14 August 2013

Garnier BB Cream

This is NOT a sponsored post! I received this BB cream as a Christmas present, check out the haul here!

This was my first ever (and only, at the mo) BB cream. My mum first had it, and I asked my mum if I could get it, and I got it from my sister at Christmas along with other makeup and things. I was thrilled! It's amazing I still haven't used it up since then; I mainly wear concealer only under my eyes, since if I wore the BB cream to school, I was afraid to have the so-called 'foundation lines'. So I've only mainly worn it on special occasions. Now I'm determined to try and wear it to school this coming term.
Anyway enough blabbering; it's time I show you my opinion of this
not so much hyped BB cream...

Garnier promises that this BB cream evens tone and boosts glow, blurs imperfections, smooth fine lines, hydrates the skin for 24hrs and protects the skin with SPF 15 (which I didn't know it had). It's named the Miracle Skin Perfector, so let's see if it actually does so...
As you can notice, my skin does not look very different after application; I'm only the tiniest (and I mean tiny) bit tanner. But, (oh yes, there's a but) it does make my complexion feel nice and smooth an look awake. It has a very sheer coverage, but does blur my small imperfections, so therefore I wouldn't recommend this to someone with acne. Since it is a  BB cream, it moisturises my skin for quite a while (maybe not a whole day) and does not feel heavy at all. I don't look overdone, which is a big plus.
I really like this BB cream. As I said, it's the only BB cream I have ever tried, so there are probably better ones out there, but I still really
like the Garnier one.
I recommend this product to girls who don't need too much coverage (so if it's that horrible spotty kind of month, don't go for this!). It's perfect for school as it's not too heavy, but still always blend well; you don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa (unless that's what you're aiming for :/).
Thanks for reading this review!
Do you have and like the Garnier BB cream?
Do you recommend any better  BB cream than this?


  1. Great post , quite funny as well! I used to love BB creams , but I have moved on to powder foundations. If I ever want another BB cream, im getting this one!

  2. I love that BB cream I've the sensitive one ! I find it gives a really good base for my concealer, etc. I was afraid I was going to have streaks and all too but I'M GOING TO BRAVE IT IN SEPTEMBER TO SCHOOL :D ! Great review ! xx

    1. Haha so am I! Let's be brave together!!!
      Thanks so much xox :)

  3. The cream sounds really nice and does look amazing! After all, i saw the difference! Plus, you are pretty with or without the cream! x :)

    1. OMG thank you! It is a very good cream xox


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