26 August 2013

My Favourite School Make Up Look

Hey fizzy quirky Dorks!
I came home from Connemara on Friday night (unfortunately missed #tbloggers chat on Twitter... btw I got 200 followers on it :D) and I have been getting ready for school and I am SUPER excited! I can't wait to see all my friends, and I'm curious about my new timetable and if I have any new teachers. I love school, so don't judge me! I'm back tomorrow but I'm only in from noon to like 3; we'll be doing an 'Study Skills' day (basically we learn how to study :/) and we get our new timetable and planner (squee!) so it won't be extremely exciting but I just can't wait to see everyone.
I am super psyched to do my first Back To School post, woop woop! It's make up I would wear to school if I wasn't lazy... It's very natural since most schools in Ireland have a strict rule with no make up, so make it look like you're not wearing make up, that's the trick!
I hope you guys like this Back To School tutorial!
(P.S always apply moisturiser before make up, even if your
BB cream is moisturising!)

1. If you would like to wear eye shadow, pick the most neutral colours you have. I used my Benefit's Worlds Famous Neutrals palette. On the lids apply a cream shadow (it'll last all day). I used the colour R.S.V.P.

2. Next, as a highlighter (if you have pale skin; not sure if it'll work on different complexions!) use a light pink shadow and sweep underneath your brows on your brow bone. From the palette, I used the colour Pinky Swear.

3. Apply your favourite mascara. I used Max Factor Eye Brightening mascara, because it isn't too voluminous or clumpy, so my lashes look nice an natural. It also does brighten my eyes a little, perfect for 'I stayed up all night studying' eyes.

 4. If you're unlucky like me and have purple bags under your eyes, use concealer! It's a life saver. Sweep it in line with your dark circles and blend. BLEND! I like to use my finger for blending. If it's that horrible time of month, cover up those pimples with it too. I used Fake up by Benefit, which is only for under your eyes I think.

5. It's definitely not a must have, but try BB cream. BB cream is great for young skin since it's not as heavy. Garnier BB cream is lightweight and moisturising, but doesn't cover the skin as you might think it will. If you have Acne, go for a heavier BB cream , or if you have to foundation.

TOP TIP: BLEND! You do not want to experience the 'foundation line' drama in school, do you? Also you'd get in trouble if the teachers noticed. EEK! MORTO MOMO!

6. If you want, set your BB cream and concealer with a pressed powder and make it last. It will make your face more matte; an ESSENTIAL for oily skin! I used the Natural Collection powder.

Or, you can use a primer, like POREfessional, on top of your make up so it'll stay all day. Or under, if you prefer, but I like on top more; I feel like it hard to apply my concealer on top of the primer.

7. If you have fair skin, blusher is your best friend! It'll make you look healthier and happier going to school. I love Clarins Blush Prodige in Soft Peach. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, but don't apply too much; you don't literally want red apples on your cheeks!
If you have darker skin, go for bronzer!

8. And my finsiing touch, ladies and gentlemen, is a sheer, nude lipgloss, Sugarbomb by Benefit. Or you can use a lip balm, EOS or Baby Lips are epic. Or even go for classic Vaseline!

And that's it everybody!
I hope this might have helped you for ideas of make up for school.

Of course, if you're in a rush, you can skip a few steps, but here are my absolute must haves: moisturiser, concealer, mascara and lip balm!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a Get Ready with Me post for my first day of second year! Woohoo! And stay tuned for more Back to School posts throughout the week; since I won't have as much homework as usual, fingers crossed.

And if you're a first year, or are going to a new school, just SMILE! Be cheery and you will instantly draw people to you.

Remember, always blend and look natural (espesh if you're Irish)!

And here comes the cheesy Michelle Phan ending:
Good luck!


  1. I loved this! Espesh the ' I stayed up all night studying ' :D

  2. What a pretty make up look!! Love it and you looks so pretty :) Dont even need makeup!


  3. cute makeup! i like it :)


  4. Love this look its so pretty on you - We wear very similar makeup to school haha :D best of luck going back to school xx

    1. P.S I can't wait for your get ready with me post I'm obsessed with them I wish I had time to film one on Thursday morning ! :P

    2. Haha thanks so much, I'm not doing a video unfortunately, just photos...

      I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! Good luck to you tomorrow (I think you're back tomorrow? not sure)


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