03 February 2013

Jane's Diary: December 2012 / January 2013... Christmas Break and the New Year

Alohaaaaa rainbow fairies!
That was awkward.
And I'm back with another post on my (not) so exciting life.
Has it already been two months since the last one?!?
Time flies, peeps.

January and December were not as eventful as October and November.
Anyways here's my favourite quote from Pinterest. Lauren Conrad is such an awesome person.

21st December
The End of School and Christmas Results

I was so relieved that the Christmas holidays began. School was (sort of) a doss when the exams were finished.  On the last day we had a Carol Service and that night I went to my friends house for a partaaay.
I got my report the next day and I was very happy. I was really glad with the teacher's comments.
I also got my piano results which were good. I'm now in Grade 3! Lol, do you play an instrument?

21st December - 6th January
Christmas Break

I looove Christmas! It's my favourite occasion (besides my birthday). I love the festive cheer, food, and who doesn't love presents? I had a wonderful Christmas break, having fun days with my friends, but mostly  I was spending a lot time with my family, giving presents, chatting and eating scrumptious food.
Would you like to read more about what I've been up to during Christmas break? Then click on the links below to see some festive posts!

1st January (2013!)
New Year!

I didn't get time to post a OOTD/Blog on New Years Eve or Day as I was pretty busy that night and stuff. 
I took two pics on Instagram to give you a nice idea of my new years eve! (And I just added the chocolate fingers to balance it out)
I wore a new Jack Wills jumper my mum kindly bought me, and I ate so many chocolate fingers!


I posted my New Years Resolutions and Plans for my Blog, and if you want to see it, click here.
I am having a wonderful new year so far. :D

7th January
Back to School :(

I don't really hate school too much, it's just that I was really enjoying my time off.
I liked going back, asI got to meet up with some of  my pals that I hadn't seen in a while, got to play hockey once again and got used to the homework routine eventually.
My class started reading The Outsiders before Christmas, and our English teacher told us to finish during the holidays. Most people were annoyed, but I wasn't, I loooove reading!
The Outsiders is a great book! It's about two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs in the sixties who are separated by wealth. I finished it about five days before we were back. I might do a book review on it soon.
So school is going well.
We're now playing in a league in hockey and we won our first match which was great :)

That's it y'all!
So nothing much, as you can pretty much see, has happened in the past two months.
I'm nearly at 50 followers! I'm so excited to get three more followers! Lol

There will be a January Favourites up soon.
And I'll be doing a OOTW during midterm and a Valentines Day OOTD plus a nail, hair and makeup tutorials. <3
I really have to do more outfit posts.
Get hyped up for the day of love!
And it's springtime now!
I'll forever be alone
Double yay :/

Valentine's Day roses

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The next diary entry will be in April!


  1. Eep I've been waiting for this post for ages I love these keep doing them ! Looking forward to your Outfits of the Week during Midterm I'm doing one too :P xx

  2. love these sort of posts! that's so funny, we were going to do the Outsiders too, but then we did the Hunger Games. can't wait for your OOTW next week, thinking of doing one too, if I have time lol xx :P
    Kate x


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