04 August 2013

Nails of the Moment (+Review): Coral Tips with Essie's 'Cute as a Button'

This is NOT a sponsored post! I bought the nail polish with my own money while on holidays, check out the haul here!

Thank goodness for a Nails post!
While in the US of A I purchased a nail polish that I wanted to buy for a while now: Essie! There has been huge beauty rambles and raves over this product and I wanted to see or not whether it's overrated or worth the money or not, so let's get into this review!

So I got the polish in 'Cute as a Button' for I think $8.00 which is about one dollar/euro (don't know which one to say) than the price in Ireland, so I thought 'what the heck?'. It is a coral pink and is close in colour to Sally Hansen's 'Kook-a-Mango' which I own also.

Sorry for the not so pretty background :/
My favourite part of the Essie lacquer is the pretty bottle, so simple yet so effective. In Business Studies, the packaging is quite important.
The nail polish is easy to apply, has quite a small brush and the liquid has a little bit of thickness. But you still have to use more than one coat as usual. As a topcoat I used an Essence clear polish which I got for my birthday, and that made the colour shine a lot more. So I do recommend using a topcoat with three layers of polish. It has chipped after two days but very VERY slightly, like, only the tips of my nails! It's a gorgeous colour, especially for the summertime.

So I think that Essie nail polishes are top-class; the collection is very wide with pretty pastels to bold unusual colours. In Ireland they are 9.99 euro each and I recommend you to buy at least one! They are worth the money and are not overrated! According to Leanne's review, the polishes are available in McCabes Pharmacy in Ireland and in most
pharmacies in America.
You must grab one, they're fab!

Do you have an Essie polish? If so, which colour?


  1. This nail color is so pretty!

    Unfortunately I don't have any Essie polish but I want to buy one:)


    1. Yeah it is, you should definitely buy one!!!

  2. That colours so pretty your photographs are so clear !!! xx

  3. Love that color. Perfect for the summer
    I have one essie color that I purchased recently called "my better half" it's a cute pink color. I love Essie polish! :)


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