27 March 2013

Spring Hair and Nails: Easter Collab with Kate, Grace and Gaby

Hey everybody!
By the power of Twitter, Grace, Gaby, Kate and I were planning this Easer Collab. It's a series of posts on each of our blogs full of cute ideas for you on how to do your hair, make up and nails this Sunday and inspiring outfits. 

So the for of us decided to do two things each on different days. So far, Kate showed her Easter hair and outfit yesterday on her blog The Fashion Chain, so today, I'll be showing you my spring nails and hair!

Make sure to follow Kate's blog, and don't forget to follow Gaby at Don't Need Make Up to Cover Up and Grace at Dainty Sprinkles to see their posts tomorrow and on Friday!



You will need:
A clear nail polish for the base and  top coat
(Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat)

Five pastel or/and bright nail polishes
(Big nail polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Kook a Mango,
Four mini nail polishes: set from Bourjois)

A white nail polish and a tooth pick
(Konad Special Nail polish, part of the Stamping Art Set)

1. Paint your nails with the clear nail polish as a base.

2. Paint one colour from your pastel and bright nail polishes on to each nail.

3. Now, when your nails are dry, use the tooth pick as the 'dotter'; dip the stick into the white nail polish bottle and dab multiple dots onto each nail.

4. When your nails are dry again, apply the clear top coat.

And... voila!



You will need:
A curling iron or hot rollers
(Ceramic Heated Clips by Carmen)

Or, instead of using a curler, follow these simple steps below for easy peasy waves:
1. Have a shower and wash your hair.

2. When you come out of the shower, comb your hair fully.

3. Then, plait your hair. If you want really small curls instead of big waves like me, make more plaits in your hair (the more plaits you use, the curlier your hair will turn out).

4. Blow dry your hair, or leave it dry naturally, without taking the plaits out.

5. When your hair is dry, take out the plaits and brush your hair to soften them up.

And now you have gorgeous curly hair!

For extra cuteness, add a pretty hair clip, like a bow, which is one of this Spring's hottest trends.
If you use a curling iron or hot rollers, then follow the instructions the pack gives, because I can't explain how every curler in the world works! :)

Bye! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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Grace's blog: www.daintysprinkles.blogspot.ie (she will be posting tomorrow)
Gaby's blog: dontneedmakeutocoverup.blogspot.ie (she will be posting on Wednesday)

For Now, Jane xox


  1. Love your nails and hair - The polka dot nails are so cute :) Can't wait to post mine tomorrow :D xx

  2. The nails are so cute and the hair is so pretty! :D can't wait to see what everyone else does xx

  3. wow your hair and nails are so pretty!!!!

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  5. I love all the colors of nail polish.I am going to experiment the same in my nails.
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