28 March 2013

Spring Fashion + Beauty Haul: Hollister, Pull and Bear, Bershka and more!

Hey everybody!
I went shopping recently and got a good few buys from different shops and I would love to show them to you! I am so happy with everything I bought here and I can't wait to get  wear out of all my new clothes and make up.

Disclaimer: I am not showing off or bragging.

So, when I went shopping, I bought:

A Crop Top and Shorts from Hollister

I was just wandering around in Hollister while I spotted one gorgeous mint green flowy jumper that's a sort of crop top. I just had to get my hands on it. 

And the shorts I wasn't very sure of at first, as they are quite short on me, but I think I'll only wear them at the beach or when I'm on holiday in a very hot country. I might be going to Greece this summer, and Greece is very hot, so I will most likely be wearing them then, not in cold and wet Ireland!

Red jeans from Pull and Bear

The jeans from Pull and Bear are super nice and not too pricey at all! They are great quality and I bought bright blue ones last summer (you can see my Summer 2012 haul here, but I'm warning you, it's tiny compare to this one). 

This year I decided to go for red ones. I really want more coloured jeans, as I'm growing tired of my denim pairs. Not that I'll never wear them or anything, I just need some colour in my wardrobe. 
These are really hard to get on, but once they're on they're actually very comfy. I'm so excited to wear these and I bought some tops in Bershka that I think will go very well with these jeans. Also my mint green Hollister top goes lovely with red.

Pink jeans and three tops from Bershka

So Bershka just has to be my favourite shop of the moment! Every time I go there I see something amazing and I just have to get it! So in Bershka I bought another pair of jeans but this time they're dark pink, and I got three tops.

These jeans are perf. They're skinny but so easy to get on unlike my Pull and Bear ones, and I love 'em. I still love my red ones too, so don't worry, in case you think I ditched them already, which is not true...

This top is super cute and completely lace at the back, but you obviously can't see the back. I think it will look gorgeous with red jeans and I will definitely wear a white tank top underneath, I don't think any other colour would work. 

I will post a Spring Lookbook when I come back from Connemara and I will hopefully use most of the clothes I bought from this haul!

This blue sun top will be for summer most likely because it's not that sunny in Ireland, as you might already know. I love the design of this top, so summery and pretty. Again, it goes well with the red jeans, and I'll look like the french flag. Epic.

I fell in love with this top. This top is amazing and would be perfect for a part-ay. It looks great with the pink jeans above. I can't wait to wear this in warmer weather (if that ever happens in this country with it's complicated weather).

Bows, Bows and more Bows from Claire's + Penney's

Thanks to Bethany Mota's video, I am now obsessed! All of the bows on the left side are from Claire's and the right side are from Penney's. I just think they are so adorable and suit any occasion. For example, the floral headband is very summery and would be great to wear at the beach, and the big white lace bow would be good for a formal occasion. The mini cute bows would suit any event! I'll probably be wearing one every other day for now on!

Beauty Products from Boots

I am so addicted to visiting Boots these days. I have an advantage card, and they have amazing deals in the shop, like 3 for 2 offers. I just love Boots so much!

From the Natural Collection, I bought a lipstick in the colour Raspberry and it's a gorgeous colour and would be lovely for nighttime, or daytime if you're trying to look like T-Swifty!
I really wanted to get a pressed powder because I have heard it sets your make-up with a matte effect. I went to Boots to buy the Stay Matte powder from Rimmel, but decided that this powder in the shade 'Warm' was practically the same but a lot cheaper, so I went for it!

I was so super happy after I bought this because I have heard from many of my favourite beauty gurus like Bethany (macbarbie07) and Lindsey (beautybaby44) that this mascara is fantastic... and it really is! No clumps whatsoever! I love it loads; it really does look like I'm wearing false lashes when I wear it. 
Expect to see it in a further favourites post!

My 'Graffiti' dry shampoo by Batiste is nearly out so off I went to search for a new scent! I thought this one smelled amazing, so, obviously I bought it! Can't wait to use it!

I so badly wanted to get at least one thing from Soap & Glory after a bought my sister a big gift set from there. She loves all of the products from it so I decided to buy a miniature version of Soap & Glory's Flake Away Body Scrub. I haven't used it yet, but I'll tell you about it when I do!

The last few things I bought are some mini travel essentials I am going to bring with me when I go skiing. And, I don't know why, but I'm looking forward to using these cute mini bottles. :P

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed!

I'm off to the West now until Tuesday, and when I'm back, I'll hopefully get time to post an Easter OOTD and a Look Book before I hop on to the plane to France!

