20 June 2013

☼ Spend the Day with Me (Virtually)! Collab with Gaby + Grace, Including 2 Lookbook Outfits! ☼

Hello there!
Myself and fellow bloggers Gaby and Grace have decided to do a collab, organised by us tweety birds on Twitter. What we had to do was make a post about our day (Wednesday) and what we did as well as showing our OOTD(s) too. If you would like to see Gaby's post, click here, and if you want to read Grace's post, click here.
As well I've included two outfits for my Lookbook challenge. Enjoy!

On Tuesday night, my mum and I decided we should go hiking up the hill beside our house on Wednesday morning, which is a beautiful walk. FYI, I don't do this on a regular basis (as much as I wish I did). 
We went up at around 8:30 in the morning, and surprisingly there were a good few walkers up there at that time. It was a wonderful atmosphere.
Here are some photos:

 Outfit #1: Daytime Mayhem :P

Top: Abercrombie & Fitch

Tank Top: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shorts: Hollister

Shoes: Converse

While my mum and I were at the top of a hill, my sister was sitting her JC Music exam. And guess what? It was her last exam! So of course we had to go shopping to celebrate! It's how we roll.
We went to our local shopping centre at around 11:30 after myself and Mum collected my sister. Guess what she got as a present for completing her Junior Cert? An iPhone 5. Yay. :(
Haha I'm not jealous I love my phone and I have an iPod. :)

Before shopping, we had a small lunch. After I had a milkshake. Yum.

I'm going to be shopping a lot in Florida, so I was only on the lookout for some summer essentials: a bikini, good UV protected sunglasses (not Penney's ones), and maybe some 'summer pyjamas', What I mean by that is light nightwear, not long thick bottoms.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a good bikini. I have one already (obvs from my sister, I've only started becoming interested in bikinis recently), but my mum said I should get another one. 
I watched Roxy Limon's video on bikinis for your body type, and she said go for a bandeau type of top and bottoms with strings at the side if you had a small chest and short legs (basically a petite person like me). I couldn't find any nice bikinis like that in my size. I only looked in Penney's, Next and Marks and Spencer's, so I might try out T.K Maxx when I go there.
I did manage to get some sunglasses and pyjamas, and a few other things.

My scrumptious oreo milkshake.

Below are all the items I bought.

Mini Haul


Yep, three summer pyjamas. It's that time of year again.

A strapless black dress to wear over my bikini

A cute floral hairband


Seventeen magazine! I've always wanted to get this, 
and I love it so far!


Cool lilac sunglasses and a free case with it

When I got home (around 15:30) I relaxed and read in the sun and took photos for my blog, and I played Mario Cart with my sister. It's kind of addicting.

I'm so happy she's free so I can hang out with her. My brother is at a French camp, and is back this weekend, and shortly we're off to America, Squeeee! I might schedule a few posts for you guys.

Reading in the sunlight!

Mario Cart Wiiiii!
(Please say the above in Mario's Italian accent)

My family decided to go out for dinner that night to celebrate my sister's ending of her JC even more, and we went out an amazing Indian restaurant. It was so lovely! I was so stuffed I didn't have dessert!

Outfit #2: Going out for Dinner

Bow: Claire's (set of 3)
Necklace: Penney's
Shoes: Local Shoe Shop

Cardigan: Hollister
Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch
Phone Case: Amazon

My Indian dinner! Delicious...

And that's it y'all!
That was my day on the 19th June. Sorry I didn't post it this morning, I was at a hockey cap from 10 - 2 and I didn't get time. I'm wrecked now, so I'm off for a shower!

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Bye! Have a lovely summer!

Song of the Day
 Calling, Lewis Watson


  1. Amazing blogpost, your outfits are just amazing, really interesting day compared to mine :) love the views on top of the hill, it was fun doing this collab with you, thanks for the mention :)xxx

    1. Thanks so much! It was great fun and super interesting to do the collab with you, I loved your outfit! And no problem! xxx:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's a dress actually, but thank you loads for the compliment! xoxox:)

  3. Love this blogpost thanks for the mention ! Your outfits are beautiful your's is so interesting compared to mine :P loved doing the collab xx

    1. Thank youxx No problem and it was wonderful to do this collab with you! xox:)


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