28 October 2013

Dorkiness, Fizziness and Quirkiness #1: A Halloween Sleepover with my Friends!

Me and Caroline :)

Hey girlies... It's mid-term!

I decided to start a new series called 'Dorkiness, Fizziness and Quirkiness' which is going to replace 'Jane's Diary'. Basically every month I'm going to ramble about something that happened to me recently. Today I'm going to write about a brilliant sleepover I went to on Saturday 
with my six best friends.

They are such amazing girls and are so nice (also they're all future models). I told them about my blog and asked them if it was okay if I took pictures with them and uploaded them, and four agreed. It's so exciting! I love it when I share more of my personal life with you guys. I hope you enjoy.

At the sleepover we all dressed up Halloween style and put make up on. Of course I had to be a cat with my pretty hairband from Penneys. I simply drew very symmetrical (sarcasm) whiskers with my liquid eyeliner and dabbed on a nose and little dots. You are not a cat without a cat eye flick, so obvs I did that. My sister curled my hair before I went.

Cat Ears: Penneys
Top: Bershka
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Bershka
Tights: M&S 
Boots: UGG

Mia prepping for her close up
Me and Mia :P

Me and Katherine ;)
The Two Janes :D

Caroline and the Other Jane (hehe)

Mia, Me and Katherine
One of the girls (no picture of her here) put together Halloween punch which was delicious! I'm not sure if I'm allowed share the recipe; it might be 'secret', but let's just say we drank lots of it and it was easy to make!

So after we messed around for some time (failing at music videos and playing Truth or Dare, you get the gist of it) we settled down to watch The Perks of being a Wallflower. 
Eh, why not a scary movie? Some of us are chickens. 

We ate tons of sweets and popcorn while getting incredibly confused with the story-line and bawling our eyes out at the end. I wasn't crying though, typical me. I have mixed feelings for that movie, but it was super good. 

After the film, we dressed into our pj's, ate more sweets and gossiped about the most random things, as girls do. We made a little camp in Jane's living room which was so comfy and cosy. 

We went to sleep at probably two or three in the morning. 
And I am still tired from it.

The next morning we got dressed and walked to the village before we went home. We got ice cream in an adorable little shop. I got two scoops of vanilla. It was yummy.

Us on our morning stroll | Me, Mia and Katherine's ice creams

So I hope you all liked this life post; I don't want to post beauty and fashion stuff all the time (although I did include a little at the top, it's hard to not type about). I'll talk to y'all soon! I'm off to watch Mulan 2 with my sister; we watched the first one last night, and it was unexpectedly hilarious.

Pssst! Before I go, I need to do a shout-out to my awesome friends! Mia, Jane, Caroline, Katherine and the two other girls; you're all fabulous! Thanks for the overly-fun sleepover. I'll see some of you on Wednesday for hockey training ;)

My Favourite song from the Sleepover (thanks to one of the girls)




  1. You are so lovely!! :)


  2. Haha sounds like the sorta thing me and my friends would do at a sleepover :D

  3. Love this post ! You and all your friends are so pretty I love your cat makeup and outfit xx

  4. Lovely post Hun! Looks like you all had a blast at the sleepover :) xx

  5. Looks like you had so much fun! I wish i had 6 best friends haha
    love victoriajanex

  6. I was a cat for Halloween too!! You look gorgeous :)


  7. Great post and pretty blog! Just noticed how we both have quirky in our names! Pretty random find but hey! :)

    That Quirky Panda


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