16 June 2013

☼ Spring / Summer Lookbook Challenge Day 8 + Trend Trick #8 ☼

OMG! I reached 100 followers on Instagram, 
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Cardigan: Aeropostale
Top: Aeropostale

Shorts: Hollister

Sandals: Local Shoe Shop
Nail polish: Essence

Bracelet (Top): Jewelerry Store in Connemara 
(JEL are my initials)
Bracelet (Bottom): Shamballa

Bracelet: Claire's

Bow: Claire's


Leighton Meester
Tumblr Bows... so hipster!

And of course... the lovely Bethany Mota!

What are you waiting for? Get a bow!
Claire's is great for bows, as you can get small and big ones with so many different patterns.
I think American Apparel have a good few too.
Or make your own!

Song of the Day
Come and Get It, Selena Gomez


  1. Congrats on 100 followers! Just discovered your blog there and it's great- I'm gone crazy for bows lately too! I can never seem to find new Irish fashion blogs but this is another for my little list! If you like Irish as in the language, you might like to check out mine www.plhfaisean.blogspot.com :-)

    1. Go raibh maith agat! xox Is brea liom do bhlog!

  2. Your hair's so pretty ! Thanks for mentioning me :) good luck in all the awards :D xx

    1. Haha I probably won't win anything in the end, since I'm such a small blogger... But it's great fun! You'll probably win xox Thanks :)

  3. Love your hair.How do you style it?

    1. I took a section at the front of my hair (side parting) and tied it back with a bow! :) thank you xx

  4. Absolutely love your hair and the sweatshirt that you are wearing because its blue and the colors are blending and its so sweet :3


  5. love your outfit :)thanks so much for the mention :)xx


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