08 June 2013

☼ Spring / Summer Lookbook Challenge Day 1 + Trend Trick #1 ☼

Top: Bershka

Shorts and belt: Both Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

Sunglasses: Penney's

How to get Perf Red Lips like T-Swifty,
 without fussy lipstick!

For soft rose lips, go for a tinted lip balm like Vaseline's Rosy Lips, which I love.

For a much darker look, preferably for nighttime, try a lip stain like benetint from Benefit.

All this without lipstick stains on your teeth, which is too embarrassing to risk!

Song of the Day:
Still Into You, Paramore


  1. Your shorts are amazing I love them ! xx

  2. I love your shirt! Love this idea of a summer look book challenge- great idea! :)

  3. Love the top, very summery! :)

    Kathryn x


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