17 February 2013

OOTW: February Mid Term 2013

I feel like I don't do a lot of Fashion posts here so I decided to do an OOTW for Mid Term. I have a school uniform, so I'm not able to do them throughout the school year, that would be super boring anyway! So I'll just do them when I'm off school for now on. The next one might be in Easter! 
Ok I hope you like this! Might not be on Blogger for another while because I have school (waaah) but we'll see...

Sunday 10th
Chinese New Year
My parents and my brother went to the Ireland vs England match (which we sadly lost in) but my sister and I stayed put. We relaxed for the day, but that night I went to my local Chinese restaurant to celebrate with my family when they came back from the match.
It's the Year of the Snake, BTW.

Pink Jacket: Aeropostale
Trousers: Topshop

Necklace: Penneys

Grey Shirt: Penneys

Converse: A shop in Amsterdam

Monday 11th
Shopping with my bestie!
So I spent the day with my friend spending our Christmas dosh on random things like hairbands and combs in Penneys (as you do) and new shampoos in Boots. I very happily bought a new Hollister top in black. I have not bought much from there in a long time, so I decided to treat myself.

Orange Jacket: Abercrombie kids
White Tank Top: Abercrombie kids
Jeans: Zara

Brown Boots: UGG Australia

Bracelet: Shamballa

Eye shadow: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Palette
Mascara: They're Real, Benefit


Tuesday 12th
Just Chillin' 
On Tuesday I spent basically the whole day baking cupcakes  It took me so long because I had to make a huge batch and we were missing parts of our electric mixer so I had to mix with a spoon. It's so much work.
To see my cupcakes recipe click here.

Grey Sweater: Jack Wills
Gold Sparkly Hairband: Penneys (part of set)

Tracksuit bottoms: Hollister

Black Boots: UGG Australia


Wednesday 13th
Hangin' Out With Pals
That day I went to town with my Mum to buy new boots for a party I was going to on Friday. It was my friend's birthday party and I bought her a necklace. For the rest of the day, I hung out with friends and did homework :)

Eye shadow: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Palette
Mascara: They're Real, Benefit
Lips: Vaseline Rosy Lips

Grey Chords: Zara
Boots*: UGG Australia

Green Jumper: Hollister

Thursday 14th
Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, my boy-f brought me flowers which was so sweet... Haha, just kidding! That won't happen for at least another while anyway!
On Thursday, I spent most of the morning preparing my V-Day Get Ready With Me post, which shows my make up, outfit, hair and nails. If you want to see it, click on the image below!
I got my haircut in the afternoon and that night, I annoyingly couldn't find any rom-com movies like Valentine's Day on Sky or Netflix, so my sister and I just watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which was good!

Friday 15th
Party Time!
This is more of an OOTN as that morning I played golf and when I got home I went off to play tennis, so I wasn't in the most fashionable gear for either of those activities.
After tennis, I got home and got ready for my friend's birthday party early so I could take a few pcitures in the daylight. It was an amzing party; it was a disco and my friends and I spent the night crazily busting moves.

Jacket: Bershka

Bracelet: Shamballa

Sorry the J is backwards :P
Necklace: Molly Brown

This bracelet was so awkward to take a photo of so I had to take it off my wrist
Bracelet: Pandora

Bag*: Calvin Klein
(I was only borrowing it though)

Dress*: Abercrombie & Fitch

Tights: M&S
Boots: Local shoe shop

Saturday 16th
Last Day of OOTW :(
I really didn't do much yesterday, I just hung out with my friend and cleaned my room. Not so exciting. And throughout the day, I was dreading the fact that we have school on Monday! D:

T-Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: H&M

Converse*: Unknown

Lips: Cosmic Kisses Lip Crayon (free gift from Top of the Pops magazine)

Hoodie: Hollister

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love all your outfits :D - Your jacket on Friday looks really pretty with the dress ! The charms on your Pandora bracelet look gorgeous :) xx

    1. Thank you! But my outfits aren't as unique as yours! :)) Thanks again xox

  2. Amazing post :)
    Love all the outfits.
    Thanks so much for mentioning my video :)xx

    1. Thanks! And no problem, its a great video :)) xox

  3. Hello little cutie fashionable girl! I love all your outfits. Love your blog too that's why I followed you. Hope you can check back and follow me too dear.



    1. I love your blog!I followed your blog... but actually you didn't follow mine :( and thanks a lot :)) xox

  4. You are soooo beautiful and cute girl!! :)

  5. Hello Jane, I'm sorry maybe it's the Internet connection dear. :-)
    I did followed you.

  6. So cute and lovely blog :)

    Maybe you can check out my blog and we can follow each other?
    Let me know ^^

    - xo Supernat

  7. hey jane! this is a great post!Im pretty sure i am one of the friends mentioned! =)xox sophie!


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