19 August 2013

Denim on Denim OOTD + my Month in Connemara

Shirt: Hollister

Trousers: G By Guess

Shoes: Converse

Bow: Claire's

Make Up:
Benefit Easiest Nudes Ever Eye palette
Rimmel Liquid Eye liner
Clarins blush prodige in Soft Peach

Hey guys!
I hope you liked my outfit above; I wore it a few weeks ago on a Sunday. Denim on denim is an upcoming autumn trend, which is still wearable during the summer season! Most of the items I wore I bought in Florida. My favourite is the shirt; I adore the embellished collar! It can turn any outfit from casual to formal.

Also in this post I am going to share with you the kind of things I do and did while staying in Connemara. I'm still here after about five weeks, and I'm going home sometime this week.

Myself and my family have our own house and we come down every summer, sometimes during mid-term holidays too. Before we never had Wi-Fi in our house down here, but now we do! I can now blog here, as I have been doing these past few weeks. I've done tons of make up reviews, but now I'm going to talk to you about my month here in Connemara.

It's incredible the amount of things you can do here. The scenery is beautiful, so photography is one idea. There is a photo competition in the local library, and the theme is wild flowers, so my granny and I one day went out on a trip together to find some pretty wild flowers and take photos for the competition. I am only allowed enter one photo, so:

Which photo of wild flowers above should I enter into the comp? You decide!
There's a town nearby which is nice to stroll around. The shops are only okay, not like the ones in American malls or anything! On a rainy day, which is quite often, we like to pop in there. There's a cinema too! I went to see Monsters University with my cousins recently, and it
was so cute and funny!

There's a golf club really close to my house, and all of us in the family play! Except I'm not a serious player, if you know what I mean. I've been out a few times with my fam to play 6 or 9 holes, which is good craic. I hope to play more in the future; golf is so much fun!

Also, there are a ton of beaches in Connemara, since it is on the coast. There is one right outside my house, that has very calm waves, almost no waves at all. It's great for speedboats and kayaking. We have a kayak that we bring down to the beach, but unfortunately haven't used it a lot this year. I might use it soon in these last few days.

So while the beach is fun, there is a pier at the end of the road my house is on, and when the tide is high, what better time then to jump off it! Might sound mad to you, but it's really fun! It's the easy way to get into the (madly, extremely freezing) water. I had a blast and was with my sister a few friends and we swam around the pier a few times. Pier jumping is one of my favourite things to do here!
Two thumbs up for pier jumping!
Also every year there is a cycle called the Tour De Bog, and it was my third time this year doing it, well, maybe, less than half it! The whole thing is 35km; how on earth could I do it all when I'm wrecked after 15km? My brother did all of the race and he came like 11th, which was brilliant.
We've been cycling a lot otherwise; it's a great activity. It's very relaxing (unless you're cycling up a steep hill while panting) and enjoyable.
All my cousins and friends come and go while we're staying here, so we hang out with them and all some days and nights. We might go out for dinner in the town with them or chill at the house with a game of Blackjack. All of our cousins have gone home, but a family are still down that we're super friendly with and we went pier jumping with them today. Those photos above are from that jumping session, btw.
So those were a few things we like to do, and have been doing, while down here in Connemara, one of my favourite places in the world. It's just so damn fun here!
I hope you enjoyed my fashion/lifestyle post!
Remember to let me know which flower photo I should enter into the competition!!


  1. super cute outfit!! and I have the same exact bow from Claire's!!! :D haha
    xx janice
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  2. You're so pretty I love your outfit !!! Connemara looks lovely the west of Ireland is so rural <3 I think you should enter the third photo (the one of the sky.) xx

    1. Thanks so much! Yes the west of Ireland is so pretty, thanks xxx

  3. Blue really suits you! Enter the third pic :) xx

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  5. I have that hair bow too!! Also, I love your outfit xx

  6. really cute outfit and beautiful pictures!

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  7. Love the jacket! I must get one for autumn! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Looks so amazing!! I love your shoes!! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog :) xx

  9. I really like the denim on denim look you styled and the pictures are beautiful!



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