31 July 2013

My Trip to Florida

 It's about time isn't it?
I really loved this year's holiday, I enjoyed every second of it (apart from my mosquito bites, which will be coming up..) And I'd love to thank my parents for bringing us on such a fantastic trip and I'm so grateful!

Day 1
So on the morning of July 1st, my family and I made our way to the airport in a taxi. We had a quick flight to London, where we will be switching flights to go to Miami. The entire journey took a full day, and we finally arrived in our rented car at the Grand Beach Hotel on Miami Beach that evening, since the time in Florida is behind by five hours. I was a little jetlagged!
We went to the same hotel last year when we went to Miami, and it was still just as nice.
At the hotel we had a room service of pizza and we made our way to bed after a not so exciting day.
Day 2
My dad's birthday  :)
The next day we decided to go to Dolphin Mall (a haul will be coming soon). We bought my Dad a few goodies, so he was pretty happy with them.
That night we went to a really cool restaurant which presented the food in the most bizarre ways! We had a giant candyfloss dessert that we all shared but didn't finish.
Day 3
The hotel has two pools and is right next to the beach, so on the third day we chilled out and sunbathed and went swimming in the sea and the pool. Don't worry, I was caked in water resistant SPF30!
We took a walk that evening on South Beach to absorb in the atmosphere. It was pretty cool, and a picture of the outfit I wore (one of the only ones I took a picture of) is down below.
We went to Lincoln Road after and went to a yummy Sushi bar where I had Chicken Teriyaki. Mmm Mmm!

(this * means the piece of clothing is second-hand, or basically, a hand me down from my sister)
Top: Topshop
Shorts: H&M*
Sunglasses: Marks and Spencers

Day 4
Fourth of July!
We did a duck tour today, which was very fun and interesting.
In the afternoon, we went to the pool again and relaxed.
Of course, that night we went to see the fireworks on South Beach, and we went to a nice restaurant before the ceremony. And guess what? It started lashing rain after the fireworks, so we had to move inside!

The Duck Tour Bus
The fireworks!

Day 5
Today we visited a relative who lives in Miami and we went to where he lives and took a tour of the place. After, we went to Aventura Mall and did a bit more shopping. We went to Hollister and A&F and a few others, which had BIG summer sales. For dinner we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, which was yum.

Day 6
Today, on the way to Cocoa Beach, we stopped at Sawgrass Mill's, which consisted of even more shopping! We drove to Cocoa Beach and we were staying in the Four Points right next to the beach, which had incredibly soft sand!
We had dinner in the Four Points that night, and had a late night swim in the tiny pool.

Day 7
Today we went to Kennedy Space Centre, which was quite amazing. We got a tour of the launch pads and looked around Atlantis and its exhibitions. It was cool!
When we came back, we rented body boards from the local surf shop and went to the beach. The waves were pretty rough, so after a while I got out. We all went back to the hotel and ventured out to a Japanese tapanyaki for dinner that night, which was pretty odd I'll say!

Atlantis at Kennedy Space Centre

Day 8
This was the day I was looking forward to the most; we finally drove out to Orlando, and we were off to stay in a lovely-looking hotel on the site of Universal Orlando, my favourite theme park(s)!
We stayed in the Portofino Bay, which was by far the coolest hotel!
The evening we arrived there, Mum stayed at the pool while the rest of us hopped on a boat ride to Universal Studios. We went to Islands of Adventure last year, so I was excited to visit the other park! I've been to it before, but there were new rides there like Rip Ride RockIt,, Transformers and Despicable Me. My favourite ride was the Mummy!
I advise if you ever go there, get Express Passes! It's so worth it!

I've joined the Simpsons show! Or have I?

Top: Bershka
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Crocs

Day 9
Today we got up early to go to the Harry Potter ride in Islands of Adventure, because hotel residents were allowed to enter the park an hour early. The ride has a no Express queue which sucked, so we had to wait half an hour.
The best world in Islands of Adventure is Superhero land, which is the home of the best roller-coaster in the world (ahem... in my opinion) the Hulk.
That afternoon we went swimming in the pool, which had a really fun slide.
In the evening, we went to Universal again and went to Bubba Gumps for dinner. We had a lot of shrimp that night!

Hangin' with my pal Andrew Garfield... ahem... I mean Spiderman

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Marks and Spencers

Day 10
On the tenth day, we went to both parks again and swam in the pool.  My sister, brother and I divided our money to get the Elder wand! It's slick. Really slick.

