22 June 2013

Birthday Haul 2013! ♫

On 3 May 2013, I turned 13.
I'm finally a teen!

I'm sorry for not blogging closer to my birthday; that weekend I was very busy trying to balance chilling out birthday time with study. Over the past two months, you know the drill:
I was busy (!) with school etc.

On the morning of my birthday (which was a Bank Holiday; boo yah!) I went downstairs and on the kitchen table was a few presents along with a cute personalised cake. Squee! As well as the stuff below, I got Maroon 5 tickets! But the concert, which was supposed to be in June, is postponed until January! :'(

Below are some of the presents I got from my parents and sister:

This cute top from Hollister

No, no I did not get all of these magazines for my birthday, but I did get a KISS subscription!
Yay! I didn't know what to use for a photo so I just took a picture of (some of) my collection.

An iPad cover! With a keyboard! Hehe :)
Of course I had to be on my blog to take a picture, right?

This cute purple handbag by Kipling! It's so big with so many pockets that it's basically empty when I fill it, 'cos all I bring is 
my purse and phone. :P

On my actual birthday I went to Dublin for the day with my sister and mum. We visited mainly 4 shops, 2 from which I bought from (Abercrombie & Fitch and Topshop) and the other two browsed around but found nothing (American Apparel and Superdry).

From Abercrombie & Fitch, I got an amazing shirt as well as a cute crop top

From Topshop, I got this adorable coral flowy top that so screams out SUMMER!

On the Sunday, I went to Jervis Steet to Forever 21 and Arnotts. 
At Arnotts, I got a Benefit makeover! I absolutely adore Benefit and got kindly treated to three things the lady used for my makeover. I also got a few samples! I love samples.

At a different stall, my sister and I got our hair curled and we got this awesome new curler! I'm not sure of the name, I might tell you soon in a future tutorial (if I can ever get the hang of it!)

I visited Bershka twice over the two months and got three tops with my birthday money.
This first one above I absolutely loooove! I've been to Saint Tropez, which is a lovely French town, and I love how this sweater is not too light and not too heavy; perfect for mild weather!

I got two crop tops from Bershka that I would only wear with a tank top underneath in Ireland, but when I'm abroad in a hot country, I might attempt to wear them without a tank (if I think my belly is tan enough!) I'd need to get high-waisted shorts or skirts first, which I really want!

My brother was away on a school tour for my birthday, so when he got back, he presented me with these! He was so sweet to get them in the airport for me, and I adore this perfume and
body lotion (especially together).

Now onto gifts from my friends!
I didn't have a party so only my closest friends thought of me!

First, one friend got me three things:
I really like Sanctuary! So luxurious...
As you can see I've already used up the body wash, and right now I'm hearting the scrub.
I still have to try the bath float and body butter!

I really want to read this book! There was an excerpt in one of my school books 
a few years ago from it.

I don't know why, and how, she bought me these socks, but I might use them for a crazy socks 
school day, if that ever happens.

Now friend number two:
She got me three beautiful nail polishes from Claire's 
and two cute bracelets. :)

Friend(s)* number three:
They got me a gorgeous Hollister body cream, which is amazing!
I'm in love with bows, so they know me well and got me three more! Yay!
I've never tried Essence nail polish and I'm glad they got me two. :)
A Cath Kidston lip balm! OMG #GabyWillBeJealous ;)
*the friends are twins

And lastly friend number four:
A cute make up bag from Penney's = useful
A brilliant Kylie Minogue perfume = awesome

I hope you enjoyed this Birthday Haul!
I have left out a few bits and bobs from friends and family but I didn't want to include them; it would make this too long and boring... The usual.

I'd like to mention that I am not boasting about what I got, I just thought it would be nice to show my birthday presents to those who are fascinated :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. lovely stuff, you're so lucky!
    would you mind checking out my Berlin Haul post? thankyou so much :)
    thinking-like-a-doll.blogspot.com xx

  2. All the stuff look so lovely ! I love the purple handbag and lace Topshop top ! Sorry for not remembering your birthday til like three days after oops :P xx

    1. Haha don't worry it'd be worse if you knew me more! Thanks so much for saying happy birthday to me at the time, some girls I knew for a while in school didn't even know it was my birthday and never said it to me :P haha thanks xox :)

  3. Wow you lucky thing! I love all the clothes and the hollister body lotion is great ( it featured in my shower products post) My birthday is next week so I am gonna do a bday haul! Xxx

    1. Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to your haul! thank you xox :)

  4. Congratulations on turning 13!;)x


  5. you're so lucky! happy birthday teenager!! :P x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I don't even remember turning 13 :s I'll be 18 at the end of this year and I must say I wish I got this much stuff on my birthdays.. they're just not exciting anymore :( lol

    Jenny xox


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