30 December 2012

❄ Blogmas Day 2012! + OOTDs ❄

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas that you had a nice time with your family or friends and that you got lots of goodies!!!
I have some amazing news...

I got a new camera!!!!!!!!!!
It is the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS and I am sharing it with my sister. We were sooooo happy and grateful when we received it! And guess what I'm gonna use it for? My blog!
Recently I was thinking of making a YouTube channel as I think I might be allowed now. If I had one, I would make videos like OOTWs, nail tutorials, make up looks, tags and reviews. Do you think I should start a YouTube? Comment down below!
Plus, I will be sharing with you what else I got for Christmas either later today or tomorrow. I will not be bragging at all and I am 100% grateful for EVERYTHING I got. I love watching the 'What I got for Christmas' videos on YouTube and reading the posts on blogs, so I really want to share with you guys as well! Would you guys like to see a Christmas Haul?

My Photography Skills once again :P

Let's get on to my OOTDs!

Christmas Morning PJs

Onesie - Penneys

Christmas Party Outfit

Blazer - Bershka
Top - Bershka
Jeans - Bershka
(a lot of Bershka!)
Boots - UGG Australia

My Christmas FOTD

I had a wonderful day and I had great fun with my family and had a succulent dinner with turkey and roast potatoes! Mmmmmmmm turkeeeeyyy!

  For Now, Jane xox


  1. Hi Jane,
    Hope you'd a great Christmas. Just so you know I have moved web addresses :) So don't forget to change the link under the blogs you love. I'll add you to my "sites I follow" tab on my sidebar so we can stay connected :) and you can follow me on bloglovin.

    1. Oh and I nominated you for a VB Award. Check out this link http://askthebeautyeditor.com/versatile-blogger-award/

    2. Hi Sarah! I love the new blog! And dont worry I will change the link :) I hope you had a great Christmas too and thank you for putting me on the sidebar and for nominating me! It’s not a real award by the way:P I will do it soon! bye xox

    3. I know its not a real award but it's nice to spread some love :) Thanks for changing the link..By the way love love love the onesie from pennys. I'd spend all day in a onesie if I could :)

    4. Lol yeah I love the onesie too!
      No its fine its just annoying that its called an award when its actually a tag... thank you so much though! I now love doing tags and will do it soon... I have to do the Liebster award as well! Lol thanks again :) xxx

  2. Yes you should make a YouTube that would be so cool to watch !!! Your camera looks so cool you're so lucky :o btw love the onsies :P xx

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking about the YouTube at the moment, I might begin next week if I decide to (and that my parents are 100% sure that it's ok) :P
      Thank you xox Happy New Year!

    2. You're so lucky if they let you ! I saw Gaby(Don't Need Makeup to cover up.) instagram earlier and she said she made a Youtube

  3. Happy New Year. Following:)

  4. It is so cute and your smile also makes happy. Thanks.
    And by the way, anybody wants to try photo recovery freeware that ever helps me a lot.
    Hope you guys also can have a fantastic day.


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