Myself outside Hogwarts... it's not as big as it looks :)

Crop Top: Bershka
Shorts: Forever 21

Chillin' at the Portofino
Day 11
July 11th arrived and we travelled in our car to our next destination: Tampa (well outside of Tampa). When we settled down at the Residence Inn in St. Petersburg, four of us (Mum chickened out :P) went on a Segway tour, which was amazingly fun! Segways are really easy to ride and the tour was so good, except the MOSQUITOS! We stupidly forgot to apply insect repellent, since we hardly encountered the stupid insects before on the holiday, so we spent most of the tour swatting our legs to get rid of them. That wasn't enough,

Day 12
We went to Busch Gardens the night after the mosquito attack, and O-M-G my legs were COVERED in bites. I got some on my back and arms as well and I was trying so hard not to scratch (which, of course, I failed to do) and as soon as we got to the Busch Gardens theme park, we went to the First-Aid. My brother, sister and Dad got bites too, but not as many as me! My sister and I took Benadryl (we were the worst), and on we went to enjoy the theme park. Or did we?
So of course a tropical storm had to come while we were at the park, literally all of the rides were outdoors! So many times we were at the front of the queue and an announcement would come on: "Due to the inclement weather, this ride has now been suspended"! That was the only downer. The roller-coasters were really good , especially Cheetah Hunt. The rides that we didn't et to go on was Sheikra, Gwazi and all the water rides (we didn't really want to go on the water rides anyway!)

(Photo not mine: belongs to Busch Gardens website)

Day 13
We were able to enter Busch Gardens again, so we decided to go so we could go on the rides we missed (except the wet ones). Sheikra was really good but Gwazi, wow, it was so weird!
That evening, we went swimming at the beach which was next to the hotel, and went out for dinner. My mosquito were still killing me alright! We tried everything; Cortisone, Benadryl and even toothpaste. Toothpaste really works!

Day 14
 Today we went to a baseball game, Tampa Bay Rays vs. Houston Astros. The Bay Rays won, and after the game there was performance from Carly Rae Jepsen! She was really good, and sported some Converse and red hair. We missed it, but before the game Carly did her first ever pitch (bowl) with one of the Tampa players, and it was terrible! Take a look:
After we made our way to the final destination of the holiday Naples. We stayed in the Bella Sera hotel.

Day 15
We went to another shopping mall today. We went swimming in the pool in the afternoon and went to a yummy restaurant on (Naple's) Fifth avenue!

Day 16
Our last full day in Florida! We went to the beach for a while, and the stay didn't last very long, because a shower came to visit! Luckily we were shading ourselves at a tiki bar, where myself and my family drank some cool drinks. The portions of beverages and meals are SO large in the US!
That evening we played a game of mini golf. My sister won, annoyingly, but I got two hole in ones! Woop woop!
We went to a Persian restaurant, and it was scrumptious! A weird but delightful way to end the holiday.

Day 17
We travelled from Naples to Miami to hop on a flight to London and then a journey to Dublin airport. I was glad to be home, but missed Florida to bits. We arrived back home in the middle of the heatwave, so we didn't miss it! We did get loads of sun in the States.

My mosquito bites have disappeared, BTW. I was so unlucky, and I'm going to have to cake myself in insect repellent next time I go somewhere with mosquitos!

I hope you guys liked this post, sorry I didn't take more photos...
I hope you guys have an awesome last month of summer, and I will be posting a haul very soon!

Have you been to Florida before? If so what parts?

09 July 2013

Guest Post: Summer and Swings (by Grace // daintysprinkles.)

Hi everyone,

It's Grace here from Dainty Sprinkles and you's have probably figured out by now that Jane's away at the moment I don't know when she's back but I'm here today to fill in for her. I was suppose to do this on Sunday but I've been very busy so sorry for keeping you's waiting. 

Today I'm showing you's one of the outfits out of my girly summer lookbook you can read the blogpost here or watch the video here

This is quite a girly outfit and I thought of the Fourth of July when I put it together. I'm wearing this beautiful cute collared dress from Dunnes and a red tee from Penneys over it. The top was quite low cut and long so I wore it back to front and rolled it up and tied it at the back with a bobbin. I love the detail of the pattern on this dress so much.

This would be an ideal outfit for a family occasion for example if you were going out for dinner with your immediate family or going to a special occasion like a Communion, Wedding or 21st or 40th, etc. birthday celebration. My personal style is quite girly so I'd wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere like hanging out with my friends or going food shopping with my family hahh. 

I hope you's enjoyed this blogpost and that you're enjoying the amazing weather too ! Thanks Jane for letting me writing a blogpost here, I'm so sorry it's late oops ! 

Have a brilliant week and I hope to see some of you's over at my blog !

Grace x

03 July 2013

Guest Post: Glamorous Hollywood Vintage Look by Kate!

Hey Huns! Kate here from The Fashion Chain!
So thanks to Jane who gave me the opportunity to do this post. This is a post from April and I hope this gives you a good idea of what my blog is like. I hope you enjoy!

This post is inspired by Hollywood icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. They are iconic for bright red lips and winged eyeliner. So here's my go at trying to look as good as those Hollywood beauts! So what I did was sweep light pink blush across the cheeks to give your cheeks a defined look. Then, the winged eyeliner (which is blurred in the picture - oops) Followed by the iconic red lipstick. 


Kate xx