16 February 2013

Get Ready With Me ❤ Valentine's Day (Make-Up, Hair, Nails, Outfit)


Hey there!
I decided to do a Get Ready With Me post for Valentine's Day. This is my first ever post of me showing you how I do my make-up, so I'm super excited! I will also show you how I did my hair, nails and I'll show my OOTD. Here we go, I hope you enjoy!


First, I applied my Simple Light moisturiser (which I forgot to take a photo of) to my face so that my skin would stay moisturised and hydrated underneath my make-up.

Next, I put on my Garnier BB cream and blended it into my skin using my Penney's Foundation brush. 

After that, I applied my Essence Cover Stick in the shade "Matt Sand" to my under-eye area to cover my dark circles and I rubbed it in with my finger. I also dabbed it on to any spots or redness I had on my face.

Sorry, the writing began to come off the bottle! It's Benetint, btw.
When my face was complete, I moved on to my cheeks. I wanted really rosy cheeks, as it was Valentines Day, so I used Benefit's Benetint to accomplish this. I rubbed it in on my cheek to have an illusion of red, healthy cheeks.

Over the Benetint, I applied my Sugarbomb blush by Benefit to my cheeks with my Eco Tools Blush brush. This blush is gorgeous as it has a mixture a pastel colours for sugary sweet cheeks.

Finally, I applied my High Beam highlighter by Benefit to my cheeks, forehead, bridge of my nose, my chin and my cupid's bow for a dewy, radiant glow.

For my eyes, I used a light pink sparkly colour from my Royal Jet Set On The Go Eyeshadow Palette and I put it on my entire lid.

The next colour I used was the one below it, a hot pink, and this time I worked it into my crease.

After that, I curled my lashes with my Penney's Eyelash curler, I applied They're Real mascara by Benefit to my upper and lower eyelashes to volumize and lengthen them.

When my eyes were complete, I applied this amazing lip gloss from the Natural Collection which is in the colour "Sherbet Fizz". It's a gorgeous shimmery pink that smells like sugar or candyfloss! Ahhhhh...

And that's my make-up look complete!


Before I used my curlers, I brushed my hair thoroughly so that it would be easier to work with.
For my curls, I used these Ceramic Heated Clips by Carmen which my Mum, my sister and I ordered online, and to protect against heat and to define my wavy hair I used my Elnett Satin Heat Spray.

I took one curler at a time and rolled it up with my hair and clipped it down to hold it.
I left them each of them in for only a few minutes as I only wanted soft curls.

I decided to bring my hair to one side after curling it and tying it into a side a pony tail.

I accessorised it with a Hairband from Penney's.


Pink Top: Hollister
Grey Tank Top: Hollister
Jeans: Zara

Teddy Bear Necklace: Penney's

Boots: Local shoe shop

I had the choice to choose either one of these perfumes/body sprays, as they both have names that link to V-Day. I picked the Essence perfume in the end; it has a good love-y dove-y smell :P


For my nails that day I used the Fuchsia Pink and the Light Pink from this Bourjois Nail Polish set to create cool V-Day nails by dabbing on heart designs.

I hope you enjoyed my Get Ready with Me Post! Here are some awesome videos where I got some good ideas for my entire look on February the 14th from Youtube!


  1. You're so pretty ! Your nails are so cool you should do a tutorial on them :D xx

    1. Thank you! The nail design is really easy but I don't want to do a tutorial on them because V-Day is over and I don't like painting my nails before I go back to school, I'd have to take it off again then!
      I might do a similar tutorial soon... thanks again xox

  2. What a lovely post xx

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  3. Great intricate post I love it! The eyeshadow came out great and so did the cheeks :)

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate, like seriously! :D :D :D xox

  4. Such a fun post!
    I love how dressy and cute the result it (:
    Have a superchic day!
    Kisses from LA,


    1. Thanks so much! I followed you blog... follow mine?

  5. Your make up looks gorgeous :) xx


  6. Thanks for featuring my video as one of your inspirations! Great post :)

    1. Your welcome! It's a great videos :)) and thanks xox

  7. lovely post, nice pictures;)X



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