13 September 2013

Dublin Fashion Festival 2013! OOTD + Mini Haul

Hey guys!
I joined in the fashion festival hype last Saturday (7th September) by going to Jervis Shopping Centre (near Henry Street). I missed the fashion show on Henry Street that morning annoyingly because I was playing a hockey match...

I had a great time! There wasn't as much things going on as I hoped there would be, but it was still fun!

Here's the outfit I wore:

Jumper: Hollister
Scarf: Hollister
Top: you guessed it; Hollister

AAH So much damn Hollister!!!

Jeans: Bershka (phew)
Boots: UGG Australia
Bag: Kipling

Eyeliner: Rimmel 
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake

Mum and I took the bus into city center and as soon as we walked into the shopping center, we saw a big camera and a photographer taking photos of other girls. 
We asked the photographer what it was about, and apparently there was a competition and if you took a photo with him, he would upload it to the Jervis SC Facebook and whoever gets the most likes or something wins 250 euro shopping spree.

That competition is probably over now... I don't think I won. :/

So that's moi posing above!

Anywho, my Mum and I browsed around Forever 21, New Look, Topshop and Boots. I only got stuff from Forever 21 and Boots, which I'll show to you in a jiffy.

Then, at around 4:30 in the afternoon, we went to the ground floor of the shopping centre to view a Style Workshop by Brendan Courtney (an Irish fashion designer and TV personality). 
Before it began, a lady gave out some goodie bags, and I 'luckily' grabbed one after a huge crowd circled around me! But wait till I show you how 'good' the gifts were later on..

The workshop was good. There were four models who came out twice each to showcase some Celebrity Style Steals (including Miley Cyrus and Khloe Kardashian) and some upcoming trends for A/W '13. Unfortunately take any note of them; I wouldn't be too worried about 'following the crowd', but I do remember he mentioned animal print. Guess I was fashionable with my Kipling bag, eh?

Afterwards, Mum and I began to leave the shopping centre, until we noticed two people nabbing a photo with Brendan. We thought we'd be a tad cheeky and get a picture too. We was so nice and friendly and didn't mind at all. Mum and I left giggling. :)

So overall, it wasn't as eventful as I hoped, but it was great, and I'd love to go next year to more popular workshops or shows!

On with le haul:

As I said, I got clothes from Forever 21 and something from Boots and a DFF goodie bag. I love the DFF bag itself (maybe not the goodies that you'll soon see); when I got hold of it I felt part of the festival!

The first thing I found at Forever 21 was this GORGEOUS leather jacket with 'sweatshirt material' sleeves and hood. I la la la love it! It's just so fabulous and comfortable, and somehow, to me, autumn-y.

I also got a dress that I would totally pair with tights and my black boots (not uggs) but to jazz it up, I'd maybe add my long heart necklace. I'd think of more ideas. This dress is super perf! Such a great fit on me :)

I got this from Boots. I'm running out of my moisturiser so I decided I should try out the Garnier one next since I've heard such great things about it! Expect a review soon, and maybe a skincare routine(???) What do you guys think?

And, ahem, here are the 'amazing' things I got in the goodie bag.
Oh dear.

Two L'oreal samples (so far not so bad)
A Tailoring Academy brochure (threw it out)
A 5 euro voucher for a taxi cab (threw it out)
Perfectil Skin, Hair and Nails vitamin tablets (eh, no thanks)
Special K (just plain odd)
I also got a face wipe (yes a face wipe) which SUCKED

And wait for it; a Compeed PLASTER???????


What were you thinking DFF?

The only worthy things in the bag were these two, obviously.
I haven't tried them yet though; hopefully they're good...

So that was all I got up to last Saturday at the DFF 2013 in Jervis Shopping Centre!

Talk to you all soon!


  1. Wish I could have gone, sounds quite cool! I'm too far from Dublin though *sigh*, weird goodie bag but I absolutely adore the dress and jacket! x


  2. How great! I absolutely love this outfit. Those pants are great.

  3. That looked like fun!! And your jacket is so cute!!


  4. You're so pretty I love your outfit (Espesh the jeans !!!) The goodie bag looks emm odd haha I'll have to go next year omigod :D btw congrats again on making the shortlist :D :D :D xx

    1. Thanks so much, congrats to you too!!! It's so exciting xox :)

  5. i love the way you're so honest and chatty on your blog :) it's really refreshing and lovely to read x

    1. Thanks a million! That comment made my day!! xx

  6. ah so jelly! :P I got a Garnier moisture match too (the green one) and so far I'm loving it! xx

    1. Yeah I loooooove the Garnier moisturiser!!!! Review coming soon...

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