13 December 2012

Jane's Diary: October / November 2012... Studying, Concerts and Amsterdam

Good evening girlies!
 My calander was packed with some 'big' events in November, and I had a lot of catching up to do on my blog after all of them! Soooooo I decided to start a new series called 'Jane's Diary'.
Every 'Jane's Diary' post will come once every two months month and is basically a long post (!) about some things that happened during that month. Plus, I will be putting up a different quote on it every month from Pinterest, like the one below!
Enjoy xx

31st October

My Halloween costume was simple. I was a cowgirl, and luckily I didn't have to buy anything new. I had a cowgirl hat that I bought on a holiday in the USA a few years ago. It was in North Fork Ranch in Colorado and was a holiday to remember!
My cowboy boots were my Mum's. She said there were the trend back then, when she was my age. I think they're pretty cool, but they a bit old and worn out. They had a little heel on them and I felt really tall!

I went trick or treating with my friends (never too old!), which was great. We ate our sweets in my house while watching Hocus Pocus, and we did some apple bobbing!

My Costume!

image.jpeg image.jpeg 

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Hat - North Fork Ranch, Colarado
Shirt - Hollister
Tank top - GAP
Jeans - Zara
Denim Jacket (2nd photo) - GAP
Cowboy boots - were my Mum's

November 1st - 4th

Ugh, had to get up early the next morning...
because I went to Amsterdam with my family!
Wow it was beautiful. We went to the Anne Frank Huis, which was very sad but interesting. It touched me more since I read her diary recently, and it was hard to believe that it was the real building Anne hid in with her family. 

Anne had a few notebooks, not just one.
Anne's actual room! The pictures that she put on her wall are still there
As well as that, we went to the Van Gogh museum, on a boat tour and shopping!

There were lots of canals in the city

My photography skills :)
the Pretty Lights at night

November 24th
Cheerios Childline Concert!

I went with my two friends, sister and mum and it was so much fun! It was amazing! Here are some photos of the concert:

Little Mix!
(Wasn't mad about the matching trousers and top, Leigh-Anne and Jade!)

The Presenters! Keith Duffy and Glenda Gilson!

Danny from the Script
The BEST act by faaarrrrr
Danny with the crowd!

My Outfit!


Jacket - Bershka
Top - Hollister
Jeans - Pull and Bear
Converse - a shop in Amsterdam

AAAGGHHH! Not Exams!

Unluckily, most secondary schools in Ireland have to face the annoying examinations near to Christmas time, which sucks! This year was my first year of 'real' exams, and I had to do 13 tests for 13 subjects, all in one week! From the 3rd to the 7th of December, I faced my exams, and I thought I did well. And don't worry, I wasn't too stressed. The Junior and Leaving Certs are waaaay more important than first year exams, my my parents told me. Big thanks to KISS magHow-To-Study and Dainty Sprinkles for some great advice!
I got some of my results this week and I'm very happy with most of them. :)
In my school, there are extra subjects that I'm doing this year and in second year I have to pick two to do for my Junior Cert. There is Art Craft and Design, Spanish, Business, Home Economics, Music, Technical Graphics. My favourites are Spanish and Business. I don't think I'll pick T.G (short for Technical Graphics) or Art as I didn't do very well in those. Home Ec is OK; the theory is difficult, but I love the cooking! I'm good at Music, but I don't think I need to do it as a subject, since I already play piano (I just did my exam for Grade 2 in piano too).
What do you think I should pick next year? I won't choose by your opinions, I would like to know what subjects you did/do so comment down below!

I hope you liked this month's diary, my next one will be in January!
Stay tuned for some festive posts!


  1. Great post - It was really interesting :) Except some of the outfit photo's wouldn't show up :( also thanks for the mention !!! xx

    1. thanks and ur welcome! yeah the outfit photos were taken on my iPad and were not great quality... theyre showing up for me on the page though! ah well...
      xxx cant wait to see more posts on ur blog!

    2. Btw are you going to do a what I got for Christmas post ? It would be really cool if you did !

  2. Brilliant post :)
    I kept on music, home economics and french :)
    Can't wait to see more posts :)x

    1. Thanks! thats cool! I cant wait to see more posts on ur blog too! xxx

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for following, followed you back, forgot to do it the last time i wrote you a comment...silly me :)

    I watched child line concert on tv, looked amazing, would have loved to have been there myself, love the script..you're pictures are very good. You must have been very close to the stage..


    1. Actally i wasnt close to he stage! I zoomed in with he camera! Thanks for following... i love the script too x

    2. well you got some great shots..well done. Oh I did a post on caviar nails if you'd like to have a look. I'd love to know what you think of them :)


  4. Seems like great fun!


  5. yeah! follow my blog? im following urs!


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