09 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms

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This is NOT a sponsored post! I bought these lip balms with my own money while on holidays, check out the haul here!

From left to right: Pink Punch, Quenched and Peach Kiss

So I first heard about the American sensations Baby Lips from beauty gurus on YouTube and saw them all over beauty and fashion Instagrams maybe this time last year, and I was like 'Ooooh those look cute'. And when I first realised they weren't sold in Ireland, I was like 'Why Maybelline, whyyyyy???'
So obviously when I went Stateside, I visited Walgreen's a few times and picked up three. Yes! But then I come home and according to KISS magazine the balms are soon to come overseas to our little island. #Typical.
Anyway, I'm going to review these overly talked about lip balms today to tell you are they worth the hype or not? Read on, friend, read on...

Pink Punch

Peach Kiss

Applying Quenched (there's no colour; it's an SPF balm)
So Maybelline say that Baby Lips help renew and soften the lips in 1 week, but I'm not sure if they do. My lips are normally not that dry in the summer compared to winter anyway, so I suppose I'd have to see in the colder season. But oh my goodness, the lip balms hydrate and smooth my lips so nicely, and they smell SO good, especially Pink Punch. I love the tint Pink Punch and Peach Kiss give, and Quenched gives that protective feeling since it does have sunscreen. The packaging is adorable and I only got them for about $3 in the US. Such an amazing product! I don't think they moisturise my lips for a full 8 hours, but they do keep them hydrated for a long time.

So I think Baby Lips is coming to Ireland soon for only 3.99 euro which is epic! I'm going to collect them all when they come! But if you live somewhere else like America they are most likely already sold in many pharmacies along with Maybelline make up.

I recommend Baby Lips if you're looking for extremely low priced but good quality lip products. The are so worth the hype!!!

Do you have Baby Lips? Do you like them?


  1. They look so good and are so much cheaper than I expected ! I went into Boots today to have a look for them and the Fit Me foundation stick and they're not in yet :( xx

    1. Boo! I'd say it'd be another while... Maybe tweet @KISS_mag for deets?! They are amazing yes!! :)

  2. I love the colour Peach kiss gives - it's gorgeous! I need to try these out! Love your blog by the way - so cute!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

    1. Thanks so much! You do need to try them out! xox


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