18 August 2013

My Favourite Songs of 2013 (so far...)

Hey music lovers (or so I hope you like music...)
I mentioned back in June in my Spring Favourites post that I might do a Spring/Summer playlist 'soon'. Obviously that playlist never came 'soon' after. So I decided to do a post on some of my favourites songs and albums of 2013 so far today. Not all of these songs are new, I just have listened to these songs multiple times this year. And there are a few other songs that I like, but I'm not bothered to include them all.

Some of these songs you may know, some not, so have a fun time browsing!

Lastly, basically all the songs on:

Thanks for reading... or should I say listening!

Is your favourite song/album in this blog post?

For Now, Jane xox

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