12 August 2013

Teen Choice Awards 2013: My Favourite (and not-so Favourite) Outfits!

I've never done this kind of post before so I'm super thrilled!
I didn't watch the Awards last night because I don't have the channel down here in Connemara, and if we did I still wouldn't have been able to watch it since my Dad is a fan of the PGA (that's golf, if you're clueless) and was watching it and I was staying over at my Granny's holiday house anyway.
I wish I did watch it because I heard about Lea Michele's speech from Clevver TV. OMG! She is so brave to stand up and dedicate her award to the late Cory and she was crying but in a happy way! I'm so glad she had the gut to do that!!!
(BTW I liked her cute dress :P)
Anyway on with my fave (and not fave) outfits worn by some awesome celebs.
I really love Lucy Hale's outfit here. It's so simple, yet so classy! The crop top is to die for and the skirt I think works well with it; it completes the look with an end of summer vibe! The shoes are cute too; practical and easy to style.
Glee's Darren Cris looks snazzy as well! It's interesting that they're together!
Nina Dobrev's galaxy themed look is just so perfect on her! The Vampire Diaries alum is rocking the outfit with killer heels and a laidback pony. Way to go!
I really like Laura Marono's hairstyle! The curls are fab and the plaited fringe gives this blue dress a hint of girl power. The dress is weirdly designed but looks pretty good on this Disney chick! Plus, gold heels? Absolutely yes with this look.
I'm not loving Selena's dress. The colour isn't very nice, but the style suits Sel's body just right! She styled it with nude heels and straight hair which shows that she means bizz on the red... ahem... I mean blue, carpet. But the blue earring don't go incredibly well with this dress. Maybe go for a more appealing colour next time, Selena!
Hey, it's Bridget! I love her dress here; it's like a dress you'd see a girl wear to a disco or party, but much more nicer. The design on the dress is super eye-catching and different to others, since most celebs just concentrate on one colour in their outfits, but no not Bridget Mendler! I like the way she keeps her hair au natural, and the gold necklace and studded shoes add some rocker chic!
Wow. Bella Thorne's dress is so weird, but I think in a good way. Not sure about the sleeves though, and I think it would be nicer if the top half of the dress was blue too (it would compliment her hair). I like the way took a risk. She still kept it simple with plain black heels and a purse and beachy waves. Don't worry I still love ya Bella!
I hope you enjoyed this post! I thought it would be fun to do.
What was your favourite outfit at the TCA 2013?


  1. I didn't get to see the show either. But from what I've seen my favorite look is Troian Bellisario's. She looked great in her dress!


  2. I love Bella Thorne's dress ! Did you see Chloe Moretz's outfit ? I usually like her style of outfits but I didn't really take to her one last night xx

    1. Yeah it was quite odd!
      Bella's dress is nice, I just wasn't sure about a few things, everyone has different opinion!

  3. hey,
    you left a comment over on my blog.....


    and I thought I would reply on your post. I love this post and will be coming back to read more of your future posts. I will work on getting a GFC account very soon! Lea's speech was so sad, she is so brave to stand up in front of the world like that.
    ruby xox

    1. Yes I definitely agree about Lea! Thanks so much!
      xox :)


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