last favourites, I know, but it's such a gorgeous scent! It was my 'summer fragrance', but I love using it now too as it reminds me about it a little, which is nice in Autumn. I'm spraying this non-stop!

Max factor mascara
As you saw in my School Make Up post, I included this mascara. It's eye brightening with a blue hint of colour that adds emphasis to my eyes. As I said, it's just right for 'I stayed up all night studying' peepers!


Abercrombie Tracksuit bottoms
These are the comfiest things ever!
I got them in A&F in America because they were on sale and were too hard to resist. I have two other tracksuit bottoms (both Hollister) but these are my favourite at the moment! So practical and cosy!

Forever 21 jacket 
You saw in my Dublin Fashion Festival Haul that I bought this jacket from Forever 21. I've been wearing it tonnes! It's so cool and compliments many outfits, including my red Hollister top I'm wearing above. I love the way it has two textures; double stylish!


Mini Chocolate Digestives
Oh my lawdy.
If you love Chocolate Digestoves then you need these! It's basically a pack of miniature versions of the bisuit; so delicious! And it is perfect for school. These are so tasty!


Roar by Katy Perry
Katy Perry is one of my many idols, and I was waiting ages for her to come out with a new song; over a year after Wide Awake! Anyway, this song is fabulous. It's catchy tune and powerful lyrics make me feel uber happy when listening. It's all about girl power, and getting back up when you fall down (i.e to never give up)! ROOOOOOOOAAAAARRRR!
(Got overboard there)

Wake Me Up by Avicci (in English and Irish!)
Firstly, the English version is brilliant. I love disco-DJ type songs with heavy beats; there's so many to love! This one is brilliant for a party; it's stuck in my head.
But... I almost prefer the Irish cover by Lurgan. I was listening to it non-stop. Is aoibhinn liom an amhran (I love the song)!
Irish is Ireland's native language, and is a beautiful language! There are many summer schools that teach Irish, and this camp Colaiste (col-awsh-ta, which is Irish for college) Lurgan did an Irish cover to Wake Me Up. It's brilliant! An amazing modern twist to Irish trad music. It looks like they're having fun too. Plus, 2 million views??? Haaaalllllaaaa...

Applause by Lady Gaga
This song is odd, like the lady herself, but is terrific to my ears! Definitely not everyone's cup of tea; nothing is really! I think this ensemble is a magnificent come back for Lady Gaga. A little bit of applause to her of course...



KISS Magazine (October Issue)
I have put this magazine in every issue just for one reason; it's freakin' awesome!
Packed with autumn fashion and beauty (what not to love?) and many celebrities, including Jenette and Ariana, two of my favourite Nickelodeon actresses! I can't wait for Sam and Cat to release on Nick; it looks so good! This Irish teen magazine is too die for...

The Mortal Instruments Book Two: City of Ashes
The sequel to the fantasy (soon to be) phenomenon is just as good as I predicted! This series is full of twits and turns and you'll fall in love with the characters (JACE :D). I recommend this book strongly to young adults; it's magic. I'm on Book Three now. :)

Websites etc...


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Geek Chic Notes
Phoebe is so good at make up and advice on numerous topics! She's so pretty and her posts are very regular, which is great as she keeps you interested! Go follow her; her blog is super!

All About Me Amazing Alex
Alex is so open about her feelings and is easy to relate to. She posts her Journal every day which is really fun to read! She also does OOTDs and Beauty reviews and much more! She's amazing (hence the name)...


So this is actually my real life friend Sophie! She started making videos recently, and I've been loving them. It'd be great if you subscribed to her! It'd make her day...

Another Irish youtuber, I know. But this one is hard to resist! Alicia is so good at make up and editing videos and she's such a lovely person (on the web, to begin with...) She's just such a good Beauty Guru!


I got my Tumblr page almost a year ago, but now I've gotten back on track with re-blogging and tumblring... I'm now an addict! I think I've gone from 5 to 25 followers in the space of a month... That's how much I've been using it! I'd love if you checked out my page Strawberry Sins to find some sugary goodness. I love to mainly reblog stuff that I think is funny, pretty or that means something to me. 

I've also been re-pinning a lot recently! Pinterest just as amazing as Tumblr and you can find just as much inspiration. I have lots of boards on my Pinterest, from the usual stuff like Beauty, Fashion and Funny pins to the Mortal Instruments and The Fault in our Stars to my celeb idols! Click here to be directed to the page and remember to join in with me in my re-pinning by following!

So that's it girlies/guy-ies!

I hope you enjoyed this post on what I've been loving this September. I wish you all a happy October. Halloween is coming... ooooooohhhh. Expect some Halloween tutorials and fashion posts here soon! 

It's Friday tomorrow; YAYYY


  1. Great favourites! I love that sweater - and that Katy Perry song!

  2. Love all your favourites <3 I think I need to start buying KISS again - Haven't bought it since June ! You're so pretty can I have a lend of your face please :P xx

    1. Yeah sure! Jk, and thanks!! :) You should get KISS it's really good :)xx

  3. Love your favourites ...Ketty perry song if my fav also. just started to follow you

  4. Thank you so much! I absolutely love your blog as well. I really appreciate it this, it means a lot to me! xoxo :)

  5. Omg thank you so much for mentioning me! That has made my day :) xxxx

  6. Great post, that's a lot of favourites! :)
    I've tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award! Check out your questions on my blog post here: http://thriftoclock.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/liebster-blog-award.html :)


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