03 April 2013

Easter Sunday OOTD

Blazer: Berskha
Dress: Penney's

Belt: Bershka (set of 3)
Tights: M&S

Showing off the shoes!
Shoes: Local Shoe Shop

Necklace: Penney's

(Not sure where the bunny ears are from...)

To see my cupcakes recipe click here

My Easter Eggs.. ate them both in one day! I'm such a pig!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter everyone!
I certainly did...

I had a lovely time in Connemara. My family brought my granny and my auntie along. 
We have a holiday home right beside the beach which is super handy. 
The weather was good most of the time apart from Easter Sunday as you can see above. 
We placed little Easter decorations around the house to jazz the place up a bit. The lighthouse is a candle on the mantel piece.

We drove down on Friday, so on Saturday, we popped into the local town and I bought Bliss magazine. The fashion in the magazine is fab! They wrote about the new S/S trends and they consist of stripes, brights, black and whites and feminine outfits. I will be doing my Spring Lookbook soon (unfortunately not now, I know I said I will but I didn't get the time) and you'll see me rocking the trends... don't you worry!
I also bought a new candle and colouring crayons (I felt like such a child!), cheap make up brushes from the pharmacy and a pink fleece. Nothing too exciting. Oh, and I also treated myself to Sally Hansen's nail polish in Purple Heart;  a gorgeous lilac shade.
When I got home I made cupcakes. I added mini eggs on top of them for a cute Easter-y effect.

On Sunday I went to mass in the morning then ate a bunch of cupcakes and chocolate (of course) and I drew in my Top Model and my What I Wore Today book because it was raining all day. April's showers came a day early!
We had a delicious dinner of lamb and roast potatoes with my other grandparents. It was a good day.

Monday came and I relaxed and took photos of the landscape and all. I visited Clifden again to see my brother run in a race. He came sixth.

And finally yesterday I came home. Not that exciting.

Guess what?
I'm leaving tomrorow AGAIN!
You most likely already know that I'm off the France tomorrow because I mentioned before. My family go skiing every year, usually during the Easter holidays. And I am super excited! Skiing would be my favourite sport if I could do it everyday, but I have to stick to hockey, which is still brilliant fun.
So I'm back on Monday (get to miss school... SCORE)!

Before I go, here are two pictures of the ones I took while in Connemara...

The big line through the middle is a telephone line BTW!