27 June 2013

☼ Spring / Summer Lookbook Challenge Complete! Overview Days 1 - 10 and Trend Tricks 1 - 9 ☼

Yes I wish I did more outfits but some days I wasn't really wearing the nicest clothes due to hockey and golf camps... I think I've done enough! I hope you liked my Lookbook and that it has given you an idea of my Spring / Summer style (a.k.a mixture of cute, casual and chic)!

Below are all eleven outfits from the Lookbook Challenge and if you would like to see them in further detail, click the photos.

 I think my Trend Tricks did alright as well.
I found it enjoyable looking at celebrities make up and coming up with a certain trend to suit it. Most of the trends in the posts are actually linked to what I'm wearing in that post's OOTD, so you can look out for that.
Below is the list of the tricks I posted, and if you're interested in any of them, just click the links. :)

(Inspired by Taylor Swift)

(Inspired by Lauren Conrad)

(Inspired by Katy Perry)

(Inspired by Miley Cyrus)

(Inspired by, um, well... the Rainbow!)

(Inspired by Little Mix's Body Confidence)

(Inspired by Selena Gomez)

(Inspired by many, like Ariana Grande and Bethany Mota)

(Inspired by Kendall Jenner)

Thanks Guys!

Remember to nominate me in the awards above and also tell me 
if you would like to guest post please!

For Now, Jane xox


  1. Nice post! I love your style :D Love you blog ; following

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  2. I love your lookbook, it's so cute! Congrats on 100 followers! :)

  3. I love the skirt in the last picture!
    Thanks for the recent comment on my blog, it would mean alot if you could follow me, I love your blog; I'm following it!
    Chloe Xx

    1. It's a dress actually... but thank you very much! I did follow you and I know this sounds rude, but you didn't follow me... Can you please follow?
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    2. I did, I'm just having internet problems, so actually I did follow you

  4. Great post! I love the 'YEAH' shirt, I like the comic book effect on clothing! I'd love if you could take part in my 20 day blogger challenge http://pamthemad.blogspot.ie/2013/06/20-day-blog-challenge-my-own-version.html

    1. Thank you, It looks great! I'll definitely do it soon! xox

  5. Your outfits are so cute. :) I really like your blue/green shorts! They are super cute. Congrats on 100 followers!! xo



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