Talk to you soon!
Oh, and Happy Easter!

For Now, Jane xox

27 March 2013

Spring Hair and Nails: Easter Collab with Kate, Grace and Gaby

Hey everybody!
By the power of Twitter, Grace, Gaby, Kate and I were planning this Easer Collab. It's a series of posts on each of our blogs full of cute ideas for you on how to do your hair, make up and nails this Sunday and inspiring outfits. 

So the for of us decided to do two things each on different days. So far, Kate showed her Easter hair and outfit yesterday on her blog The Fashion Chain, so today, I'll be showing you my spring nails and hair!

Make sure to follow Kate's blog, and don't forget to follow Gaby at Don't Need Make Up to Cover Up and Grace at Dainty Sprinkles to see their posts tomorrow and on Friday!



You will need:
A clear nail polish for the base and  top coat
(Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat)

Five pastel or/and bright nail polishes
(Big nail polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Kook a Mango,
Four mini nail polishes: set from Bourjois)

A white nail polish and a tooth pick
(Konad Special Nail polish, part of the Stamping Art Set)

1. Paint your nails with the clear nail polish as a base.

2. Paint one colour from your pastel and bright nail polishes on to each nail.

3. Now, when your nails are dry, use the tooth pick as the 'dotter'; dip the stick into the white nail polish bottle and dab multiple dots onto each nail.

4. When your nails are dry again, apply the clear top coat.

And... voila!



You will need:
A curling iron or hot rollers
(Ceramic Heated Clips by Carmen)

Or, instead of using a curler, follow these simple steps below for easy peasy waves:
1. Have a shower and wash your hair.

2. When you come out of the shower, comb your hair fully.

3. Then, plait your hair. If you want really small curls instead of big waves like me, make more plaits in your hair (the more plaits you use, the curlier your hair will turn out).

4. Blow dry your hair, or leave it dry naturally, without taking the plaits out.

5. When your hair is dry, take out the plaits and brush your hair to soften them up.

And now you have gorgeous curly hair!

For extra cuteness, add a pretty hair clip, like a bow, which is one of this Spring's hottest trends.
If you use a curling iron or hot rollers, then follow the instructions the pack gives, because I can't explain how every curler in the world works! :)

Bye! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Make sure to check out the links below:

Kate's blog post: thefashionchain.blogspot.ie/2013/03/easter-collab.html
Grace's blog: www.daintysprinkles.blogspot.ie (she will be posting tomorrow)
Gaby's blog: dontneedmakeutocoverup.blogspot.ie (she will be posting on Wednesday)

For Now, Jane xox

22 March 2013

❤ February Favourites ❤

I'm a tad late, I know...
No I'm like nearly a MONTH late!
I'm so sorry that I didn't do this near the beginning of March, when I'm supposed too, but I was way too busy! But as Troy Bolton once said, It's better late than never!
Or actually did he say Now or Never?
I don't know

On the other hand... it's finally the Easter Holidays!!!
Thank God.

2 weeks off. WOO HOO!

So I'll be here at home until Thursday or Friday and then I'll be going to the West for the weekend, and I'll be back on Tuesday  But then.... I'll be off to the Alps on Thursday! Yay! I absolutely love skiing, and I haven't been on a slope for a while. I'm super excited about this Easter!

What I hope to do before I head off is a few things on this blog like a look book, a haul (if I go shopping at all) and other things :)

Also Happy (Late) St. Patrick's Day! I was going to do an OOTD but I was hanging out with friends for most of the day and I ran out of time (me and my typical excuses). I basically wore my green Hollister hoodie and jeans and I had green eye shadow on. I hope you all had a fantastic day and if you know a little Gaeilge: La Fheile Padraig Sona Duit! (can't use fadas... sorry)

I think I should get on with this (extremely late) favourites post. Let us begin!


Make Up:
Benetint by Benefit
Benetint is fabulous! I used it a lot for my lips throughout February to try and look like Taylor Swift, without having a red lipstick. I slicked a lot of it on along with my Rosy Lips Vaseline. I think it's time for me to get a red lipstick though...
The tint is good for cheeks too, as it gives you a healthy glow! It was great for V-Day.

Natural Collection Lip Gloss in "Sherbet Fizz"
Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.
This lip gloss smells, just.... SOOOOO NICE!
If you love candyfloss or sweets then I recommend this lip gloss. It's is a gorgeous colour too. I wore it a lot throughout February.

They're Real Mascara by Benefit
This mascara is wonderful. My mum and my sister have it and they wear it a lot, and that made me want it so badly. It's great for any occasion, but if you're going out to party or for dinner and you want to feel sophisticated while getting ready, then wear They're Real. I love it so much! I went to a lot of parties and outings in February, so it's definitely my go-to mascara for special events. They really lengthen my lashes.

