04 October 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser in Protect & Glow for Normal Skin


Hey guys! Before I start off, Dorky, Fizzy and Quirky Stuff didn't make it to the final of the Blog Awards Ireland :( but I don't mind too much; it's still an honour to have been short listed by the judges! Hard luck to all the other amazing blogs who also didn't get through (but should have) and another HUGE 
congrats to Rachel for making it! You go girl! Also, Congratulations to all other finalist blogs!!!

This is NOT a sponsored post! I bought this moisturiser with my own money!

I bought this much-appreciated moisturiser a few weeks back since I ran out. I've always wanted to try it! I got it for normal skin, but there are also ones for oily and dry skin too.
I think it's clever they have this moisturiser for different complexions... That's the first thing I liked about it. Also, the packaging is appealing, which is a plus. SPF20? Yes please (even in Winter)!
Let's see if this worth the dosh...

As you can see there the moisturiser is supposed to have the following benefits:
~ 24 our hydration
~ Ultra light, oil free formula
~ Quick to absorb
~ Illuminates dull skin
~ Soft silky and radiant complexion
~ Protects skin with SPF20

Does it do ALL of that?

I love this!
Before I had the Benefit Triple Emulsion moistuiser and I adored  that (Benefit never fails), but this is just as good! I swear!

It is very light and does absorb quickly and is very radiant. I feel more awake looking with it applied. It's very moisturising (usual for a moisturiser I suppose) but not for 24 hours! If it does hydrate for that long, I just don't notice anywho.
It hasn't broken me out (yet... touchwood) but not many products have in the past (I'm pretty lucky)! I've seen reviews of the other moisturisers and some of them weren't fab... But this 'texture' is honestly great! If you have normal skin (sounds a bit mean doesn't it?) try it out!!!
I got it for I think 8 euro. Pretty good... Simple are cheaper, but this is a bargain for what it's worth!

Other news!
I got glasses a few weeks ago.
No I'm not wearing them 24/7; only for class when I can't see the board.
I'm short sighted, like my sister and Dad!
I thought I'd show you guys as a bit of personal news.

Farewell! Hope you enjoyed xx


  1. I love this moisturiser! I got it for £3.99 so I knew I HAD to have it!

  2. I have the Goodbye Dry one (in Penneys for €4) and it's so good too! Love your glasses, we're both shortsighted haha! Great post :) x

    1. thanks, yeah they are great xx 4 euro!!! Damn.... :(

  3. Aargh I've just re-bought the Simple moisturiser I think I'll have to buy this next time haha ttyl at the tbloggers chat :D (or emails.) xx

    1. Hehe already talked to you xx yeah you need to buy it!!

  4. Jane, your blog is soo cute- just followed you!! If you're interested I'd love it if you could follow me too! Can't wait to see more :)



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