17 June 2013

☼ Spring / Summer Lookbook Challenge Day 9 + Trend Trick #9 ☼

Jacket: Bershka

Top: Hollister

Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Local Shoe Shop

Necklace: Penney's

Natural Beauty
☼ Less is more this Summer! ☼ 

See Kendall above? She is wearing make up, but it looks so natural and air brushed it nearly looks like she's not wearing any at all! And this summer, wearing a minimum amount of make up is so in. Especially since people go to the beach or pool on hot summer days (unlike here in Ireland, which sucks) and they could be sweating and would feel more comfortable wearing small amount of make up. 

If you could no make up at all, that's fab! It's way easier than fretting about mascara and foundation when dipping into the sea, but if you'd like to wear a little bit of make up this summer, here are my top four essentials:

Moisturiser with at least SPF10
This should go without saying, but this is super important all year round, especially in the summer. I use Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion but if you'd prefer a drugstore moisturiser, Simple has a great moisturiser with SPF10. And Johnson's Day Cream has SPF15. Although I haven't tried it, Garnier's Protect and Glow Moisturiser for Normal Skin is supposed to be good, and I'd love to try it in the future.
Concealer (preferably a stick)
Concealers are super handy for summer. They cover up every blemish and dark eyes without having to use foundation. Of course, you can wear a lightweight foundation or BB cream, but I prefer concealer as it is less hassle. It gives a more natural look, which is what we're looking for. If you're concealer doesn't tend to stay on warm days or in the pool, try some pressed powder to set it and mattify the look. I use Rimmel's Hide the Blemish Concealer.

Waterproof Mascara
Who doesn't want gorgeous lashes this Summer? And mascara that won't come off in water would be brill, so try a waterproof mascara. Maybelline's Rocket Mascara in Waterproof is perfect as it gives great volume while it stays on when you're jumping in the pool or sea. I only have the original version, but I'm sure the waterproof is just as good. 

Lips Stains or Tinted Lip Balms
I love a good lip colour, and there's nothing I like more than bright lips in summer. Try to go for lip stains or balms more, as they tend to stay on. Take Maybelline's Baby Lips (which I wish would come to Ireland) have super cute colours, plus they moisturise and protect the lips as well. I've heard that Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain stays on for very long. Benefit's benetint's (which I've mentioned numerous times in my Trend Trick posts) red stain stays on the lips forever (of course until you wipe it of with a make up wipe) and is also wonderful to use for cheeks. 

With those four essentials, you'll be a natural beauty goddess! 

Song of the Day
Can't Hold Us, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


  1. I can highly recommend the garnier moisture match cream. I did a test on the boots website which told me my skin type and which cream to get! If you have oily skin Iwould not reccomend the Normal skin cream. Rimmel kate moss lipsticks, Clinique chubby sticks and any L'Oreal lipsticks are great as well :)

    1. Cool, thanks for the advice, I really want to try Kate Moss' lipstick! xx

  2. The jacket looks great on you, its a lovely colour. I'm also an Irish blogger, I get excited seeing others even though there's plenty of us! x

    1. Thank you! Yes I love finding Irish bloggers!! xx


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