Garnier BB Cream
This is my only foundation.... ahem..... BB cream that I've had so far, but I've been wearing it a lot throughout February. It's good for young teenage skin because it's not too heavy and is moisturising.

Eco Tools Blush Brush
This brush is very soft and is good for applying blush.

Suagrbomb Blush by Benefit
I adore this blush; it has such a sugary look to it, like its name. The four colours (peach, soft plum, rose and pink) blend very well to create a shimmering look for sweet cheeks.

Royal Jet Set Girls on the Go Eye Shadow Set
The colours on this eye shadow palette are nice and sparkly when applied, and I loved to combine a hot pink and light pink (you might be able to spot them) throughout the month, as I did on Valentine's Day.

Malibue Beach Hollister Body Mist
I've had this for a long time now, and the scent is gorgeous  It is "warm and casual" and is nice to wear on a sunny day, which doesn't happen very much in Ireland... but anyway! I sprayed and shimmied through it a lot last February.

Malibu Beach Hollister Body Lotion
This has the same smell as the body spray, so it's a amazing combination. I rubbed it on my skin gently around my neck area and my arms after a shower, and I came out of the bathroom leaving behind a lovely fragrance most mornings in February.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion
I use this at night after I wear make up, and it really helps take it off. It's quite refreshing too, but the smell is annoying at first. You get used to it eventually.
I love this cleanser; it's now part of my skincare routine.

Hair Products:
Elnett Satin Heat Spray
This hair spray is best to use before curling/straightening your hair. Don't use too much though! It'll make your hair sticky if you do. Use it wisley.

Penney's Brush and Comb
I bought these randomly while in Penney's with my best friend, but surprisingly, they're good! The comb is great to use while in the shower, and I use the brush for brushing wet hair. The colours even match.

Ceramic Heated Clips by Carmen
WOW! I love these rollers! I used them loads in February. They don't give you crazy frizzy curls, just nice bouncy waves that I adore! This a must-have.


Little Mix's album DNA
(Favourite Songs: Change Your Life, We Are Who We Are, Madhouse)
Little Mix really inspre me. Their style is epic and quirky and their music is fab. I was so delighted to receive their new CD for Christmas. The songs below are so catchy and are full of girl power!

How to be Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
Marina is one my all-time favourite singers and style icons, and I love her new "doll" look with the pastel lips and dresses, and her heart on her cheek. Her songs are amazing and I love her album 'Electra Heart'. 
This song is so catchy and fun!

Enchanted by Taylor Swift
This a real old song by Taylor Swift, but I listened to it again and again and fell in love. I love the lyrics and soft music.


KISS Magazine (March Issue)
Once again! It's going to pop up again and again I'm telling you! It is such an addicting magazine and is fabulous and glamorous (and 100% Irish!) with tons of fashion, beauty and life tips. I can never put it down.

Top of the Pops Magazine (February Issue)
I love the celebrity new in this issue; celebrity gossip is great fun to read! The fashion and beauty is OK but obviously not as good as KISS. 
KISS beats all.

Emerald Star by Jacqueline Wilson
I finished this book now, and although it looks quite babyish, it isn't at all. I don't mean it's rude and inappropriate, I'm saying it's a fantastic read for a girl aged from 10-14. I'm serious! I couldn't put it down. I love Jacqueline Wilson, but I am sort of going off her books a bit at the moment. She's still fabulous though.
The Hetty Feather series is brilliant.

Les Miserables

The most heart-breaking musical ever with beautiful singers and music. I absolutely loved the story. The beginning is quite long and boring but it gets so exciting. I really loved it! I cried at the end :( if you have seen it tell me what you thought of it in the comments (but don't spoil it for other people)

Mikado Biscuits
I have to say these are my all-time favourite biscuits since I was like 4 years old, but in February I was really devouring them. I gave up chocolate and sweets for Lent, so these were my jam. Ha see what I did there! There's jam in Mikado biscuits! Hehe

Blog of the Month:
I love Sophie's photography and her blog layout is so perf! She has a great love for beauty and fashion, and she does great OOTDs and reviews. Below is a picture from one of her Week(s) in Instagram post. Such a pretty blog (and girl)!

Youtuber of the Month:
Mere is so funny and she brightens up my day whenever I watch one of her videos.
She is brilliant at beauty and I absolutely tootley love her style!
Here is one of her videos from February that I loved, and you'll understand what I mean in no time!

That's it! See ya soon!