04 August 2013

Florida Fashion and Beauty Haul!

Have you read about my holiday? Click here!

 At last!
After 2 weeks I got time to do this.
I'm so non-productive.

I visited many malls and pharmacies (Walgreen's!) while in Florida of course and just had to buy a few things, and this is the result! Enjoy!

*I didn't write about the following beauty products (apart from the body mist) because I might do separate reviews on them, so stay tuned!*

Clockwise from top left:

Revlon Lip Butters in Tutti Frutti and Cupcake

Splat Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose

Covergirl Flamed Out Waterproof Mascara

Benefit's Fake Up Concealer in Light

EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Quenched

Essie nail polish in 'Cute as a Button'

I got a Victoria's Secret body spray! Woop woopp! Me and my sister actually got a set of five mini bottles and I took one, she took one and we kept the other three for our friends. This, Pure Daydream, was my favourite; its such a dreamy scent (haha see what I did there?)
The reason I don't have a picture right now is because I left it in my Mum's car and she went home for the weekend. Silly me!

I got two magazines while I was there, Seventeen and J-14. They're really good issues, especially Seventeen.

I bought a gorgeous long heart locket from Forever 21. Annoyingly I broke my teddy bear necklace from Penneys that I really loved, so I needed to update.

I got these amazingly cool Converse. I love polka dots, and these just shouted out 'buy me we're shoes that Jade from Little Mix would totally wear, we're cute and adorable!'

Nobody seems to like Crocs. I like them because I can wear them to the beach and not worry about getting them wet (I actually wear them into the water; they're so handy for summer!)
I had a pair of fake ones last year but they broke, and I wanted to get a new pair this year not just for the beach, but for maybe the pool or as slippers for the house.

From Hollister I got two great buys. There was a summer sale on and it was just a great opportunity  to get some things from there since it's a little bit dearer in Ireland. I got a wonderful chambray shirt with an embellished collar, which is a huge summer staple!
I finally, after months of searching, got a good white bandeau, I mean bralette, to wear underneath muscle tees or dresses. It's so pretty isn't it? I love lace.

In Abercrombie & Fitch, as the same thing goes, there was a sale there, and it was that perfect time to pick some things up. I got a blue and white jumper that is perfect to wear in any weather and team up with my heart necklace (above). I also got grey tracksuit bottoms from A&F, but I didn't bring them down to Connemara, so I'll show you another time.

In Aeropostale, I spotted another jumper (pink!) that is great to style the same way as the A&F jumper above. I like to wear a pink tank top underneath it that actually matches the jumper exactly!
The dress is so beautiful, so summery, so fresh. I love to wear it going out. I like to wear it with my new bralette and a navy cardigan, but I wouldn't overpower the pattern by adding jewellery like my heart necklace.

From G by Guess, I got these epic light washed, what you would think are denim jeans, but are actually extremely comfy trousers. I'm in love!

From American Eagle, I got two tops, one polo and one t-shirt. The polo I've worn a lot for golf (I play a lot of golf down in the West) and the t-shirt, well, I've worn on everyday situations!
I also got a pair of jeans from AE but didn't bring them here; I'm keeping them for (even) cooler weather.

I got a PINK cardigan!
I absolutely love this, it's so practical; it goes with lots of things and is just so cool.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed my haul!
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I'm thinking of doing a Back to School 'week' where I can show you my stationary hauls, advice, essentials etc. What do you think? Should I do it?


  1. Great stuff! I love the Baby Lips - they are absolutely fantastic.

  2. I have visited your blog many times now and I am following! :/

    Thanks :)

  3. OMIGOD JANE I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU AHHHH ! The lip butters and denim shirt look so pretty !!! xx

    1. Haha thanks! That's all my birthday money gone :( hehe xox

      I know I really recommend the lip butters and OMG the shirt was such a great buy!!! :)

  4. I love that nail polish color, I am a huge fan of essie products!



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