07 August 2013

Fake Up Concealer by Benefit

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This is NOT a sponsored post! I bought the concealer with my own money while on holidays, check out the haul here!

I've always wanted to get Fakeup ever since it came out! It looks so promising and is another concealer that is talked about loads by beauty bloggers. I bought it in Sephora for $24 and is it worth the cash? Read on...

The first thing I noticed is the AMAZINGLY sophisticated packaging; it is so cool! The concealer has three shades and is especially for dark circles. According to Benefit, the 'crease-control' cover up has a Vitamin E and apple-seed extract ring around the formula that supposedly keeps the under eye are hydrated for six hours.  As well as hydrating and hiding baggy eyes, it's supposed to diffuse fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. Does it actually do all of those things? Let's see...


I stroke the concealer underneath my eye and then blend it with my make up sponge. It's better to dab the concealer so it does not rub on to the sponge. The formula is creamy, but not hugely, and it's easy to blend and definitely hydrates my eyes, but maybe not for six hours! So it does hide my dark circles and makes me look more awake, but it does crease a tiny bit and rubs off after a few hours, even when skin is primed or powder is applied on top. So it's just a matter of re-applying I'd say!
It isn't a cakey concealer and looks pretty natural when worn. Its comfortable and smooth.
I love this concealer! It's my new beauty staple despite the minor flaws. I recommend it loads and it is worth the money! I'm not sure of the Irish price of this concealer, but it's around 25-35 euro. It's available in House of Fraser, Sephora, Arnotts and most other make up shops nationwide!


  1. Your eyes look so different with it on ! It sounds really good but I probably wouldn't be able to afford it oops :P oh well maybe Christmas ! xx

    1. Thanks! Yes it's pretty dear, but worth it! Christmas it shall be then... :)

  2. Really want to get this concelear but its quite expensive, great post :)xx

    1. Yeah it is quite dear... I wish Benefit was the price of Essence! It is soooo worth it though; amazing quality! xox

  3. Ahhh! You're so lucky! I really badly want to try it, it sounds amazing and everyone says its so moisturising :) love the post :) x


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